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  • 08/16/2012

Julien Mier "Je t'écoute"

Dutch producer Julien Mier released his When Will You Wake Up? EP via Canadian label King Deluxe last week, and has offered one of its tracks for download. Despite the fact that the soft-hitting "Je t'écoute" is made up of many fragmented melodies, it manages to pull together a head-nodding rhythm out of its glitchy, stuttering beat. Mier's EP also features "Watercolour Sky," a tune that was recently treated to a video directed by Vancouver director Stuart Langfield. Like "Je t'écoute"—which uses vocal coos, clicking tongues, and various plinks and plonks as percussion—"Watercolour Sky" uses odd noises to craft its beat. You can check out the video for that track after the jump.

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