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Download: The Politik "Moonlight feat. Blu"

Label: Milan

Bémbé Ségué and Mark de Clive-Lowe have run all over the broken-beat/nu-jazz map, wowing fans and working with the likes of Platinum Pied Pipers, Dego, Spinna, and Kenny Dope. Making music as The Politik, the two continue exploring every jazzy hook and soulful chord it's possible to squeeze out of an MPC, and if this, their self-titled debut, is any indication, these two should be around a long time yet. 


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Average: 6.3 (8 votes)

Download: Liars "Plaster Casts of Everything"

Label: Mute

Though they're known for making lots of noise and conceptual songs, for their fourth album under the Liars moniker, Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill, and Julian Gross embrace a more traditional way of writing tracks. It seems that this move surprised even the band: "If you told me last year Liars would release a record like this, I would have laughed," says Andrew. "I'd have called you a liar." Photo by Steve Gullick. 


Average: 6.2 (12 votes)

Download: Captain Phoenix "Pistols & Hearts (Bloody Beetroots Remix)"

Boredom, Italy based outfit The Bloody Beetroots have made  Read more » 

Average: 8.1 (44 votes)

Download: The Go! Team "Grip Like A Vice"

Label: Sub Pop

2006's UK-based sensation The Go! Team is back for another go-around with its Sub Pop debut, Proof of Youth. Featuring more of the cheerleader-esque vocal chants, '60s soul melodies, and guest spots from Chuck D and Marina from Bonde Do Role, the sextet is well on its way to the same praise of Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Proof of Youth is out September 11. 


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Download: Calika "2 Quarters Make Half A Smile"

Label: Audiobulb

Simon Kealoha as Calika has absolutely no problem probing into the depths of electronic and acoustic possibilities. At once droning, rhythmic, and painstakingly experimental, "2 Quarters Make Half A Smile" will make any Aquarius Records' shopper as excited as any post-rock super fan. Melody and arty sound collages rarely match up better. 


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Download: Brian Ellis "Night Trails"

Label: Benbecula

The newest signing to Benbecula Records knows his way around the jazz-funk bend. San Diego-based Brian Ellis employs instruments from a 12-string Mandolin to the theremin to sitars creating his world of psyched-out madness. Taking electronic cues from slow-moving acts like Boards of Canada and Autechre, Ellis' debut beams with a a diverse background and future potential. 

Average: 7.5 (12 votes)

Download: e.stonji "Qrks"

He's a man of many monikers (E:gum, Jerry Lusion, Hp.stonji), but Particles, his new full-length, marks Jens Döring's first release under the e.stonji moniker. Made up of breakbeats, IDM flavors, and hints of ambiance, the album is a combination of thoughtful abstraction and dancable beats. 

Average: 7.2 (28 votes)

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