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Download: Los Mekanikos "Tacha Tacha (Sanfuentes 110% Remix)"

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Label: Sanfuentes

Mexico City-based producers Max Jones and Eddie Mercury (a.k.a. Los Mekanikos) today release their Tacha Tacha EP via Sanfuentes, the eponymous imprint of LA-based Chilean producer and Cómeme label co-founder Vicente Sanfuentes. Here, we have the label head's own remix for the four-track effort, an unremitting rework which focuses on stripped-back rhythms and charging synths. Driving from its opening moments, Sanfuentes' six-plus-minute remix builds in steady steps, gradually adding doses of space-age percussion while teasing out resonant tweaks from its analog synth lines, all of which is eventually joined by the vocal chants which give the efficient track its name.  

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Download: Kid Astray "Taking You With Me (Alizzz Remix)"

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In its original form, Kid Astray's (pictured above) "Taking You With Me," is an easygoing slice of pop, one indebted to the likes of M83 and similar outfits whose efforts lean towards the more glowing ends of the electronic spectrum. On his remix of the track, Barcelona producer Alizzz turns the song (taken from Kid Astray's recent EP of the same title for Cosmos) into a more hyperactive affair, squeezing a number of skittering drum patterns and neon-striped synths between the Olso outfit's expansive guitars and thickly layered vocals. With hardly a lull to speak of, Alizzz's remix moves through ideas at a head-spinning pace, providing an energetic rework to accompany Kid Astray's summery original. 

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Download: Rekord 61 "Vostok (Spencer Parker Workmix)"

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Label: Konstruktiv

On his remix of "Vostok"—the title track from Russian producer Alexander Babaev's (a.k.a. Rekord 61) upcoming EP for Konstruktiv—Spencer Parker (pictured above) twists the original tune into an uncomplicated techno production. Led by pulsing synthetic-bell chords, the rework quickly lays into a bottom-heavy four-on-the-floor, adding sharp bits of percussion before Parker teases and tweaks a restless synth sequence atop the chugging procession. Parker's remix is set to be included on Rekord 61's forthcoming Vostok EP, which will see its official release on July 14. 

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Download: Clockwork "Dent"

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Budding Italian producer—who also helps with the A&R duties at Milan label ParachuteClockwork (a.k.a. Francesco Leali) has passed along a new effort, "Dent." The relaxed production carefully melds organic textures with more mechanical sonics. Laced with airy synth gurgles and subtle percussive taps, the track is driven by thick helpings of rolling low-end and a intriguing clap patterns. The dynamic tune can be snagged below before Leali embarks on a U.S. tour throughout the month of July. In addition, the Italian talent is set to drop two forthcoming releases this fall alongside Avatism, who together operate under the CW/A moniker.  

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Download: Sylphe "Zepz"

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London outfit Sylphe will soon release a two-track 12'' simply titled Sylphe06 via the group's eponymous white label series. Prior to Sylphe06's arrival next week, the duo have passed along a dry and digital bonus track titled "Zepz." The lengthy tune (clocking in at over nine minutes) features wobbling metallic vibrations, a shy rattling beat, and a wandering synth rhythm that calmly propels forth as calculated thwacks and sterile beeps adorn the production's cool demeanor.  

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Download: Scrase "Heart"

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Label: Love Love

London producer Greg Scrase (who releases tracks simply under his surname, Scrase) will issue his Heart EP next month via the growing Love Love label. Said to be inspired by '90s ambient house, the record's title track layers heavenly textures and light melodies atop a straightforward four-on-the-floor beat. As the tune pushes forward, its sonic depth expands—robotic melodies and delicate arpeggios trickle in from the background, as long-winded vocals are repitched with the softest touch. Scrase's "Heart" will be joined by two other similarly expansive ventures into ambient house, as well as a remix from fellow Londoner Dave Monolith (under his MNLTH alias), when the Heart EP lands on August 11.  

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Download: Panes "Bones Without You (Mickey Pearce Remix)"

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Lifted from London duo Panes' (a.k.a. Tyson McVey and Shaun Savage) most recent Self Titled EP, "Bones Without You" has now been given an austere makeover by Swamp 81 affiliate Mickey Pearce. Pearce's rendition takes the meticulous structure of the original and proceeds to turn it on its head—beginning in more rhythmically complex territory and gradually stripping down the affair to a more efficient form, leaving the raw production with nothing but haunting vocal chops and detuned synths to carry out the final stretch of its nearly five-minute run. 

Average: 7.8 (41 votes)

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