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Download: Viernes "Swimmer's Ear (Golden Ages Remix)"

Label: Kanine

Philly production duo Golden Ages (pictured above) delivers this blown-out treatment of "Swimmer's Ear," taken from lo-fi ambient outfit Viernes' debut album, Sinister Devices. Theirs is a remix that assaults you from the get-go with high-register vocal "aahs," muffled drum-machine beats, and something that sounds like a bassline bouncing in the middle of it all. It doesn't let up its distorted audio attack once throughout its run time—coming across like Wolf Eyes or Nurse With Wound giving a go at radio-ready dance music. Sinister Devices is available now. 

Average: 7.4 (20 votes)

Download: Zero 7 "Ghost sYMBOL (Julio Bashmore Remix)"

First Listen

Damn! If this remix of Zero 7's "Ghost sYMBOL" by UK DJ/producer Julio Bashmore (pictured above) is anything, it is goddamn dirty. And not like "don't bring 'em 'round your grandma" dirty, but rather, "soaked in crunchy bass and ass-moving rhythms" dirty. Nearly every sound Bashmore utilizes in his track crackles with the fuzz of distortion, and yet somehow manages to remain utterly pristine in its sound quality. Truthfully, this shuffling banger of a tune couldn't be further from the vibe of the original track, but it's a welcome addition to Zero 7's forthcoming Best Of release, Record, alongside other remixes from Fred Falke, Carl Craig, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and more. (Editor's Note: Unbeknownst to us, the initial version we received for this download was a corrupted file. We now have the correct version of Bashmore's remix, which finds the talented producer flexing his usual bass-heavy production style. It's certainly not distorted, but will undoubtedly still get you down and dirty with its thick, rhythmic slap.) 

Average: 8 (70 votes)

Download: Foals "Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix)"

Label: Sub Pop

Given the rash of post-punk soundalikes that have littered the musical landscape over the past decade, we're certainly pretty skeptical when it comes to bands sporting angular guitar melodies, funk-influenced basslines, and dancefloor-friendly beats. Yet we do like Foals, an Oxford-based quintet that recently released its sophomore album, Total Life Forever. We also like the band's taste in remixers, as they've enlisted UK 2-step champion Deadboy to put his touch on "Spanish Sahara." Injecting the pensive song with some gently skittering percussion and some mild synth stabs, Deadboy punches up the track just enough to get our heads nodding and toes tapping. 

Average: 7.8 (42 votes)

Download: Kingdom "Pathfinder"

Label: Scion A/V

Lifted off Rob Wonder's Scion Radio 17 Host EP, No Static at All, "Pathfinder" by Brooklyn's Kingdom sounds completely sure of which route to take, especially in regards to moving dancefloors with its futuristic slant on the classic house sound. The track has about three essential parts guiding listeners through its five-and-a-half minutes. Each section boasts its own infectious, rave-friendly melodies and deep bass grooves, and never wear out their welcome. In fact, it seems the more times we listen to this jam, the more rhythmic layers of percussion and sound effects we uncover and immediately fall for. You can snag the rest of this EP, which includes tracks from Bok Bok, Kastle, and Rob Wonder himself, here. (via Pitchfork

Average: 6.9 (28 votes)

Download: Dark Sky "Night Light"

Label: Pictures

"Night Light" by London's Dark Sky—a group of three producers, two-thirds of which comes from the Boogaloo Crew—starts off completely unassuming. Quiet melodies and spacey textures percolate in the distance for a while until a smash of distorted bass synth, bouncing drum sounds, and clambering synth melodies introduce you to what "Light" is really about: hard-hitting bass music tastefully mixed with delicately constructed atmosphere and texture. Check out the rest of Dark Sky's Frames EP when it drops July 12 on Pictures. 

Average: 8.3 (68 votes)

Download: Pantha du Prince "Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)"

Between remixing Animal Collective's "Peacebone" and getting Panda Bear to lend vocals to his own "Stick to My Side," Pantha du Prince is shaping up to be the envy of AC fanboys and fangirls everywhere. After today, he might want to start watching his back, because some crazed neo-pysch fans are undoubtedly jealous that the German techno producer convinced Animal Collective to remix "Welt Am Draht," the original of which appeared on his Black Noise album. As one might expect, the AC boys crank the "tripped-the-fuck-out" knob on this one, add their own vocals to the mix, and transform the song into a floating journey that's half acid trip and half outer-space adventure. 

Average: 8.2 (28 votes)

Download: Tycho "From Home (Mux Mool Remix)"

Label: Ghostly

When Tycho dropped the wonderfully ethereal "Coastal Brake" single last year, it definitely made us want to delve deeper into the San Francisco producer's back catalog. Apparently, we weren't alone, because Ghostly has announced that they will be reissuing his 2006 album Past Is Prologue. The new version of the record includes a number of remixes, including this offering from NY's Mux Mool, who injects the dreamy "From Home" with just a touch of hip-hop slap, creating a relaxed head-nodder that's perfect for chilling out in the warm summer sun. Past Is Prologue is out now. 

Average: 8 (38 votes)

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