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  • 06/05/2012

Magic Panda "Tokyo (Kid606 BlissCrunk Remix)"

The term "BlissCrunk" in the title of Berlin-based Kid606's remix of Magic Panda's "Tokyo" seems like an odd and perhaps tongue-in-cheek descriptor of the track. The elements that could be taken for "bliss," like the slowly escalating pads and mattress-like effect of the ever-present layer of bass, end up reading more like the paranoid dystopia of the Blade Runner soundtrack, especially when a high-pitched whine enters the mix toward the end. As for "crunk," the slow-motion beat has more potential to inspire pensive hours of watching a sunrise, rather than full-body juking. The melodious nature of the rework is a left turn for the producer, but not the first turn he's taken in recent memory—"I Want Her Wings," which he released last month, channels a similarly fuzzy drowsiness. His remix of Magic Panda, who is busy preparing an LP for Kid606's label Tigerbeat6, sounds like it could be the darker b-side to that aforementioned track.

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