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  • 04/11/2012

Daniel Klauser "Simply Swag (Chaos in the CBD Remix)"

Young Chilean producer Daniel Klauser (pictured above) is set to drop the debut record for the newly formed Santiago imprint Diamante. Called Simply Swag, the EP will feature the title track, another original production, and three remixes of "Simply Swag"—including this one from production duo Chaos in the CBD, out of New Zealand. The pair's remix has a decidedly '90s house feel to it, with easy-going synth pads and vocal humming leading the charge. But the small amount of lyrical content present is a bit of a head-scratcher, starting off with a tried-and-true "feel the house music" bit before a brief appeal for swag appreciation. Diamante also makes the dubious claim of being "100% ghetto," which may be indicative of language or cultural barriers negatively impacting the lyrical quality. You can stream the Simply Swag EP, an impressive outing given Klauser's relative greenness, after the jump.

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