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Download: Brenk "Predido"

If the picture above wasn't enough of a tip, Vienna-based producer Brenk Sinatra (alternately referred to simply as Brenk) is a purveyor of stoney sounds—stoned-out, jazzy hip-hop beats to be more exact—and he's gone ahead and offered up "Predido," a track from his forthcoming full-length, Gumbo II. The LP, which drops September 2, not only marks the man's third album in three years, but comes with an astonishing 23 instrumentals to its name, and has even been gathering accolades from the likes of DJ Premier, who's been quoted as saying, "Brenk Sinatra, he's got the funk." We're certainly not ones to argue with a legend of his stature, and as "Predido" proves with its swirling, jazz-infused funk, there really is no need to.  

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Download: Sun Glitters "The Wind Caresses Her Hair"

Everything surrounding this new single from Luxembourg's Sun Glitters, entitled "The Wind Caresses Her Hair," might mislead you into thinking its some kind of bucolic folk tune. The artwork is colorful and sun kissed, the song title is earthy and romantic, and, well, Victor Ferreira's production moniker doesn't invoke much other than all things bright and shimmery. So, you can imagine we were a bit surprised to find this tune is full of brooding bass tones, ephemeral vocal snippets, and thumping, textured beats—instead of, say, acoustic guitars and sing-a-long vocal hooks. It's a subtly powerful and entrancing song, and provides an enticing glimpse into Sun Glitters' full-length album, which is purportedly due in the months to come. 

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Download: Steve Bug "Life in Circles"

At this point, the barrage of Japanese tsunami relief comps has become a bit overwhelming. That being said, we can't help but be excited by the release of Whatpeopleplay's Japanease compilation, which clocks in at 138 tracks and features original content from some of our favorite artists, including Nicolas Jaar, Aril Brikha, Tensnake, Wolf + Lamb, Tiefschwarz, and Steve Bug—who has offered up his contribution as a teaser for the whole project. A standout track of jackin' minimal vibes, Steve Bug's "Life in Circles" dances around a sparse beat of live instrumentation and LFO-ed out synth pads. Japanease is out now and currently available from Juno Download, zero", boomkat, and InnDigital, all of whom have offered to waive their usual profit margin for charity. 

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Download: Memory Tapes "Wait in the Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)"

Seeing as how we've got this rad contest with the wonderful Cascine label running on XLR8R this week, we thought it'd be appropriate to remind you all of the reasons why we love the electronic pop sounds that the burgeoning imprint associates with. For your listening pleasure, we have this remix of "Wait in the Dark" from Memory Tapes' second album, Player Piano, by Cascine-inked, Nashville-based duo Jensen Sportag. The pair turns the already-upbeat number into a disco-tinged dancefloor jam, complete with funky basslines, deep synth chords, and a handful of slick guitar riffs that Chromeo would envy. But instead of cramming its remix full of '80s pastiche and snarky vocal hooks, Jensen Sportag gives this version of "Wait in the Dark" a bit of softly glowing neon soul that was previously absent from the indie-slanted original. You can grab a couple other remixes of new Memory Tapes tunes over here

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Download: Soft Metals "Eyes Closed"

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Here, we have the premiere of another cut of glistening synth-pop from Portland duo Soft Metals' forthcoming self-titled LP. "Eyes Closed" follows about a month after we first heard "Psychic Driving," and exhibits Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks crafting a more upbeat, dancefloor-friendly tune compared to their dreamy first single. But that's not to say this one doesn't have a romantic side; Hall's soft, spacey vocal melodies never fail to wrap Soft Metals' icy sounds with a much-needed layer of human emotion. We look forward to hearing more of the same when Soft Metals is released on July 19 via Brooklyn's Captured Tracks. 

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Download: Ital Tek "Ulysses"

Brighton's Ital Tek just released a four-song EP on his own Atom River imprint, called Whip it Up. Though "Ulysses" won't be found on that record, it's still a solid account of the UK artist's style of "space bass" music—airy, smooth, sophisticated, and deep as can be. Ital Tek's synths twinkle in the distance while his skittering beats and bulbous basslines work out the various sections of the track's massive, undulating backbone. (via Nutriot

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Download: Baobinga "Make Me Feel"

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Label: Build

Joint Ventures is a 16-track LP that features headlining artist Baobinga collaborating with a slew of bass music's finest producers, including Untold, xxxy, Roska, Hyetal, and others (read all the info here). That record is available now via the Bristol-based Build imprint, who were kind enough to offer us this download of "Make Me Feel" to mark the occasion. Oddly enough, this low-swinging tune is the sole production on Joint Ventures that Baobinga crafted without another artist, but it certainly goes to show why he's a man that high-profile tunesmiths would be eager to work with. The track somehow brings to mind some of Timbaland's finest moments; the slow-grooving rhythms have a definite hip-hop/R&B swagger to them, and the stuttering swell of arpeggiating synths uncannily evokes the super-producer's Justin Timberlake single "My Love." It's that kind of attention to melody and harmony, not to mention the balance between emotive and club-friendly sounds, that puts Baobinga on another tier in the world of bass music. If you're looking for a taste of something a bit harder from the musicmaker, you can download his collaboration with Randomer, "Crom2," after the jump.  Read more » 

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