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Download: port-royal "hva (failed revolutions)"

Label: n5md

Imagine Aphex Twin, Enya, and Slowdive getting together to toke some reefer and rub crystals on their foreheads. The sonic vibrations formed by such a gathering might result in something like port-royal's "hva (failed revolutions),"the first track on dying in time, a new album out soon on Oakland's n5md label. A real dreamy number, the piece is full of synth swells, ethereal watery vocals, clicks, and kicks that are perfect for autumn daydreams. And if you're in the mood for more otherworldly sounds, check out the podcast n5md put together for us awhile back. 

Average: 6.3 (30 votes)

Download: Sugar & Gold "Slice Me Nice"

San Francisco's androgynous party sex band Sugar & Gold have just unleashed their cover of the somewhat laughable Hi-NRG classic, Fancy's "Slice Me Nice." With a fuller, brighter sound than the original, along with vocals that are considerably less creepy than those of schlag-crooner Manfred Alois Perilano, the track actually makes the connection between cake and sex work quite well. With a second album and a massive tour coming up, Sugar & Gold are poised to become the next Gravy Train!!!, but with a bit more disco in their pants (or lack thereof). Sugar & Gold U.S. Tour Dates: Oct. 8 - Eagle Tavern - San Francisco, CA Oct. 9 - Someday Lounge - Portland, OR Oct. 10 - The Vera Project - Seattle, WA Oct. 13 - The Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT Oct. 15 - The Replay - Lawrence, KS Oct. 16 - UoW-Madison Terrace - Madison, WI Oct. 17 - The Hideout - Chicago, IL Oct. 18 - Cosmic Charlie's - Lexington, KY Oct. 19 - The Mohawk - Buffalo, NY Oct. 20 - Popgun CMJ Showcase - New York, NY Oct. 25 - The Triple - Richmond, VA Oct. 26 - Broadways - Asheville, NC Oct. 27 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC Oct. 29 - The Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA Oct. 30 - The 529 - Atlanta, GA Oct. 31 - The Bottletree Cafe - Birmingham, AL Nov. 1 - The Hi Tone - Memphis, TN Nov. 2 - The Exchange - Hot Springs, AR Nov. 3 - The Hi-Lo - Oklahoma City, OK Nov. 4 - The Boiler Room - Denton, TX Nov. 5 - Mango's - Houston, TX Nov. 6 - The Limelight - San Antonio, TX Nov. 7 - Fun Fun Fun Fest @ Waterloo - Austin, TX Nov. 10 - Club Congress - Tucson, AZ Nov. 12 - The Beauty Bar - San Diego, CA Nov. 13 - Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA  

Average: 5.9 (43 votes)

Download: Coma "Reprise"

Label: Kompakt

Cologne's Coma are relative newcomers to the techno scene, but are bringing the goods in a major way. Here, the duo delivers a melancholic, slower slice, with a sound that carries Lawrence's emotional weight while maintaining a somewhat cold, shimmering exterior. While the track's harmonic content shows that these young bucks have obviously studied their Superpitcher records, their sound also has a weirdly feminine quality, sometimes reminding one of Ellen Allien or Fever Ray. Finally, a new gem emerges from Cologne! 

Average: 7.2 (35 votes)

Download: Fuckpony "A Pills Medley"

Jay Haze's Fuckpony moniker has always put out more Chicago-style jams than Berlin rave-ups, and "A Pills Medley" doesn't stray far from this pattern, which is a very good thing. Replete with an excellent organ synth line, some lovely piano work, and truly frenetic percussion, this track sounds like what Rheji Burrell might be doing if he was still making tracks, or if Jamal Moss quit making acid hypnotics and went deep house. Taken from the upcoming Fuckpony album, Let The Love Flow, this is sure to whet fans' appetites for the record, which drops in late October. 

Average: 5.5 (22 votes)

Download: Bassnectar "Cozza Frenzy"

Label: Bassnectar

Okay, so you're kind of sick of the neon-laser-step-house that has become the most popular electronic "genre" since trance music started hitting the Billboard charts with drunken abandon many moons ago. But hear us out on the Bay Area's Bassnectar—this leading single from his upcoming album is actually pretty damn good, combining the best of electro and dubstep with some chopped and screwed lyrics spat by Seasunz. Even if you think you're sick of this style, it is almost certain that you'll be pumping this track in your jeep on those late-night drives. 

Average: 7.6 (43 votes)

Download: Air France "Gothenberg Belongs to Me"

Taken from their upcoming Love Affair in 3 Parts album, Swedish dream-pop outfit Air France gives us a infectiously danceable tribute to their hometown. Cold weather scares us, but if Swedish dancefloors sound like this, we might just start packing our bags. 

Average: 6.3 (28 votes)

Download: Daniel Haaksman "Poblum Coco (Sharkslayer Bass Dub)"

Label: Man

When German baile funk magnate Daniel Haaksman can tap Finnish Top Billin crew member Sharkslayer to transform the goofy bounce of his original version into a menacing electro monster, we think it's fair to say that the heavy bass movement has gone international. The Gostoso Remix EP also features contributions from Brazil's Edu K and João Brasil, Germany's Schlachthofbronx, London's Zombie Disco Squad, and Chicago's DJ Rob 3. Pretty soon we're going to need a United Nations of Bass to sort out these kinds of transactions. 

Average: 6.8 (41 votes)

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