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Download: Mandelbrot & Skyy "TT Races"

Label: Digitalis

It seems that ever since the spacey, drugged-out synth compositions of Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds, and the like started garnering a bit more press and acclaim online, the internet has been increasingly inundated with everyone's own version of the amorphous genre. The latest we've come across is Mandelbrot & Skyy, a sort of side-project from electronic artists Daren Ho and Jeff Witscher who are actually no amateurs to this sound (they're responsible for the Driphouse and Rene Hell projects, respectively). With their powers combined, we get something a bit more visceral, even tactile, from the reinvigorated realm of ambient music in which the guys operate. Taken from the duo's forthcoming OD-Axis LP (pictured above), "TT Races" is a taste of those sounds, a song that jumps immediately into full view, but is never content to set still. While the usual array of bubbling analog tones set a frothy backdrop, Mandelbrot & Skyy unleashes a sporadic, lurching kick drum and a restless, man-made noise that twists and turns throughout the composition, sounding almost more human than machine at times. It's certainly enough to make us pleased that the Kosmiche trend continues to take off, and to spark our curiosity as to what the rest of OD-Axis will offer when it drops in the near future. (via Altered Zones

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Download: Solar Bears "Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)"

The Grecian duo Keep Shelly in Athens recently unleashed this remix of the Solar Bears' (pictured above) "Cub," which first appeared on last year's excellent She Was Coloured In LP. The originally sparse, ambient guitar track has been given a full orchestration by the chill-waving duo, stacking epic layers of fuzzy synths, distant pianos, and distorted guitars that soar past the programmed drums. The song, buried somewhere deep below the added elements, gets completely manipulated through layers of delay. Brief glimpses of the original do occasionally pop out when the timing of the delays is tweaked, only to be quickly buried once again below the mass of instrumentation. Keep Shelly in Athens even manages to weave a sort of narrative into the remix, constructing half-time "verse" sections that eventually give way to the all-out choruses that could perfectly accompany some sort of reminiscent montage sequence. (via Pitchfork)  

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Download: Drugg "Shackled"

Label: Less Music

If you're just going to go ahead and call your band Drugg, you had better make damn sure that your music sounds at least remotely trippy. Thankfully, this London-based outfit doesn't disappoint, and delivers quite the array of pill-driven, psychedelic soundscapes on its debut EP, Shackled. The title track, which we have for download here, even goes one step further—coalescing some of our favorite musical styles as of late into one warbling explosion of textured atmosphere and hypnotic beat work. Drugg boasts the droney, effects-soaked vocal delivery of Panda Bear, the warm tape fuzz of Matthewdavid, the tweaked live instrumentation of Sun Araw, the swirling sample play of (enter name of any artist making contemporary electronic music here), and the downtrodden, lo-fi moods of Forest Swords. What that all adds up to is pretty great, and you can hear more examples of that satisfyingly trippy sound on Drugg's Bandcamp, too. And don't skip the equally mind-expanding video for "Shackled," which you can view after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Klaus Pinter "Soul Flipper PART 2"

Remember that weird compilation we told you about, like, a week ago? The one based around the story of a music-obsessed Czech millionaire and his failed artist community that existed for six weeks in a Polish forest during the early '70s? Well, we're revisiting that music again, but this time we have a more amorphous piece of "vintage" audio to share with you. Klaus Pinter's "Soul Flipper PART 2" sounds like a would-be touchstone for ambient/noise/synth-centric artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Stellar OM Source, and Emeralds, though with a noticeably darker and cinematic edge than we're used to hearing from those camps; the song could easily be mistaken for a demo version of any theme Angelo Badalamenti composed for David Lynch in the late '80s or early '90s. Also, unlike Pinter's successors, the song floats in and out of earshot relatively quickly, only allowing a brief glimpse into the bubbling sonics the auteur may or may not have crafted during his time at the Endless House. 

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Download: Siriusmo "Einmal in der Woche Schreien"

Germany's Siriusmo has been DJing and producing music for a long time—dropping singles and EPs on labels like Exploited and Boysnoize Records since the early '00s (remember this one?). Only now is producer Moritz Friedrich readying the release of his debut album, a 17-track record to be released via Modeselektor's Monkeytown Records on March 1. The lightheartedly ominous track "Einmal in der Woche Schreien" (which translates to "Once a Week, Shouting") is lifted off of that forthcoming LP, and finds Friedrich loading mass amounts of synth tones, chopped vocal bits, electronic sound bytes, and straightforward dance beats into four minutes of choice electro-pop. And if that makes you wish you knew what the rest of Mosaik sounds like, you can listen to a preview of the whole thing on Siriusmo's Soundcloud

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Download: Throwing Snow "Un Vingt (Greymatter Remix)"

First Listen

UK producers Throwing Snow (pictured above) and Greymatter seem to really enjoy remixing each other's material, and with good reason: It all turns out sounding quite excellent. The latest tune to come from that fruitful trade-off is this version of Throwing Snow's "Un Vingt" single, reworked by his counterpart for a forthcoming, two-volume remix record, which will also include the likes of George Fitzgerlad, Ital Tek, d'Eon, and others (listen to clips here and here). The resulting production is a thick, slow-brewing blend of shuffling club beats, spacey atmospheres, and soulful melodies that could just as easily fit into Hotflush's release schedule as it could your next late-night-comedown DJ set. Look for Greymatter's version of "Un Vingt," along with the original Throwing Snow tracks and other remixes, when it's all made available for digital download March 14. 

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Download: Brenmar "Paper Running"

Brooklyn's R&B-pilfering, bass-bumping DJ/producer extraordinaire Brenmar just sent over this fresh cut from his backlog of unreleased tunes to help alert UK club-goers that he'll be making his first appearances behind London decks this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's sort of a shame that it took until now for these gigs to go down, simply because we would've liked to have had this jam on our hard drives long ago. The "Paper Running" track bounces and sways with a futuristic ghetto swagger, no fewer than three solid melodies wafting around its stuttering beat, and a properly tweaked snippet from Currency's "Where Da Cash At" single. It all adds up to not only another great tune in Brenmar's repertoire, but also another reason why Londoners should go see him play this weekend. You can check out more details on those dates after the jump.  Read more » 

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