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Download: Lethal Bizzle "Pow (Roska Remix)"

Today, UK funky don Roska dropped a free remix via his Twitter account, and it's just far too good to not repost ourselves. The DJ/producer hijacks the many hyperactive vocal stems from the updated version of 2004 grime hit "Pow" by Lethal Bizzle (pictured above), and lays them over a particularly rude riddim chock full of sinister bass tones, cracking snares, light-footed percussion loops, and bubbling sound effects. Roska's whole production bounces and wiggles about at a deceptively quick pace, as it simultaneously sports elements running at full-throttle and half-time tempos, an ideal tune to drop at either end of the BPM spectrum. 

Average: 8.2 (31 votes)

Download: Mike Bubbles "Inspek Ya Dekz"

Label: Old Tacoma

Forthcoming on Eliot Lipp's Old Tacoma label is a fresh EP of old-school-indebted jams from Brooklyn's Mike Bubbles. His record, Bubble Works, features six tracks of boogie- and G-funk-flavored dancefloor music, and "Inspek Ya Dekz" is easily one of the strongest of the batch. For this tune, Bubbles takes no time diving right into a slick, massive groove, and employs a veritable cornucopia of organic percussive sounds and smooth synth lines to keep your body swaying in between the boom and smack of the solid beat. The whole thing radiates late '80s/early '90s authenticity—making it more than apparent that the producer knows the work of his sonic forefathers inside and out. You can hear more of Bubbles' music when Bubble Works drops next week, and check out a video for his "Groovin 4 Tha Sistaz" number below. Read more » 

Average: 7.5 (59 votes)

Download: Laurel Halo "Let Me Know (Aphrodite Jungle Edit)"

Apparently, a couple years ago, DJ Aphrodite nabbed a few samples from "At Your Best (You Are Love)" by R&B starlet Aaliyah, and tossed them into the mix of a new jungle tune he was producing. That track became "Let Me Know (Aphrodite Jungle Remix)," a song which was just recently re-worked ever so slightly by Brooklyn leftfield crooner Laurel Halo. It seems like the burgeoning artist just layered on some floating synth pads and other swirling soundscapes to the low-end-heavy rave jam for her edit. It may not be the biggest of changes ever made to a track, but it nonetheless adds a deeper vibe to an already standout piece of dancefloor heat. (via Altered Zones

Average: 7.4 (47 votes)

Download: Dev79 "In Grain We Trust"

Label: Sub Philo

The latest sub-busting number to drop from Philly bass cadet Dev79's hard drive and into our anxious ears is a cut the producer describes as "future garage meets street bass," called "In Grain We Trust." And while that may be an apt comparison, we'd like to note how much the Pennsylvania native's new track reminds us of early '00s Tigerbeat6 fare. The tweaked reggae samples, the 8-bit sound bytes, the obtuse bass tones, playful synth melodies, and the incessantly ear-slamming beats all bring us back to the kinds of warped, dancehall-inspired rave jams that label boss Miguel De Pedro (a.k.a. Kid606) had a lengthy affair with back then. Dev79 does the sound justice and then some on this hyped-up title track from his new release. You can check out the rest of the In Grain We Trust EP (pictured above) over on Juno, here

Average: 6.8 (39 votes)

Download: Pierre LX "Winter Light (Enola Remix)"

On April 14, French-born, London-based Pierre LX (pictured above) will release a collection of largely improvised, on-the-fly house and UK bass productions titled Out 1. All of the tracks were made using hardware, a notable detail for an album made in free-form spurts. On this Enola remix of album cut "Winter Light," it sounds as if Enola kept with the analog aesthetic, using crackling metallic synths undeniably born out of a hot piece of machinery to drizzle them over the middle of the track. The only thing keeping this song from going to a factory warehouse in Berlin is a warm bed of high thread-count house drums and a friendly giant of a bassline. The album tracklist and cover art are below.  Read more » 

Average: 8.3 (74 votes)

Download: Mike Dehnert "Klartext"

Label: Delsin

On March 21, rising Berlin producer Mike Dehnert will release his first full-length via forward-thinking techno label Delsin. Framework will feature 11 songs (see below for full tracklist and sleeve), including this infectious heater. There is no shortage of analog grit on this one, as the bass pops as hard as the claps and an ominous, infrequent robot growl is raw like exposed wires. All of this may satisfy one's reasonable techno expectations, but a subtle, watery melody makes this track truly dynamic, stealthily putting itself in the foreground as it oscillates in the background.  Read more » 

Average: 7.4 (45 votes)

Download: Rainbow Arabia "Without You (Hard Mix Remix)"

Earlier this month, LA duo Rainbow Arabia (pictured above) released its debut full-length, Boys and Diamonds, and since then, the requisite trickle of bootleg remixes have been coming down the wire. Featured a couple weeks back for his free debut album, South Carolina's Hard Mix gets on Rainbow Arabia single "Without You," transforming it into something only vaguely resembling the original. What Hard Mix leaves out from the original is easily made up by his own heartsick interpretation of how it might feel to be "without you," as he twists and turns the original's vocal into painful, restless contortions. In contrast, Hard Mix grounds the mix in glistening melody and languid slow-mo house worthy of post-rain gardens or spaceship shower music. (via Pitchfork

Average: 8.1 (41 votes)

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