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  • 04/02/2012

Biblo "Falls Silent"

Istanbul resident Biblo—who first appeared on our radar as a participant in last year's Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid—recently dropped an album's worth of dark, textural tracks on her Bandcamp under the title Projection. Here, we have one of its selections, "Falls Silent," a cut that folds a bobbing kick and rim pattern underneath a gloriously thick piling of ceaseless static and ghostly vocals. Somewhere buried in the mix, a few delayed chords appear, frequently hitting on the upbeat before being washed away in globs of processing. The elements combine to render "Falls Silent" something like a dub-techno track through the filter of, say, Tri Angle Records or an artist like Grouper. You can stream the entire Projection LP (and download it for a price of your choosing) after the jump.

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