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Download: Lorn "Cherry Moon"

It's a little strange that "Cherry Moon" comes from the final quarter of the debut album from FlyLo compadre Lorn; the track opens with a distant intro that slowly revs into a full-frontal assault of warped beats, thick motorik bass, and glowing synth and string melodies. The song could easily lead off an album. However, its more sullen—dare we say lovelorn?—tone fits the track's resting place as the beginning of the end on Lorn's forthcoming Brainfeeder release, Nothing Else

Average: 8.3 (146 votes)

Download: So Percussion and Matmos "Treasure"

Label: Cantaloupe

Once we heard of the forthcoming collaborative album from groundbreaking duo Matmos and the experimental orchestra So Percussion, we assumed it would most likely be something as equally beautiful as it is strange. If "Treasure," the first 'single' taken from Treasure State, is any indication of what the rest of the full-length holds, it seems we were right. Amidst a cheerful melody put together with bells, chimes, xylophone, guitar, synth, and piano, high-pitched squeals take center stage along with a sitar to balance out the classical orchestration with some of Matmos' trademark noisemaking. Treasure State will be released on July 13. 

Average: 6.7 (14 votes)

Download: Dave Nada "Punk Rock Latino (Moombahton Dub)"

Label: T&A

Well, that was fast. Two months removed from the unveiling of his first moombahton EP, DC's Dave Nada has assembled Punk Rock Latino. As expected, it's another potent collection of tracks combining screwed Dutch house beats with party-starting (and often Latin-flavored) acapellas. And yes, the entire EP is also available for free download. We've gone ahead and thrown up the Moombahton Dub version of "Punk Rock Latino," which actually chops up vocals from Puerto Rico's Calle 13 and layers them over some thick, stuttering beats. The end product sounds like some seriously beefed-up reggaeton and whether you speak Spanish or not, this tune is going to be one hell of a potent dancefloor weapon this summer. 

Average: 7.7 (37 votes)

Download: railcars "Castles (Lucky Dragons Remix)"

The noisy, post-punky skronk made by railcars (a.k.a. Aria Jalali) isn't exactly the kind of music XLR8R usually covers, but he's just released a new remix EP that seriously piqued our interest. Jalali enlisted friends like No Age, White Rainbow, and Xiu Xiu to rework a couple of tracks from his recent Cathedral With No Eyes album, and is now offering the entire eight-song EP as a free download. This version by fellow Los Angeles oddballs Lucky Dragons swaps out some of the original's fuzzy sonics for airy casio beats and a playfully psychedelic feel. 

Average: 7.4 (25 votes)

Download: Meroz "Trump"

Label: Solid Bump

Though many have claimed that artists like Justice are heirs to the throne of the French Touch sound, when producers like Meroz are hooking us with tracks like "Trump," it's hard to take such claims seriously. With an equal amount of Thomas Bangalter and Ian Pooley coming through, this slice of funked electro is the sort of thing that makes you want to drive really fast along a sunny beach—perhaps the piece's only setback is that it doesn't feature a sexy vocal sample, like Room 5's Oliver Cheatham-infused "Make Luv." Still, "Trump" is a certifiable summertime gem. 

Average: 8.1 (50 votes)

Download: Teezy & Zeppy "MTP Riddim"

Label: Top Billin

Poland has recently emerged as one of the hotbeds of exciting young European producers, and with this fierce funky collaboration from Krakow's Teezy and Zeppy, there's even more evidence of an electronic renaissance in the former Soviet bloc country. "MTP Riddim" features sick tribal percussion, electro-funk bass stabs, and a menacingly hooky melodic line. Both producers are also featured individually on Top Billin's now-available PL Funky EP—which includes tracks getting love from the likes of luminaries such as Bok Bok, Ikonika, and Jackmaster—and if you're digging these sounds, there's also an amazing mix of mostly Polish funky producers available for free download at the Top Billin site. 

Average: 7.1 (31 votes)

Download: Kush Arora "Humidifier (Club Edit)"

Label: Kush Arora

Here, San Francisco's Kush Arora takes his own track to the next level, editing down "Humidifier" to a dark, Indo-Caribbean bass piece, replete with congas, West Indian percussive elements, and Indian wind sounds. Though some of the original's watery atmospherics remain, lending the piece even more exotic flair, the edit definitely does its job at pulling the piece into the cavernous, sweaty world of the club. Speaking of which, the third anniversary edition of Arora's Surya Dub party is coming up May 29 with special guest Poirier, and he's prepared a funky bashment mix to celebrate, which you can grab here

Average: 7.8 (39 votes)

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