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Download: Cakedog "They Was Sleepin"

An affiliate of Matthewdavid's Leaving label who can more often be found operating under the name Ahnnu, Leland Jackson this week returned to his Cakedog alias to issue his third footwork-indebted outing under the moniker, Menace in the Phantom. Said to have been "inspired by the Battle Groundz of Chicago" and dedicated to the late footwork pioneer DJ Rashad, Jackson's new 14-track outing melds the breakneck pace and sharp sample chops of footwork with his own slant on off-kliter beat production. Pulled from Menace in the Phantom, "They Was Sleepin" serves as one example of Cakedog's hybrid approach as it spends its initial push placing sliding chords and—what sounds like—Nicki Minaj vocal samples atop familiar footwork rhythms, before transitioning to more pastiched territory in the song's final minute, where looser samples and a flush of new percussion hits are introduced. Jackson's latest outing as Cakedog is out now in cassette and digital form via Leaving/Stones Throw.  

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Download: OOBE "Radiation"

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Label: 1080p

Vancouver's tireless 1080p label—who has already issued something along the line of 15 releases so far this year—will next add to its catalog Digitalisea, an eight-track cassette (or 11 tracks in digital form) from Turin-based artist Yari Malaspina (a.k.a. OOBE). Malaspina had appeared under his OOBE guise (which stands for "Out of Body Experience") with the SFCTR cassette for Opal Tapes in 2013, and on Digitalisea, the Italian artist seems keen to continue exploring his brand of slow-burning, sci-fi techno. Pulled from his upcoming 1080p release, "Radiation" oozes with noise-laden synth tones, their sweeping chords held up by an efficient series of airy hats and claps, and an unobtrusive kick-drum thump. OOBE's full Digitalisea cassette is slated to land on November 4. 

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Download: Seapoint "Wave Sequence (Toboggan Remix)"

Label: Tracy

The increasingly active, Mexican-born, now Barcelona-based (with a stop in Montreal) producer known as Seapoint will drop his next effort, the four-track Installation EP, via Spanish label Tracy next week. Ahead of the record's release, Seapoint has passed along the EP's closing cut, a rework of "Wave Sequence" from Montreal artist Toboggan (pictured above). Beginning with a series of stark piano chords, Toboggan eventually rebuilds Seapoint's club-rooted track into a more pensive affair, one still pushed forward by a thick rhythmic structure while remaining focused on rich textures and subtle songrcraft. Seapoint's Installation EP arrives on October 15, the record can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: The Peronists "Melbourne Cowboys"

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Label: Terror Negro

A purveyor of adventurous digital cumbia (and its many variant sounds) since 2008, Peruvian label Terror Negro will next issue the six-track Inka Haus EP from The Peronists. Pulled from the record is "Melbourne Cowboys," a percussive track that effortlessly bounces atop an active bassline. Though it is surely Latin-flavored (particularly in its assortment of hand-percussion hits), "Melbourne Cowboys" is really a playful, drum machine-fueled bit of house, one which comes topped off by heavily manipulated vocals and some spacey FX tucked into its outer edges. The Peronists' Inka Haus EP arrives on November 1. 

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Download: 1000 Names "Caravan (Coco Bryce's Southern Edit)"

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Label: DRUT

1000 Names (pictured above) is a production pair who hails from Sofia, Bulgaria. Having landed tracks on labels such as Black Acre, Project: Mooncircle, and others over the years, the outfit will next land of Kelpe's DRUT imprint with the Migration Pads LP (out October 27), from which the original version of the duo's "Caravan" production comes. On his rework of the track, enterprising beatmaker Coco Bryce maintains the original track's warm, swaying pads while he focuses his efforts on reshaping the tune's rhythmic structure. Tucked beneath the beat's sunlit textures, Bryce fits deeps kicks, stuttering hats, and sharp snares; where 1000 Names' original washed the listener beneath its momentum, Bryce's version is more fit to snap one's neck.  

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Download: David Dougals "White Heat Blood (Kyson Remix)"

Label: Atomnation

Earlier this year, Dutch producer David Douglas issued his Moon Observations LP via the growing Atomnation imprint. Now, a handful of LP cuts have been selected to be remixed for an upcoming EP which will include contributions from Henry Saiz, Eskmo, and Berlin-by-way-of-Australia producer Kyson, whose effort is feature here. Taking on Douglas' "White Heat Blood" production (which featured the vocals of one Blaudzun in its original form), the Friends of Friends affiliate has no problem adding his nuanced touch to the proceedings, lacing the track with layers of hyper-detailed percussion, grainy textures, and a series of low-swelling pads. Kyson's rework can be grabbed below while the full Moon Observations - The Remixes EP is slated to see its official release on October 23. 

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Download: Young Magic "Something in the Water (Roland Tings Remix)"

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Earlier this year, Brooklyn-based pair Young Magic (pictured above) dropped its Breathing Statues LP via Carpark, a record which presented 10 dense electronic-pop hybrids. Now, slow and spacious album cut "Something in the Water" has received a remix treatment from increasingly active Australian producer Roland Tings, who imbues the track with a more pulsing momentum, while wrapping new layers of bubbling analog synths around the original track's cavernous vocals. This free remix comes ahead of a number of Young Magic tour dates, which will first find the outfit traveling around New York later this month before heading down for its first-ever Australian tour in November; the group's full list of upcoming live dates have been included after the jump.  Read more » 

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