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  • 07/25/2012

First Listen

dak "Thanks for Flowa"

Although dak (a.k.a. Dakim Saadiq) is originally from Detroit, the lo-fi, Dilla-indebted crunch of "Thanks for Flowa" walks, talks, and acts like a native product of the massive LA beat scene. The tune is one of 22 beats the producer has composed throughout the last decade, just released as a double-sided record called youstandit/leftrecord. While youstandit tinkers with blips and stuttering rhythms, leftrecord is its more lush and comforting foil. The hip-hop beat in leftrecord cut "Thanks for Flowa" cradles the kind of glittering bass and cooing melodies familiar to fans of Shlo-Fi-era Shlohmo and Teebs' wispy beat experimentations. Its delicate trills and shimmering keys trickle into the lull of dak's muffled rhythm and blissed-out vibes.

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