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Download: ToToro "Cats Eggs"

Label: Push & Run

Aside from sporting an obvious affinity for Hayao Miyazaki's film of the same name, ToToro has little information available online. Featured here, the producer's oddly titled "Cats Eggs" tune starts off small, but doesn't take long to accumulate its massive arsenal of sound. A low-muttering vocal pattern eventually turns into an ecstatic explosion of deft synth sequences which exude nothing but concentrated bliss. ToToro's elated melody is one of many on Tings In Boots 3, a compilation of brand-new tracks put together by London label Push & Run. featuring the likes of Blacksmif, EAN, Tyde, and several others. The whole thing is available to stream and download for free after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: The Wolf "Mr. Invisible (James Welsh Remix)"

Having just dropped his "The Wolf's Hour" 12" via the newly founded Silver Bear label, The Wolf has sent over a remix from that record by Hypercolor affiliate James Welsh. Removing most of the growling vocals from the original track, Welsh's soothing house production brings droning loops to the forefront, creating a sense of mind-numbing euphoria. "Mr. Invisible (James Welsh Remix)" progresses across a wide range of chromatic synth-scapes, which helps make it a track perfect for keeping on repeat. 

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Download: TWR72 "Mode"

First Listen

Amsterdam pair TWR72 has been quietly ascending in the techno realm for a few years now, with a pair of releases for Turbo to its name (including an innovative DJ tool made up of 72 locked grooves) and, most recently, working with LA techno fiend Truncate to deliver a tune on Sound Pellegrino's recent collaborative compilation. Having worked together since their teens, the two producers are still formulating their exact plans for the rest of the year, but have nonetheless sent over a telling freebie. Built with a sturdy rhythmic framework and a simple oscillating pattern, "Mode" is a fine example of the stripped-back, tracky, but undeniably effective brand of techno that TWR72 plans to deliver more of in the months to come.  

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Download: Drew Gragg "Metroplex Theme"

With an academic background in electroacoustic composition, jazz guitar, and orchestral composition, Montreal-based musician Drew Gragg and his recently released Over-Under EP are an exceptional fit for for Nicolas Jaar's Other People label. From that record, "Metroplex Theme" is a minimal trek through colorful, reverb-heavy synths and muffled percussion. The drum patterns are eventually taken out of the last stretch of Gragg's composition, as it's left to concentrate on the voluminous and somewhat somber sonics of the ambient keystrokes present throughout the piece. The rest of the up-and-coming Canadian artist's Over-Under EP can be streamed in its entirety after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Split Secs "I Stand Alone (Mike Simonetti Mix)"

First Listen

Italians Do It Better label boss Mike Simonetti is one of four remixers who appear on the I Stand Alone EP by LA DJ/production duo Split Secs (pictured above). Along with Monty Luke, Secret Circuit, and Blakkat, the New Jersey-based veteran artist delivers his own deep, dark, and motorik version of the record's title track—diving straight into stripped-down drum-machine rhythms and bouncing basslines, and even indulging in a bit of the original version's kitschy, spoken-word lyrics. "I Stand Alone (Mike Simonetti Mix)" is available with the rest of Split Sec's record on vinyl, with the digital release arriving on April 14 via Machine Limited; clips of the EP's five productions can be heard after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Brash Flair "Your Line"

Label: Sidedown

Chicago-based duo Brash Flair (a.k.a. Kristin Johnston and Joshua Wentz) recently released its second EP of the year, appropriately entitled Two, via the Sidedown label. Pulled from the EP, the dynamic pair have passed along the sophisticatedly intricate cut "Your Line," a sonic mosaic embellished with stuttering synths and lusty percussion, all filtered through a gritty sheen of lo-fi texture. The tune is further accented by Johnston's satiny vocals which lightly percolate throughout the course of "Your Line."  

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Download: Dustin Zahn "Insatiable Hunger (Reprise)"

First Listen

Minneapolis-raised producer Dustin Zahn is said to have spent the last four years working on Monoliths, the man's debut full-length which appeared via Drumcode just last week. Appearing late in the forceful, 12-track affair, Zahn's "Insatiable Hunger" production has been revisited for this efficient "Reprise" version of the tune. Placing razor-sharp synths and metallic textures atop a chugging rhythmic core, "Insatiable Hunger (Reprise)" is a no-bullshit piece of techno that only reluctantly cools off in its closing few bars. After giving Zahn's "Reprise" a spin below, the producer's entire debut full-length can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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