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  • 06/26/2012

First Listen

:papercutz "Rivers (Synkro Remix)"

The single "Rivers" from Portuguese dark-pop producer :papercutz's upcoming album, The Blur Between Us, comes in several forms, like the Nowa Huta remix we posted earlier this month and a rework by Stalker. This week, Manchester's Synkro (pictured above) has delivered his take on the orchestral, sweeping original by adding a thudding halftime beat. Individual elements of the mix find their way out of a murky, lurching labyrinth of effects and reverberation: Pointed rimshots, echoing fragments of strangled vocal samples, and airy chords settle into the lull of Synkro's rhythm. The original version of :papercutz's tune will be released with the rest of his sophomore LP on July 10.

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