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Download: H.O.S.H. "Cash the Chord"

Label: Diynamic

We love a lot of labels, as well we should, but one imprint we've got a certain affinity for is Germany's Diynamic. If that excellent podcast they did for us last year wasn't enough reason for our gushing, this funky house number dropping via Diynamic on October 25 should do the trick. "Cash the Chord" is lifted off of German DJ/producer H.O.S.H.'s debut album, Connecting the Dots, and is a solid tune built on a rubbery bassline, a steady dance beat, and a large helping of orchestral melodies. If the remaining nine cuts on Dots keep up the same quality of club-friendly production, we'll certainly have even more reasons to be enamored with the Hamburg-based dance music hub. 

Average: 8.1 (34 votes)

Download: Tom Flynn "Wig Wag (Claude VonStroke Edit)"

First Listen
Label: Dirtybird

New to San Francisco-based Dirtybird’s roster of house music luminaries is Birmingham producer Tom Flynn. Soon to be released, the Tom Flynn EP has already been getting spins from folks like Catz ‘n Dogz, Julio Bashmore, and Thomas Schumacher, solidifying the EP as yet another great 2010 release from the influential imprint. To celebrate the release, label head Claude VonStroke contributed an edit of Tom Flynn’s unreleased “Wig Wag” and has passed it along to us to offer free of charge. The track is in keeping with Dirtybird’s love of rhythmic complexity and soulful melody, and should offer a compelling argument to get familiar with this upstart. (Editor's Note 10/21/10: the EP is now on sale here.) 

Average: 8.3 (55 votes)

Download: Beatbully "RnBully"

Label: Dødpop

Out now on Norway’s Dødpop Records is the follow-up to 2009’s successful Dødpop Vol. 1. As Norway’s central skweee label, Dødpop has made a venerable name for itself amidst Sweden and Finland’s vibrant skweee scene. Dødpop Vol. 2 showcases a varied array of Norway’s skweee talent, including Norwegian producers like skweee pioneer Daniel Savio, Marcus Price, and Splash Bass. To give you a snapshot of what the record sounds like, Dødpop has sent along the compilation’s first track, Beatbully's “RnBully.” Beatbully does justice to the song’s title by creating a layered bed of whistling and crackling synths worthy of The-Dream but keeps the beat in a solidly electro-funk vibe. 

Average: 8.1 (50 votes)

Download: Hypno "Telescope (Hackman Remix)"

We're not exactly sure how or why, but it seems like Poland is quickly becoming a hot zone for the whole post-dubstep-whatever-it's-called sound. In the past six months, we've seen Top Billin drop the PL Funky EP (sample that here), Krakow duo Supra1 has popped up in our Bubblin' section, and now Polish blog BBQ is offering up this exclusive tune from UK producer Hackman (pictured above). To be fair, it's actually a remix of Icelandic producer Hypno, but Hackman's take on "Telescope" is a midtempo roller with some punchy percussion and nice synths filling out the proceedings. He'll be spinning at BBQ's Homecoming Party this Friday, so he's also put together an exclusive mix to get folks hyped for the occasion. 

Average: 8.1 (39 votes)

Download: Jed and Lucia "April Showers (Shlohmo Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Ubiquity

California whiz kid Shlohmo (pictured above) has turned husband-and-wife duo Jed and Lucia's folky number "April Showers" into a monster of a beat on this new remix. Drenching the guitar and vocals of the original track in a bath of reverb, Shlohmo adds a layer of sizzling, jittery percussion, low, wobbly bass, and a generous helping of delicious noise. Right around the 1:10 mark is where he really starts to show off, letting the distorted elements take over the track, gradually twisting and turning until their eventual end. If this remix doesn't satisfy your appetite for the slow, broken beats we've come to expect from the young beat-scene staple, perhaps taking another listen to his excellent XLR8R podcast would do the trick. 

Average: 8.4 (57 votes)

Download: Donso "Hunters"

French Producer Pierre-Antoine Grison, better known as Krazy Baldhead of the Ed Banger crew, has collaborated with a group of Malian musicians to form Donso. "Hunters", a track from their recently released self-titled LP, is an exploration into the rhythmic possibilities between modern electronic production and traditional Malian instruments, one that relies heavily on both electronic drums and traditional percussion to move it along. Spurts of loops and live instrumentation add some texture and melody, and eventually, the difference between them gets blurred to the point where you're just lost in the tribal rhythm, getting in touch with your inner hunter.  

Average: 8.3 (42 votes)

Download: Glasser "Mirrorage"

NY-via-LA-via-Bay Area chanteuse Glasser (a.k.a. Cameron Mesirow) finally unveiled her debut album, Ring, last week and now, as she gets set for a quick October jaunt around the UK and a November US tour, another free offering from the record has fallen from the heavens. "Mirrorage" finds Mesirow employing her vocal acrobatics over a warm electronic pulse and sparkling, chime-based melody. People will undoubtedly compare this to Björk, which isn't off base, but this is much more inviting and less weird, even with the scary robot vocal effects that come in about 2/3 of the way through the song (probably thanks to producers Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid, who employed similar trickery in their work with Fever Ray). Over the course of three-plus minutes, Glasser spins quite the intoxicating web, and we're thinking that plenty of folks will gladly crawl inside. 

Average: 8.2 (42 votes)

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