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Download: Lamin Fofana "Two-Spirit"

Hailing from the middle of NYC producer Lamin Fofana's recent First Symphony EP, "Two-Spirit" is an acutely focused track. Spanning over five minutes, the production places a sci-fi thump beneath detailed layers of electronic haze. Eventually, faint keys and a whispered conversation begin to seep through the fog, as the track's rhythmic pulse continues unaffected, digging deeper and deeper as "Two-Spirit" moves through its run. Released via Fofana's own Sci-Fi & Fantasy label earlier this month, the official release party for the man's First Symphony EP is set to go down this Saturday in NYC, where the producer will be joined by Max McFerren and L'estasi Dell'oro (more info here). In addition to the free download of "Two-Spirit" below, Fofana's First Symphony EP can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Maxime Dangles "Unversal"

Label: Dunsciat

French producer Maxime Dangles delivered his Conduktion EP via the fledgling Dunsciat label earlier this month. Serving as the three-track record's closing effort is "Unversal," the deep and driving cut featured here. Built on the back of a pulsing sequence of thick chords, the track spends the better part of its first half simply maintaining its hypnotic cycle. Around the four-minute mark though, Dangles digs decidedly deeper with his production, laying into a heavier set of booming rhythms that add extra low-end strength to the production, and ultimately making "Unversal" an engrossing affair across its entire seven-plus-minute run. Out now, the rest of Dangles Conduktion EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: High Lucia "Afar"

First Listen
Label: Lex

High Lucia is the new moniker of Leo Marcus, a 20-year-old producer who had previously turned in some impressive work under the name Pále. Next week, Marcus will issue the debut effort under his new handle, the Wash EP, via the Lex label. Set to appear on the record is "Afar" a dense, moody production which wraps water-logged melodies, dark chords, and layers of airy textures around a sparse, bass-heavy beat. Despite the expanse of sonic material Marcus uses here, the track is far from murky, as each element seems to have found its own specific corner in the sonic landscape, allowing for the tune's booming kicks and sharp claps to cut through the fog. High Lucia's six-track Wash EP sees its official release on August 25. 

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Download: Seafloor "4 the Future"

First Listen

The glowing "4 the Future" comes from the upcoming The Noise EP, which budding Brooklyn talent Seafloor plans to drop for free on August 25. With its ravey synths and understated skitter, "4 the Future" lands somewhere between footwork-indebted bass and pop-leaning beatwork, its candy-coated synths and active vocal manipulations leading the charge above the track's 808 rhythms. Seafloor's latest production, and his upcoming free EP, come ahead of a pair of efforts for the growing Infinite Machine label, which plans to deliver a digital EP from the man later this year and a proper 12" release in early 2015. 

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Download: Milo McBride "FLAZ"

Label: Ventura

Born and raised in NYC, Milo McBride is a beatmaker who utilizes a wide array of sonic elements to create his hybrid productions. "FLAZ"—the lead single to the man's upcoming RUINZ EP (expected to drop via Ventura in early September)—is a sleek and efficient first glance into McBride's style, one which utilizes sweeping chords, filtered vocals, sub-bass stabs, and the detailed rattles of metallic percussion throughout its run. Building in patient, measured steps, "FLAZ" becomes more immersive the further one follows its fractured rhythms, as new miniature elements seep into the production, forming a series of hypnotic, interlocking patterns as the track moves toward the end of its three-minute jaunt. 

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Download: J.Tijn "Chubcard"

First Listen

This wandering techno expedition comes from J. Tijn, a London-based producer who has served as a core contributor to Untold's fledgling Pennyroyal label since its founding last year. A chugging production led by snaking synth sequences, "Chubcard" pulls no punches, ceaselessly pushing forward as it carves a direct path straight to the dancefloor. Tijn's latest production can be downloaded below ahead of the rising UK talent's appearance at the Clouds-curated Headstrong night, taking place at The Art School in Glasgow on August 23; a night which will also include sets from recent XLR8R podcast contributor Randomer and, of course, the Scottish Clouds duo. (More info can be found on the flier included after the jump.)  Read more » 

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Download: Reighnbeau "Highways"

First Listen

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bryce Fletcher is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album as Reighnbeau. Set to appear on that upcoming effort is "Highways," a bliss-streaked beat which fits an array of sharp, snapping rhythms beneath layers of cloudy pads and elongated vocal phrases. Featuring the vocals of one Sister Grotto, "Highways" is a hazy, but still not necessarily downtrodden, affair—its sneaky synth melodies and airy finish hinting at a more optimistic tone. Still currently in the works, Reighnbeau's upcoming LP is expected to drop later this year. 

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