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Download: Real Cosby "What It Feels"

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Label: Shoeboxx

Based in Denver, Colorado, the beat-focused Shoeboxx label plans to cap off its 2014 run with VOL.TWO, the second edition in the imprint's compilation series. Set to incorporate tracks from Monster Rally, A Sol Mechanic, Metome, Tapes, and many more, the label has passed along Real Cosby's contribution to the effort to serve as our first taste. Led by a slinking string of arpeggio melodies, the production utilizes a sharp series of slightly stuttered kicks, snares, and precisely tuned bits of percussion which cut through layers of warm, swelling chords, re-pitched vocals, and side-chained ambience. Real Cosby's "What It Feels" track can be downloaded below, while the full 27-track VOL.TWO compilation will be available as a free download on November 25.  

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Download: R.Seiliog "Mt. Essa"

Label: Turnstile

Early next month, Wales native Robin Edwards will issue his debut full-length as R.Seiliog via the Turnstile outpost. Titled In Hz, the eight-track effort is said to take shape as "an interconnected work of intricate drones, pulses, and Kosmische electronics," a description which fits the record's lead single, "Mt. Essa," quite well. Spanning four minutes, the production is led by a string of looping bell melodies which eventually become swallowed by enveloping layers of blissful drones and a seemingly limitless procession of glassy percussion. Set to open In Hz when the LP arrives on December 2, "Mt. Essa" can be grabbed below.  

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Download: Hackman "Carry On (Dub)"

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Label: 2020Vision

It's been almost a year since we last saw an official release from Hackman, the UK producer who has appeared on a number of labels over the past few years including Ramp/PTN, Greco Roman, Well Rounded, and Futureboogie. Now, Hackman is set to emerge for the first time on the 2020Vision label with the upcoming Carry On EP. Here, we have a dub version of the record's title track which peels back the original effort's light vocals, revealing the deep, slightly melancholic production which sits at the base of "Carry On." Led by a series of fluttering chords, Hackman's dub puts the tune's percussion front and center as low-reaching sub-bass slides below and ghostly melodic flourishes gradually fill the space above. Hackman's "Carry On," another original production, and a remix from Rampa are set to appear alongside this dub on the forthcoming Carry On EP, officially out via 2020Vision on November 24. 

Average: 8.3 (90 votes)

Download: VECT "Blast"

First Listen
Label: Cosmonostro

The tireless Cosmonostro label will add a new EP from French producer and graphic designer Emile Sacré (a.k.a. VECT) to its catalog next week. Pulled from the forthcoming Kent Bimaga EP is "Blast," an appropriately titled beat which presents a vibrant array of surging synth chords atop a bed of slightly stuttered rhythms. Striped with soaring vocal samples and a number of rising arpeggio melodies, "Blast" gradually gains steam throughout the course of its run before the tune's final bars eventually return to the same set of cooled-off chords which opened the production. Officially out on November 17, a cleverly animated teaser video for the rest of VECT's Kent Bimaga EP can be viewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Jorge Balarezo "Interscribe"

A Peruvian-born, Costa-Rican raised, and now Brooklyn-based producer, Jorge Balarezo is set to issue his debut EP via Curses' Safer at Night imprint early next year. In the meantime, Balarezo has sent along "Interscribe" to whet our appetite. Spanning over eight minutes, the track is a sharply executed house affair, one which patiently builds, gradually adding (and, down the line, stripping back) layers of bubbling synths and mechanical melodies. But what really keeps Balarezo's precise dancefloor construction moving forward throughout its run is its resonant bassline; rounded and particularly active, the bass synth bounces around just below the production's more atmospheric elements, holding down the low-end spectrum while Balarezo toys with any number of sonic elements above.  

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Download: Snasen "Cannon Fodder"

First Listen
Label: Sellout!

The eerie "Cannon Fodder" comes to us from the forthcoming Grok EP, a five-track effort from Norwegian producer Snasen that is schedule to land on the Sellout! label next week. Said to be the result of an intensive month-long session in the studio, Grok sees Snasen return to Sellout! with his penchant for murky electronic constructions intact as "Cannon Fodder" takes shape as a slinking composition, one lined with detailed bits of off-percussion and led by a series of sneaking, slow-motion melodies. After grabbing "Cannon Fodder" below, EP cut "Stinkfist" can be streamed after the jump before Grok sees its official release on November 17, to be followed by Snasen's debut LP, which is expected to land in February of next year via Sellout!.  Read more » 

Average: 8.2 (45 votes)

Download: Eric Sharp "We Own the Nite (Hernene Remix)"

Label: RIS Labs

Earlier this week, LA-based producer and RIS Labs label head Eric Sharp issued his Wait Just Wait EP, a five-track digital EP which includes the remix featured here from Hernene, an artist familiar to the RIS Labs fold. Where Sharp's original "We Own the Nite" is a more dark and driving endeavor, Hernene elects to rework the tune into a bass-loaded club track, one which focuses on a set of classic house piano chords which bounce atop an active, rounded bassline and a floating procession of moody chords. Sharp's Wait Just Wait EP is out now with additional remixes from Give In and Tenova joining the record's two original productions. 

Average: 7.9 (69 votes)

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