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Download: Rhythm Baboon "Hunting Bushman"

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Released yesterday on Warsaw-based electronic music label Concrete Cut, the Jambah Bong Dub EP is a four-track offering from Polish DJ/producer Rhythm Baboon, who's been exploring the more ominous and esoteric side of bass music for some years now. The artist born Szymon Listewnik has been compared to the likes of Shackleton and Demdike Stare, neither of which are a stretch; his deft use of percussion and ominous low-end tones place him square in that camp of dubby experimentalists. "Hunting Bushman" puts these strong points at the forefront of Rhythm Baboon's production work, which—along with some ghostly sound effects and field recordings of cricket chirps—quite effectively create the suspenseful and mysterious mood of running through the jungle, whether you're hunting or being hunted. You can sample more of these sounds from Listewnik's new EP here

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Download: Steve Moore "Frigia"

Label: L.I.E.S.

Steve Moore, the multitasking musician behind outfits like Zombi and Lovelock, has a fresh two-track single out now via NYC imprint L.I.E.S. Much like his other bands, Moore's solo output relies heavily on vintage synth tones, driving beat work, and dense, hypnotic grooves. The b-side to his Zero-Point Field EP, "Frigia," boasts those kinds of sounds in spades, as the producer thickly spreads out warm analog frequencies over the course of his 12-minute, Kraut-inspired epic—sounding as much like the pioneers of expansive electronic music as himself. And sure, we're offering you a free download of this track here, but this is the kind of music meant for a proper spin on your record player. You can make that happen for yourself, and grab a copy of Moore's 12" in the US or elsewhere, here and here respectively. 

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Download: Chad Valley "Fast Challenges"

Label: Cascine

If this MP3 post has a familiar ring to it, that's probably because you may be experiencing some XLR8R déjà vu. Last week when we announced that summer-tinged electro-pop producer Chad Valley had plans to release a new EP this June, not only did we hip you to the details of the new release but we also posted a stream of this very track from the forthcoming EP (artwork above) too. Well, now we've got "Fast Challenges" here as a download, which we think you'll agree entirely overpowers any lingering feelings of déjà vu. Furthermore, this luscious slice of warm, gooey dance-pop has us wondering what summer nights are actually like for the Oxofrd-based artist and if they usually end in the kind of carefree dance frenzy one imagines "Fast Challenges" would inspire. For now our questions will just have to go unanswered as we savor this small but intriguing bite of what's to come when Equatorial Ultravox drops June 20. 

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Download: Laurel Halo "Aquifer"

Laurel Halo's second release for the prolific Hippos in Tanks imprint is another EP, this one being a six-song offering called Hour Logic. That record's opening track is the frenetic "Aquifer," which balances its churning, hot-footed rhythms with a densely swirling ambiance and other glossy sound effects that bring to mind the proto-CGI landscapes of the early '90s (much like this other jam from her forthcoming NNA Tapes cassette). Apparently, these sounds are "an ode to time leaping, designed to aid in moments of brain traffic and physical transit," but they'd probably be equally helpful during the time spent traversing the 3-D planes of your favorite vintage computer games, too. And even though Halo's lovely voice fails (yet again) to make an appearance on this particular production, we're nonetheless excited to hear what the rest of her new EP holds when it drops on June 21. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for the Hour Logic EP while you wait for that day, below. (via Altered Zones)  Read more » 

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Download: Bikini "R.I.P. (Grimes Remix)"

Brooklyn pair Bikini has a new 12" of remixes coming out on June 7, which features the likes of Teen Daze, CFCF, and Win Win (you may have already heard that rework here). This alternate version of "R.I.P.," which will sadly not be on the release, comes to us courtesy of one very of-the-moment songstress, Montreal-based artist Grimes (pictured above). The singer/producer gives Bikini's track a rinse of ghostly R&B melodies, broken dance grooves, and hazy soundscapes—all crammed within about three minutes of poignant dream-pop. Grimes' production may not get an official pressing, but it's certainly another quality example of why she's been commandeering a lot of blog feeds as of late. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

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Download: Ursa Major "Crab Apple"

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While having gone through a number of names, Nottingham producer/DJ duo Ursa Major (previously known as MeMeMe and Waves) seems to have finally settled on an appropriate moniker with its forthcoming debut on Trouble & Bass, the Blacklight EP. Coming from that release, "Crab Apple" showcases the talented up-and-comers as they leave familiar Trouble & Bass territory for a moody—yet ravey—musical topography. The rhythm is tropical, but not sunny; a snare-driven, steel drum-pummeled pattern hurtles the song towards a shipwreck of a breakdown. Riding the percussion is a chopped-up female vocal sample that goes off like a warning klaxon. Check out "Crab Apple" below and grab the EP on May 3. 

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Download: Swarms "Stay Close"

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Label: LoDubs

Bristol production outfit Swarms recently released a brand-new record via the bass-lovin' LoDubs imprint, called Old Raves End. This massive jam won't be found on that release, but is nonetheless a choice example of the kinds of mysterious aural subtleties and overwhelming low-end at work in the trio's understated dubstep experiments. The eclectic percussion and bouncing riddims of "Stay Close" tumble and skitter about within its meticulously crafted and airy sonic realm—offering some of the densest and most rewarding soundscapes of its kind that we've heard in some time. You can check out all of Swarms' LP here, and watch a video for the soulful album cut "Roulette" after the jump.  Read more » 

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