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Download: Timoka "Borogoves"

First Listen
Label: Holger

Hailing from Switzerland, adventurous producer and visual artist Benjamin Kilchhofer (a.k.a. Timoka) is set to deliver his second outing for the fledgling Holger imprint later this month. Serving as our first taste is "Borogoves," a collage-like track that threads together off-kilter bell melodies, reversed chords, and a series of unconventional vocal chops, underneath which clunking percussion and a steady kick help give the track its rhythmic cohesion. "Borogoves" will be joined by 10 other such electronic assemblages on September 22 when Timoka's Tulgey mini-LP drops via Holger, a label for which Kilchhofer also (together with type designer Reymund Schröder) serves as the resident cover designer. In the meantime, a grainy preview video for Timoka's upcoming record can be watched after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.4 (43 votes)

Download: Mans O "Freed"

Label: Disboot

"Freed" is the cloudy closing cut from Barcelona producer Mans O's new EP, which landed yesterday via the Disboot label (also based in Barcelona). One of four tracks to appear on the Macaya EP, "Freed" begins with a wash of tremolo synths, which graciously give way to an 8-bit bassline and blip-like percussion. From there, the beat coalesces into an opaque affair, its lush pads blending with wordless vocal chants and miniature rhythmic patterns that seem be absorbed by FX around almost every corner. While "Freed" can be download for free below, the rest of Mans O's new Macaya EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: True Lust "Paranoia"

First Listen

The project of Denver musician/producer Dillon Morton (with help from collaborator Robert Sands), True Lust concerns itself with the darker and more eccentric ends of interstellar disco. Set to serve as the title track to True Lust's debut LP, "Paranoia" presents a spiraling array of reverb-washed drum machine hits, MIDI piano chords, and heavily effected guitar strums. Underneath it all, one can faintly detect the presence of cavernous synth bass notes, which echo beneath the mesh of spacey sonic layers to give the track its ominous edge. Though no exact release date for True Lust's debut full-length has been shard, the record is said to be forthcoming soon. 

Average: 7.5 (48 votes)

Download: Hal Floyd "All Ventures Overboard"

First Listen
Label: Blankstairs

Growing Portland-based outpost Blankstairs will welcome a new name to its roster of budding talents when Sydney producer Hal Floyd (who has previously been seen releasing material via Chicago net-label Don't Trust Humans) drops his two-track Water Colors EP later this month. Leading off the upcoming digital effort is "All Ventures Overboard," a patiently engrossing production that fits within the "delicate and emotional techno" the artist has spent the last few years crafting. Spanning just over six minutes, the track assembles an array of airy, wistful textures to sit atop its chugging rhythmic base, adding dreamy and heavily processed melodies and increasing layers of tasteful percussion as the tune progresses. Floyd's debut outing for Blankstairs, the Water Colors EP lands on September 30. 

Average: 8.6 (53 votes)

Download: Bakradze "Twice"

First Listen

"Twice" seems like the kind of song that is meant to carry its listeners away along with it. A stoney, disco-referencing production, the track glides to and fro, its rich assemblage of funk-touched synths and string-like pads coming in and out of focus, while understated rhythms swing below and a hand-played electric bassline keeps the song's wave-like movements afloat. "Twice" is in fact a bonus cut to Bakradze's (a.k.a. Gacha's) new Letter EP, which sees its release today via fledgling imprint The Crescent. A three-track effort of similarly sweeping excursions, Bakradze's new record can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Whiskers Po "Yes"

Label: Hot N Heavy

Earlier this week, San Francisco label Hot N Heavy dropped the four-track Yes EP from Stateside producer Whiskers Po. Today, the label has passed along the record's title cut—a R&B-striped piece of glossy bass music—for free download. Spanning over five minutes, "Yes" is rooted in house, it's steady four-on-the-floor initally serving as the base for a set of airy chords and re-pitched vocals—then, the bass drops in. Precisely programmed, the active bassline jumps just ahead of the beat, leading the soulful, rolling procession throughout the course of its dancefloor-focused run. Out now, Whiskers Po's Yes EP can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Poliça "Chain My Name (Kauf Remix)"

Kauf is a man of many talents. The Los Angeles resident is a musician, vocalist, beatmaker, and—as can be heard here—a skillful remixer. Tasked with taking on Poliça's "Chain My Name," Kauf turns the driving space-pop track into a much darker affair, stripping much of the original's vocals back while redirecting the effort towards more cavernous terrain. Adding swarms of buzzing, reverb-laden synth layers, Kauf infuses "Chain My Name" with a loose stomp, which continues to pick up momentum as the producer adds airy hats, crisp claps, and collections of distant percussion which help push the remix to the end of its climactic six-minute run. 

Average: 7.8 (56 votes)

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