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Download: Under Byen "Alt Er Tabt (Kasper Bjørke Remix)"

We haven't heard much from Denmark's Under Byen since their 2006 record Samme Stof Som Stof brought their adventurous brand of art-pop to our attention. Now Under Byen (Danish for "under the city") has a new record and with it a new remix of the title track "Alt Er Tabt" from fellow Danish producer Kasper Bjørke (pictured above). From the onset of the remix, it is clear that Bjørke is not trying to be subtle—this is a house track through and through. A driving bassline is shortly followed by a cowbell, and accompanying percussion carry Under Byen's sparse Danish lyrics. After sticking with the lyrics for about a minute and a half, Bjørke brings in a fat, meaty synth line, breaks the track down, and then gives you what you've been waiting for: some funky Danish instrumental house. 

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Download: The 2 Bears "Church (Dub)"


From the eclectic dance-pop sensibilities of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, along with friend and collaborator Raf Daddy, comes a new musical endeavor, The 2 Bears. The duo's second record is the four-song Curious Nature EP (out now on Southern Fried Records), an exhibition of sounds ranging from electro-tinged house jams to gospel-leaning ballads. The EP's lead track, "Church," gets a dub treatment here by Goddard himself. Explaining how his tweaked version of 2 Bears' poignant tune came about, the producer says, "At the end of mixing 'Church,' we spent an hour just doing passes through the [mixing] desk with various outputs to outboard delays, echo boxes, and other magic boxes. From these takes I pieced together this dubbed-out version of 'Church.'" We're pretty happy he took the time to play with this one. 

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Download: Dark Party "Can't Stop"

Label: Old Tacoma

While we continue waiting for the first full-length album from Eliot Lipp's and Leo123's collaborative production outfit, Dark Party, the duo was kind enough to give us another taste of Light Years' 12-track offering. The sanguine "Can't Stop" is a solid dance tune that sounds like it's built almost entirely on memories; analog synthesizers bubble up melodies in stereo, dusty vinyl samples account for a healthy portion of the beat work, and the vocal clips shouted from the center sound like a woman delivering a hook she can't quite recall. Dark Party's song is a substantial exercise in turning something old into something new, the likes of which we're likely to hear more of when Light Years drops on its new release date, December 7. 

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Download: Eliphino "I Just Can't"

First Listen

Up-and-coming tunesmith Eliphino (a.k.a. "What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?") is dropping the inaugural release for the brand-new magazine-cum-label somethinksounds on November 29, and here, we've got the premiere of the closing track on the four-song Undivided Whole EP. The production utilizes just a few standard elements (a couple thinly sliced synth melodies, a floating bass synth, some distant vocal clips, and a simple beat palette), the minimalism of which helps bolster the song's alien vibe. At its core, Eliphino's "I Just Can't" is darkly soulful, dismally buoyant, and woozily feverish; a whole set of contradictions that add to the tense mood. 

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Download: Wise Blood "Rot My Brain Away"

First Listen

And now for another taste of blown-out, cavernous, and beautifully dislocated pop music from Pittsburgh's Wise Blood, courtesy of London label-cum-blog Transparent. This cut premieres today before the 7" it's featured on, which also includes lead single "Solo (4 Claire)," is released on November 22. "Rot My Brain Away" is a brief but immediately infectious jam that launches directly into a booming rhythm, a host of soulfully droning melodies, and music maker Chris Laufman's smiling vocal delivery. It's easy to become lost in the tightly packed layers of Wise Blood's number, trying to catch every buried sample and distorted sound that bellows from its core. So, don't be surprised if you let it play seamlessly over and over before you realize—or even care—that you've listened to "Rot My Brain Away" about 10 times in succession. You can nab your copy of the limited edition 7" (only 300 pressed) here

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Download: Drop/Dead "Always Love You"

Props to Altered Zones for uncovering this one: London-based producer Drop/Dead and his stirring "Always Love You" tune. The track seems to come from the same realm as production outfits like Svpreme Fiend, Dark Sky, Sepalcure, and other bass lovers that can't help but inject some vocal-sample soul into their soundsystem crushers, though it maintains a rougher edge than most of those glossed-over sounds. Maybe it's the blaring synth pads, the in-the-red bass rumbles, or just the fervor that each sound is fired off with, but Drop/Dead's production feels a tad more homespun, a touch more personal for its subtle idiosyncrasies. 

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Download: Simian Mobile Disco "Aspic"

Label: Delicacies

Back in April, Simian Mobile Disco released the first in a series of techno productions for their own Delicacies imprint, a 12" featuring the tracks "Aspic" and "Nerve Salad." In case you slept on that, we have "Aspic" here to remind you that SMD will be re-releasing the Delicacies series in on a two-disc compilation of the same name on November 30. "Aspic" is over eight minutes of blistering synth oscillations buried in effects, with just enough reassuring sub-bass to keep this the track from coming unhinged. SMD are set to tour the states in the middle of the month, check the dates after the jump. Read more » 

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