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Download: Taragana Pyjarama "Ocean"

Label: Fool House

French label Fool House will release the self-titled debut EP (pictured above) from Danish duo Taragana Pyjarama, a dreamy micro-techno outfit in the vein of The Field or Gold Panda, on March 28, but we get to have one of those four tracks today. "Ocean" is as vibrant and colorful as its namesake, and maybe even just as calming, too. Though its energy and tempo are high, and its array of looping audio bytes and lovingly fragmented melodies are seemingly incalculable, the elements of the production all work together to build a serene world of sound that's as intimate and immersive as taking a dip in the nearest warm body of water. If this track is any indication of things to come, not to mention the rest of Taragana Pyjarama's EP and everything else we've heard from the pair, you can count us as 'highly anticipating' what comes next. (via Pitchfork

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Download: Contakt "Rhodophyta (Melé Remix)"

Two of the UK's hotly tipped, bandied about, and generally 'on-fire' record labels have just joined forces on a fresh digital single featuring New York producer and TURRBOTAX® resident DJ Contakt (spoiler alert: he also works at XLR8R) and young UK club hero Melé. The two artists trade off remixes for the Grizzly x Local Action release—Contakt reformatting "Trappin" from Melé's brand-new EP, and the latter reworking the former's b-side from his recent debut single on Local Action. Here we have "Rhodophyta (Melé Remix)," a bouyant and hyperactive tune that meshes smooth synth pads, massive sub tones, bubbling electronics, and other UK dancefloor trademarks with heavily hip-hop-slanted club beats. You can check out what the other half of this great single sounds like, and download it over here for free. 

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Download: Torro Torro "Blue Blouse (DJ Ayres Remix)"

Label: T&A

Brooklyn's DJ Ayres has delivered this skittering remix for the upcoming "Blue Blouse" single from Toronto duo Torro Torro. On this remix we find Ayres taking things in a different direction than usual, leaning towards the garage/2-step side of things rather than the party-oriented, hip-hop and B-more styles he's often known for. Ayres strips back and subdues the pound-you-over-the-head house of the original, keeping the song's one-word melody (the word "you" pitched up and down) as the focus and utilizing layers of deep bass and dark piano to set the mood. Throughout the track, Ayres approaches a variety of different movements with the swagger of a seasoned remixer, manipulating the given elements in to a variety of related, yet unique sections that show the breadth of his abilities, even throwing in some surprisingly refreshing jazz piano chords in the track's closing 30 seconds. The "Blue Blouse" single (artwork above), where you'll find the original along with this and three more remixes, will be available tomorrow, March 8. 

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Download: Teeel "Ojai Valley (Jensen Sportag Remix)"

First Listen

Cascine and Moodgadget have masterminded a remix trade between the synth-poppin' Trenton, NJ resident Teeel and Nashville's future-funk duo Jensen Sportag (artwork above). We've gotten our hands on the latter's contribution for the project, on which Jensen Sportag has managed to take the '80s pop throwback feel of the original "Ojai Valley" a little further back to the golden days of Quincy Jones production and the funkier outings of Herbie Hancock. Seamlessly bringing the retro-electro vibe into a modern, dancefloor-ready sound, the remix is lead by a shameless slap bass that glides underneath an onslaught of tasty, percolating synth lines, popping and spinning from left to right as Teeel's vocal soars in and out of earshot. Teeel's contribution to the remix trade, a blissful reworking of Sportag's "Everything Good" (the original of which we posted back in January) can be found over at the project's Soundcloud

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Download: Touchphonics "Ragga Style (feat. The Ragga Twins) (128 Mix)"

Here we've got a bit of a different step from the usual fare over at San Francisco's Elevated Press imprint, which usually focuses more on drum & bass and hip-hop. SF-based producer Touchphonics slows this track down to a steady 128 BPM, utilizing an army of percussive elements, including some colossal kicks and snares, to pound out a steady UK funky-esque pattern. Rhythm is definitely the focus of this track, as the only signs of melody can be found in the gurgling synth warbles and occasional shouted vocals of the Ragga Twins. Not that it's a bad thing; rhythm is also "Ragga Styles" strong point too, as the unrelenting clattering of hand percussion and giant drums are impossible to escape, as if you would even want to. "Ragga Styles (128 Mix)" can be found with its original counterpart on the forthcoming "Ragga Styles" 12" (artwork above) slated for release on March 29. 

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Download: Golden Girls "Kinetic (Lone Remix)"

Apparently crafted to help spread the word of his forthcoming new EP for R&S, Lone's (pictured above) remix of vintage cut "Kinetic," originally by label alumni Golden Girls, finds the hotly tipped producer still digging deep into his bag of old-school rave and classic Detroit techno sounds—presenting them expertly mixed with his patented woozy synth tones and underwater atmospheres. And even though he's sampling the much of his melodic backbone from the early '90s dance jam, everything here sounds exactly like an original Lone track. It just goes to show that tunesmith Matt Cutler is an artist with a singular vision, one he fully realizes time and time again, and always in fresh and exciting ways. (via Pitchfork

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Download: Om Unit "Prawn Cocktail"

Label: Civil

London-based producer Om Unit is one of those producers who operates outside of traditional genre definitions, melding together sounds and trying on different styles whenever it suits him. On his latest EP, The Timps, which comes out March 21, Om Unit delves into the world of electro—real electro, not the buzzsaw bangers that have been masquerading underneath its banner in recent years. "Prawn Cocktail" is a prime example, a track that sounds a lot more like Cybotron than MSTRKRFT. Powered by pulsing synths and 808 beats that recall vintage Detroit, the song doesn't have many bells and whistles, but it doesn't really need any. It's just a sleek piece of dancefloor-friendly magic, a tune that's also prime for remixing; the re-work by Salva, which also appears on the five-track release, is quite potent. To hear more, check out the EP's teaser video, posted after the jump.  Read more » 

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