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Download: Sylphe "Zepz"

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London outfit Sylphe will soon release a two-track 12'' simply titled Sylphe06 via the group's eponymous white label series. Prior to Sylphe06's arrival next week, the duo have passed along a dry and digital bonus track titled "Zepz." The lengthy tune (clocking in at over nine minutes) features wobbling metallic vibrations, a shy rattling beat, and a wandering synth rhythm that calmly propels forth as calculated thwacks and sterile beeps adorn the production's cool demeanor.  

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Download: Scrase "Heart"

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Label: Love Love

London producer Greg Scrase (who releases tracks simply under his surname, Scrase) will issue his Heart EP next month via the growing Love Love label. Said to be inspired by '90s ambient house, the record's title track layers heavenly textures and light melodies atop a straightforward four-on-the-floor beat. As the tune pushes forward, its sonic depth expands—robotic melodies and delicate arpeggios trickle in from the background, as long-winded vocals are repitched with the softest touch. Scrase's "Heart" will be joined by two other similarly expansive ventures into ambient house, as well as a remix from fellow Londoner Dave Monolith (under his MNLTH alias), when the Heart EP lands on August 11.  

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Download: Panes "Bones Without You (Mickey Pearce Remix)"

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Lifted from London duo Panes' (a.k.a. Tyson McVey and Shaun Savage) most recent Self Titled EP, "Bones Without You" has now been given an austere makeover by Swamp 81 affiliate Mickey Pearce. Pearce's rendition takes the meticulous structure of the original and proceeds to turn it on its head—beginning in more rhythmically complex territory and gradually stripping down the affair to a more efficient form, leaving the raw production with nothing but haunting vocal chops and detuned synths to carry out the final stretch of its nearly five-minute run. 

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Download: Jon Phonics "Face of Spades"

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Label: First Word

In the hands of Jon Phonics, the funk is very much still alive. The London transplant—who also runs the Astral Black label/club night—is set to issue his White Neckle EP next week, from which "Face of Spades" has been pulled. Spanning over just two minutes, the track is led by a walking bassline, which sags just behind the tune's slightly skittered drum programming. To this base, the producer adds thick analog chords, which pulse and swell languidly around the funk-swung beat. Set to be appear in 7" vinyl form, Jon Phonics' White Neckle EP is out on July 7 via the First Word label.  

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Download: Hanssen "Solar America"

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Label: Hush Hush

A long-active member of the Pacific Northwest's electronic music scene, Seattle resident Bob Hansen will issue his debut full-length album as Hanssen later this month (July 28, to be exact) via hometown label Hush Hush. Entitled Seven Years Week, the record is set to explore eight dense electronic hybrids, one of which being "Solar America." Built around a sparse kick-and-snare pattern, "Solar America" is kept buoyant by a seemingly endless stream of synths, its opening arpeggio sequence combined with swirling pads and glassy melodies to result in an expansive landscape of rich electronic tones.  

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Download: Real Cosby "Always (feat. Marilyn Baker)"

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Label: Shoeboxx

Based in Denver, Colorado, Real Cosby will issue his four-track Gold Braid EP later this month via the fledgling Shoeboxx label. Serving as our first taste is "Always," a soul-washed beat which comes flushed with detailed layers of miniature claps, tuned percussion blips, and tightly rolled snares. As the track's rhythmic programming evolves, so do its other elements—layers of warm, buzzing chords are joined by subtle vocal adornments, which eventually give way to small bell movements before cycling back around. Coming in at under four minutes, "Always" is a short but memorable introduction to Real Cosby, and one whose sleek production bodes well for the young talent's forthcoming Gold Braid EP, officially out on July 29.  

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Download: Slugabed "Pure El Nino Vibes (Lockah Remix)"

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Label: Activia Benz

Slugabed's upcoming Coolest EP is in some ways the most unconventional effort the gifted UK producer has put together. The six-track EP will be available to grab for free on July 7, but before then, Slugabed is offering an early download of the record to those who purchase a beach towel bearing the artwork of the record. Before the full record becomes available via Slugabed's Activia Benz label, he has elected to let loose the EP's closing track, a juicy remix from Tuff Wax label head Lockah. Here, the recent Bubblin' Up artist dissects the track's lush synth work with alternating rhythmic sections, which come filled with vintage drum breaks, space-age percussion, and a just the right snapping touch.  

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