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Download: Faze Miyake "Dun Kno"

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London producer Faze Miyake is one of a slew of artists set to perform at Rinse FM's upcoming 20th anniversary celebration, taking place at Fabric the first weekend of September. To preview his upcoming set, Miyake (who also helms his own monthly show on Rinse) has passed along "Dun Kno," a sparse and woozy beat that fits an array of FX and atmospheric touches between a guitar-like melody. Miyake will join the likes of Todd Edwards, Visionist, and DJ Haus at Rinse FM's upcoming party, a flier for which can be seen after the jump, while more information can be found here.  Read more » 

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Download: U.S. Hard "Junk"

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Label: Blankstairs

Portland artist and musician Santiago Leyba will release his debut EP as U.S. Hard next week via hometown label Blankstairs. Serving as a preview to the three-track effort is iead track, "Junk," which unrolls an array of sharpened percussion hits atop an overdriven techno base. Said to pull from Leyba's past work in post-hardcore, noise, and drone outfits, here U.S. Hard sounds focused on avoiding recognizable patterns as he restlessly manipulates and retunes a series of percussion hits, hardly landing on a repeatable phrase while rendering a handful of cowbells an metallic hits into the track's lead elements. Dropping on August 26, the Portland producer's self-titled debut EP as U.S. Hard can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Shinamo Moki "Heliotrope"

Label: Mush

Japanese outfit Shinamo Moki this week released its You Couldn't Be More Distant EP via the Mush label. Pulled from the six-track effort is "Heliotrope," a wobbly production full of slippery melodies, hand-played acoustic instrumentation, and bits of live percussion. Throughout the course of its three-plus-minute run, "Heliotrope" can sound as if it is just about to fall of course—its array of elements loosely fitting together atop stomping kicks and snares—but its creators manage to hold everything together, resulting in a track that is, in fact, made more enticing by its natural sway. The rest of Shinamo Moki's new You Couldn't Be More Distant EP can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom "Moon to Mars (Submerse Remix)"

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Label: Cascade

Submerse has had a busy summer. Between delivering a hazy (and occasionally off-kilter) XLR8R podcast and dropping his debut LP via Project: Mooncircle last month, the UK producer has certainly left his mark on 2014. Somewhere between all that activity, Submerse found the time to rework Amin Payne's and Ben Bada Boom's "Moon to Mars," a cut from the pair's recent Collision LP for the French Cascade label, which has been handed off to several remixers for an upcoming collection. A short-but-sweet production, Submerse's contribution to the effort is expectedly dreamy, its floating chords pushed down by bulbous kicks and layers of metallic percussion hits. The full hip-hop-leaning Collision Remixed comp lands in both cassette and digital form on September 8. 

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Download: Ponty Mython "Movin' On"

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Label: Dirt Crew

The Dirt Crew label is set to celebrate 10 years of music with the forthcoming Deep Love 10 compilation. Rather than using the occasion to look back on its past successes, the imprint has elected to focus on its future, gathering a slew of exclusive new tracks from artists such as Tigerskin, Edit Murphy, and Kito Jempere for the collection. Featured here is Lithuanian producer Ponty Mython's contribution to the effort, "Movin' On." Named partly for the Brass Construction song which it briefly samples, Ponty Mython's track is a low-sung affair, one which is flushed with bluesy chords, active synth work, and doses of rapid-fire percussion. Out on August 25, the upcoming Deep Love 10 comp can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Son of Sun "Feel Like I Feel (John Daly Remix)"

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Son of Sun (pictured above) is the combined efforts of Berlin-based producer Tyson Ballard and vocalist Sheff. Together, the two recently released an EP via London's Love Fever imprint, but the pair had also worked together on Ballard's 2013 for Voyeurhythm, from which the original "Feel Like I Feel" can be found. Handed over to irish producer John Daly for remix duties, the track is taken to the more space-minded ends of soulful house here. Extending the production to a spacious eight minutes, Daly—who also has a record on the way for Love Fever—subdues the original's vocals beneath layers of bouncing keys and airy pads, which echo atop the rework's loose hats and rounded bass notes. Son of Sun's Whispers EP is out in vinyl form now (and is streaming in full after the jump), with a digital release slated to land on September 1 and an eventual remix EP featuring Soul Clap, Boris Werner, Citizen, and Adesse Versions set to land in October.  Read more » 

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Download: Troy Gunner "Swoon"

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Budding Bristol talent Troy Gunner will issue his next outing via the fledgling Electro Magnetic Fields label next month. Ahead of the simply titled EMF:005 EP's release, Gunner has sent along icy bonus cut "Swoon" to help spread the word. Here, the young producer displays a proficiency for precise craftsmanship, as every sonic detail appears meticulously sculpted. Still, "Swoon" is far from clinical, finding Gunner coyly splicing bits of refracted soul and even touches of swing (mostly thanks to a handful of chopped breaks) to the production during the course of its run. Troy Gunner's four-track EMF:005 EP is set to arrive on September 22. 

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