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  • 04/09/2012

Alex D££mnds "Olympus Mons (D££mnds Mixed Red in a Day Mix)"

Last month, we shared news of S.E.F.'s new record label and media venture, Switched On, and previewed its inaugural release, a three-track EP from English producer Alex D££mnds. That EP, called Credentials (artwork above), is now confirmed to drop on April 30, but D££mnds has shared a non-EP track with us today, the growling "Olympus Mons (D££mnds Mixed Red in a Day Mix)." The production continues in the vein of the EP's clean-and-simple Chicago house sound—in true form, "Olympus" is driven by an acid bassline alone. And a few drum patterns, some atmospheric pads, and a handful of knob turns later, the track dissolves into the house ether, waiting to be mixed out.

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