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Download: Korma "Sky Hook"

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Early next month, Seattle producer Korma will drop the four-track Skyline EP as part of Car Crash Set's Ice Rink release series. Set to close out the forthcoming effort is "Sky Hook," a bass-rooted production which comes packed with industrial percussion. Running just over four-minutes, Korma's track aligns an ever-growing series of dark machine hits with a barrage of otherworldly FX, together forming tight rhythms that wrap around the tune's steely atmosphere. Korma's Skyline EP is set to land on September 2, which is also the date his Springblade/ Chain 2.0 EP is scheduled to drop, both via the DC-based Car Crash Set imprint. 

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Download: Stryker Matthews "Sticks"

Label: Doom Dab

Stryker Matthews is a burgeoning London-based talent who is set to explore a range of bass-focused, club-music hybrids on his upcoming Shook EP, his first effort for New York's fledgling Doom Dab imprint. Ahead of the release, Matthews has passed along "Sticks," an active production which shifts through rhythmic patterns—chopped breaks, stuttering hats, and tuned snares help the track briskly glide through its three-plus-minute run, led by a sneaky flute melody and airy vocal cuts. Out next week, Matthews' Shook EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Beek "TeleKuntx (Doctor Jeep Remix)"

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Label: Knightwerk

Based in Southern California, the fledgling Knightwerk label will drop its next release on August 19 in the form of the TeleKuntx single from Stateside talent BEEK. Ahead of the digital record's release, the label has passed along Doctor Jeep's take on the track, which finds the NYC-based producer keeping things lively with rolling snares and a smattering of FX stabs and chopped vocals. But its really the bassline here that deserves the credit as it slinks around the remix's percussive rhythms in a restless fashion, occasionally joined by a handful of perfectly syncopated synth counterparts which slide around in the upper octaves. 

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Download: Koloto "Mechanica (Dot Remix)"

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In its original form, Koloto's "Mechanica" (the title track from her recent EP) takes shape as a dramatic, textural beat flushed with ascending bell melodies. In the hands of LA producer and Alpha Pup affiliate Dot, the tune is infused with a new low-end bounce, its tuned kicks and snapping snares serving as the dividers with which flashes of Koloto's original melodic bursts are allowed to appear. Having already seen a digital release via Bandcamp, Koloto's Mechanica EP is set to see a more proper release via Stateside label Abandon Building next month, when it will be joined by Dot's remix featured here, as well as others from Set In Sand, Sun Glitters, and Clozee. 

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Download: Keepsakes "Galso in Camo"

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Label: Sequel One

We first heard from Aukland, New Zealand-based producer Keepsakes in spring of 2013, when the artist had crafted five strong-armed bass hybrids for the Night Echoes EP, released via Polish label Sequel One. Now, Keepsakes is set to return to the label next month with the Stygian Concrete Works EP, another five-track affair that finds the man building sturdy bass constructions, but with his aims now shifted more towards the techno side of the spectrum. With "Galso in Camo" serving as our first taste, the shift appears to suit Keepsakes well—across a chugging five minutes, the track splices burnt synth stabs atop forceful thuds and, which push the production closer to the edge at a fearlessly brooding pace. Keepsakes' Stygian Concrete Works EP will see its official release on September 13.  Read more » 

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Download: Boyfriend "Fears (DJ Ayres Remix)"

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Label: T&A

This week saw Lithuanian producer Boyfriend issue his Fears EP via Brooklyn label T&A. Closing out the three-track effort is this remix from NYC producer DJ Ayers, who reshapes the originally driving affair into more refined form. Still focusing on the same progression as Boyfriend had on his own version, DJ Ayers' rework laces "Fears" with a slight skip and extra layers of dense, dramatic strings and engrossing pads. The resulting version of the track is surely more subdued than the original, but still no less appropriate for the dancefloor. 

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Download: Curses "Shadows Rising"

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Taking a fair amount of inspiration from climatic '80s soundtrack themes, "Shadows Rising" is set to close out the forthcoming Heartbeat EP from Curses, an alias of NYC producer Luca Venezia (perhaps better known as Drop the Lime). Following closely behind his recent outing for Throne of Blood, Curses will next land on Brooklyn's fledgling Safer at Night imprint, and while the upcoming EP's other two tracks are more of what we'd expect from Venezia—dark, vintage-striped house numbers—"Shadows Rising" appears set to serve as an interesting note to end the record on. Aside from its simple hat pattern and occasional bits of extra percussion, "Shadows Rising" is a synth-streaked ambient composition, one led by a thick melodic refrain and kept buoyant by an undulating analog bass sequence. Curses' full Heartbeat EP will see a release on August 19. 

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