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Download: Bassanovva "Chicken Lover (Munchi Remix)"

Label: Grizzly

Last month, XLR8R debuted Hackman's remix of "Chicken Lover," a track from Bassanovva (pictured above), the new project featuring Toronto's Grahmzilla and NYC's Jubilee. Yesterday, Sinden's Grizzly label released "Chicken Lover," the duo's debut record that includes two more original productions and additional remixes from Nacho Lovers, Samo Soundboy, and Greenmoney. This remix, from Netherlands wunderkind and previous Bubblin' artist Munchi, is an example of what the young producer does best—reggaeton for the next century, building on the original's playfulness with epic, trance-like bombast.  

Average: 7.7 (40 votes)

Download: Sam Tiba feat. Spoek Mathambo "Burning"

First Listen
Label: Top Billin

Paris-based producer and Club Cheval affiliate Sam Tiba recently linked with South African rapper and singer Spoek Mathambo, releasing the result on shameless jump-up party label Top Billin. Sam Tiba is no stranger to marijuana-themed club music, e.g. his Club Cheval-released "Weed Barbie." At least in part, "Burning" is another expression of his undying love to the sticky icky, a tune that jumps back and forth between synth chords that alternatively sound like a nostalgic celebration of better days and a ferocious dancefloor assault, most of it aided by Spoek's unflinching vocal delivery. You can buy the instrumental version of the track from the Top Billin website and check the version with Spoek below.  

Average: 8.3 (56 votes)

Download: Native Underground "Till it Hurts (Radio Mix)"

Label: Wurst

Now, here's a fresh slice of boogie-flavored club music that leans heavier on the vocal-pop side of the spectrum. Producer Henry Maldonado (of House 2 House and Rhythm Section fame) delivered the tune courtesy of his brand-new Native Underground project and its debut EP, Till it Hurts, which is out now on NYC's Wurst label. Maldonado's title track sparkles and shines from the get-go with filtered piano flourishes and arpeggiating synths, and doesn't waste any time introducing the bulbous bassline and solid beat of its classic-sounding dance groove. In the midst of it all, the vocals inundate the production with an almost endless string of melodies and hooks—giving "Till it Hurts" an irresistibly infectious sheen. This one has late-night disco inferno written all over it. 

Average: 8.1 (38 votes)

Download: Marina and the Diamonds "Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)"

This track—originally by UK chanteuse Marina & the Diamonds, remixed here by San Francisco bedroom tunesmith oOoOO (pictured above)—was once a catchy, piano-led chamber-pop diddy, likely meant to simultaneously invoke feelings of love, happiness, and a touch of bewilderment with its thoughtful lyricism and upbeat ivory tickling. But producer Christopher Greenspan has made his version of "Obsessions" an ominous, bass-driven lament, as he managed to turn snippets of the original's upbeat piano melodies and vocal utterances into key elements of his brooding soundscape. As past oOoOO releases have already proven, Greenspan is deft with sampling the voices and sounds of soulful pop music for use in his own sad, spooky synth-pop compositions. It's an effective method, and now, he's just calling it a remix. (via Pitchfork

Average: 8.3 (84 votes)

Download: When Saints Go Machine "Fail Forever"

Label: !K7

Danish four-piece When Saints Go Machine (consisting of a vocalist, drummer, and two keyboardists) is the latest act to sign to Berlin's !K7 imprint. "Fail Forever," the title track from its forthcoming EP, is an uptempo adventure into the possibilities of combining orchestrated, melancholy pop with a dance music bed. Driving from beginning to end, the song features rhythmic keyboards pulsing rapidly along with a consistent four-on-the-floor disco beat. The melancholy comes courtesy of frontman Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild's haunting, almost Arthur Russell-esque falsetto; layered with harmonies, it combines with the slow-moving bass and cellos to make for an incredibly lush track. Apparently When Saints Go Machine have been making some pretty big waves in Denmark, winning the Danish National Radio Talent Of The Year Award and opening the country's Roskilde Festival earlier this year, but even without that knowledge we'd still be looking forward to their upcoming January EP and the band's eventual LP expected later in 2011. 

Average: 8.3 (113 votes)

Download: Tahiti 80 "Darlin (John Talabot's Oscuro Baile Remix)"

Barcelona producer John Talabot (pictured above) only has a handful of productions to his name, but it's hard to think of another artist who's making better slow-motion house music right now. (That's why we featured him in our Bubblin' series earlier this month.) Granted, when we say slow motion, it's not to imply that his tracks can't get a dancefloor moving, and Talabot certainly has nothing to do with the current screwed-music craze; it's just that his productions are nothing if not deliberate, slowly building from just a few bits of percussion to a euphoric, melody-filled release. The formula works to perfection on this new, nearly eight-minute-long remix of french outfit Tahiti 80. "Darlin" is the band's latest single and the original will appear on the upcoming The Past, The Present & The Possible album, set for release next February. 

Average: 8.2 (58 votes)

Download: Primary 1 "Never Know (Submerse Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Atlantic

Featured on the forthcoming 12" release for Primary 1's "Never Know" single, this remix by UK bass excavator Submerse (pictured above) is a poignant 2-stepper rife with forlorn string sections, heartwarming pads, distant-yet-piercing synth melodies, and a mess of lovelorn vocal samples. But those are just the parts tugging on your soul; it's the all-encompassing bassline and skittering dance rhythms that carry those touching elements to the place where Submerse's production belongs—your next club mix. Score this version of "Never Know" today, but look for more remixes of Primary 1's track from The Shoes and Gucci Vump when his record drops on December 6 via Atlantic. 

Average: 8.4 (139 votes)

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