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  • 11/01/2012

Chrome Canyon "Memories of a Scientist (Matthewdavid Remix)"

So, we passed into the new millenium nearly 13 years ago, and we still don't have any hovercrafts. But this doesn't mean that today's music can't reminisce over our retro-futuristic daydreams. Brooklyn-based producer Morgan Z (a.k.a. Chrome Canyon) captures that forward-looking, vintage sound on his debut album for Stones Throw, the commendable Elemental Themes, a cut from which has just received the remix treatment courtesy of LA artist and Leaving Records boss Matthewdavid. "Memories of a Scientist (Matthewdavid Remix)" is a slower, sub-heavy take on the original production, boasting an array of cinematic pulsations, bright and swelling synths, pitched-down vocals, and plenty of bouncing beat work.

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