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Download: Marcus Price & Carli "Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom Remix)"

Brooklyn's Kingdom has pieced together a fabulous track of robotic dancehall that never loses its propulsive steam with his remix of Marcus Price & Carli's "Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed." Intermingled with his booming kicks and reverberated claps are vocal samples of a vocodered MC and a classic diva—each sound working with the other to make a song that would fit perfectly on just about any dancefloor.  

Average: 7.8 (67 votes)

Download: Dada Life "Happy Hands & Happy Feet"

Label: The Hours

The industrial-tinged house sounds of Sweden's Dada Life—originally discovered by Scottish dancefloor minstrel Mylo—are being taken to the next level on their forthcoming debut album, Just Do the Dada. The record's first single, "Happy Hands & Happy Feet," is a driving track of dark electro-house fueled by skittering, distorted synths and a rubbery vocal sample declaring something or other about hands, feet, and disco beats. Even when you can't understand what the voice is saying, the music speaks for itself.  

Average: 7.1 (29 votes)

Download: Neil Landstrumm "You Can't See Me (feat. Profisee)"

Label: Planet Mu

Sounding like a Venetian Snares track cut to less than a fourth of its tempo, the U.K's Neil Landstrumm just dropped his grimy gem "You Can't See Me (ft. Profisee)" in the XLR8R inbox. A suffocating cut from his forthcoming mini-album on Planet Mu, Bambatta Eats His Breakfast, Landstrumm's song features omnipresent bass, glitched vocals, and stomping beat-work—this seasoned producer has entrenched himself in low-end sounds, and is clearly loving every minute of it. 

Average: 6.7 (25 votes)

Download: Chico Sonido "Antes Que Nadie"

Label: Nettwerk-Kin Kon

Born in Mexico but currently setting up shop in Los Angeles, Chico Sonido is one of the names often bandied about in conversations about the ongoing cumbia explosion. After all, his bootleg remix of Blaqstarr and Rye Rye's "Shake It to the Ground" was one of the first Latin-flavored tunes to really blow up the whole Mad Decent/global bass blogger circuit. Yet those expecting another cumbia nueva floor filler might be a little surprised by "Antes Que Nadie," the first offering from his forthcoming debut album. The music is undoubtedly steeped in Latin sounds, but its psychedelic flavor, vintage breaks, and slow burn make this much more of a crate-digger exercise. 

Average: 7.8 (98 votes)

Download: Kid Koala Presents The Slew "It's All Over"

A nice little slice of rock-hop from the tour-only album 100% from Kid Koala, Dynomite D, and members of Wolfmother under the moniker The Slew. Scratches (natches!), dope-ass beats, and rock guitar and vocals round out this exclusive track from the foursome to promote their upcoming one-off North American tour

Average: 7.7 (130 votes)

Download: Dariush & DJDa "Violin Land (Car Mix)"

From the fourth installment of Great Stuff's Munich Disco Tech EP series, "Violin Land (Car Mix)" is a large slice of whimsically minimal techno from Italian duo Dariush & DJDa. The song follows an entrancingly narrow path into blissful oblivion, but not without breaking away from its hypnotic beat for the occasional violin and percussion solo. The whole EP, comprised entirely of songs produced by duos, is available now for preview on the Great Stuff website.  

Average: 7.2 (30 votes)

Download: The Gaslamp Killer "Anything Worse"

As a resident DJ at L.A.'s infamous Low End Theory, The Gaslamp Killer has built a reputation for rocking dancefloors with his bass-heavy selections and testing people's patience with his proclivity for jumping on the mic. Love him or hate him, he'll soon be dropping his debut EP My Troubled Mind on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. "Anything Worse" is the first offering, a surprisingly restrained number that combines midtempo breaks with some ominous synths and glitchy skronk. My Troubled Mind will be released on August 4. Photo by Theo Jemison. 

Average: 7.8 (68 votes)

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