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Download: Sonora "Tierra Santa"

Label: Peligrosa

Here in the US, it seems like the coasts get all the attention when it comes to tropical bass, global bass, and all the other buzzwords being tossed around to describe the dance music that's borrowing from and inspired by the sounds of the Third World. But down in Austin, the Peligrosa crew is holding things down for Texas, both with its monthly parties and growing record label. The latest Peligrosa offering is the Siempre Fresco EP from San Antonio producer Sonora, who's offering all five songs for free download via Bandcamp. Siempre Fresco is powered by cumbia rhythms, slightly screwed reggaeton beats, and plenty of squealing synths that settle somewhere Argentinian cumbia villera and contemporary rave anthems. "Tierra Santa" might be the best of the bunch, thanks to its can't-miss vocal samples of Colombian legends Petrona Martinez and Toto La Momposina. Even better, the track's synth-heavy double-time breakdown sounds a lot like something Uproot Andy would do, which is just fine with us. 

Average: 7.3 (26 votes)

Download: Azari & III "Indigo"

Label: Turbo

Last week, Toronto house outfit Azari & III—perhaps you remember them from our recent feature—released this new single on Tiga's Turbo imprint. Where older Azari & III efforts like "Hungry for the Power" and "Reckless (With Your Love)" were big vocal tracks, "Indigo" relegates the (still-excellent) vocals to a support role, allowing the song's pulsing synths, piano melodies, classic Chicago style, and feelgood spirit to lead the way. Don't get us wrong—this one can still be an anthem, just not one of the sing-along variety. The Azari boys are currently at work on their debut full-length, which should see the light of day next year. 

Average: 6.9 (33 votes)

Download: The Godson & DJ RayBone "Nova2"

Label: Rush Hour

Fabled Detroit record store Vibes New and Rare Music may be a thing of the past, but its owner Rick Wilhite remains an important figure in the city's music scene. This month saw the release of a Wilhite-curated compilation on the Rush Hour label, fittingly entitled Rick Wilhite presents: Vibes New and Rare Music. The comp features tunes from the likes of Theo Parrish, Kyle Hall, Urban Tribe, and Wilhite himself, operating under his alias The Godson. "Nova2" is one of his efforts, albeit one created in collaboration with DJ RayBone. It's a pretty standard Detroit cut, one with a taut beat and a simple, yet soulful, string melody and some scattered synth flourishes. In true Motor City style, Wilhite's production doesn't have a lot of flash, but frankly, it doesn't need any. 

Average: 6.7 (23 votes)

Download: Lobisomem "She's Made of Clay (Remix by DJ /rupture and Chief Boima)"

First Listen

Earlier this month, Brooklyn sound-collage specialist and leftfield beatmaker Lobisomem unveiled his Onze Pedras full-length, and now he's following that up with some remixes of album cut "She's Made of Clay." This one comes from the all-star Dutty Artz collaboration of DJ /rupture and Chief Boima, the latter of whom recently relocated to Brooklyn after a long stint in Oakland. While Rupture and Boima's involvement might lead one to expect a tropical-minded dancefloor cut, the pair maintains the chill vibe of Lobisomem's original while inserting a warbling synth melody and some drums that do slap just a touch harder. Discerning ears might even catch the snippets of what sounds like highlife guitars—apparently Rupture and Boima can play the sound-collage game too. 

Average: 7.3 (28 votes)

Download: Saroos "Yukoma"

First Listen

German trio Saroos (featuring members of Iso68, Lali Puna, and The Notwist) is offering up a song from its upcoming Odd Nosdam-produced album, See Me Not. "Yukoma" sounds like a mix of all its contributors, as a chopped breakbeat chugs beneath large, fuzzy chords the song carefully takes shape and becomes a tranquil accumulation of its melodic elements. A definite head-nodder for those who like their electronica slow and serene. See Me Not will be released on November 9 via Anticon in the US and Japan and on The Notwist's Alien Transistor everywhere else. 

Average: 8.3 (81 votes)

Download: Spatial "100505"

First Listen

London low-end specialist Spatial will soon be releasing a new 10" on the UK's Infrasonics label, which hits retailers on October 4. This cut doesn't appear on the vinyl version, but it is a fine example of the dubby, techy, bassy, post-whatevery excursions put forth by the producer. "100505" sports some quasi-melodic metallic sound effects that remind us a bit of the glitchy minimalism on SND's Atavism record from last year, as does the impersonal song title, but with a more gluttonous appetite for gut-rattling frequencies and more fluid dance moves. If that's your bag, make sure to also catch this live mix Spatial just offered ahead of his appearance at next month's Unsound Festival

Average: 8.2 (33 votes)

Download: Hooray For Earth "Comfortable, Comparable (Lemonade Remix)"

New York's Hooray For Earth gets this remix of its song "Comfortable, Comparable" courtesy of the tropical rave trio from across The Bridge, Lemonade (pictured above). Probably because that three piece isn't much into guitar anthems or jams of that same ilk, this version of "Comfortable, Comparable" dismisses just about every sound from the original tune, except for its reverberated vocal work, which Lemonade then soaks in even more cavernous effects. They also adorn their song's whispy sounds with a bouncing future-house beat, all sorts of percussive elements, and a glistening coat of synth melodies that never stop reaching for the stars. If nothing else, we're just pleased to hear some fresh, club-ready productions from the Lemonade team to help tide us over until they finish work on their second full-length. 

Average: 8 (27 votes)

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