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Download: Ghislain Poirier "La Ronde"

Our man Ghislain Poirier just pounded out another bass-heavy treat. Incorporating the energy of dancehall with the heaviness of dubstep, Poirier has mapped out the new instrumental hip-hop blueprint. This frenchman is, without a doubt, a subsonic architect. 

Average: 6.8 (18 votes)

Download: Printer "Allright"

Using heavily layered synth chords, IDM drums, and soft, ethereal vocals, Printer's four members ensure that "Allright" sidesteps a downtempo pigeonhole and continues the band's endeavors to unearth the experimental sides of rock. 

Average: 7.7 (23 votes)

Download: Datarock "Fa Fa Fa"

Label: Nettwerk

Taken from the EP of the same name, Datarock’s latest single is the best thing to happen to disco since The Rapture's "House Of Jealous Lovers." These Norwegian kings of the dancefloor must have been born with a 4/4 chip implanted in their brains. 

Average: 7 (20 votes)

Download: Dnae Beats "Ganjamon feat. Azeem"

Straight from B-Boy central comes Dnae Beats. After producing tracks for Gift Of Gab, Pigeon John, and San Quinn this San Francisco-based hip-hop head has bestowed "Ganjamon" to the world. Fans of grass and soulful underground beats now have an anthem.  

Average: 6.8 (13 votes)

Download: Justice "D.A.N.C.E."

Label: Vice

There's no disputing that "D.A.N.C.E." is 2007's quintessential club banger. Taken from the salivated-over debut full-length , "D.A.N.C.E." is proof that Justice isn't another scrappy, distant Daft Punk cousin. 

Average: 7.7 (28 votes)

Download: Worthy "Irst_Te (Christian Martin Remix)"

Label: dirtybird

"Irst_Te" is more of the heavy-hitting space-tech that dirtybird keeps spouting. With Christian Martin (one-half of the Martin brothers) summoning the drum & bass demons, Worthy's single could easily make a shuttle to space an instantaneous rager. For more rage-ready tunes, check out the exclusive dirtybird mix just added to the XLR8R Podcast

Average: 7.4 (14 votes)

Download: Escort "All That She Is"

Label: Escort

The 15-member, disco-centric outfit from Brooklyn is a boogie fanatic's dream. "All That She Is" makes for a spacey, slow-burning return to the heyday of cosmic fever, and any group that can turn out live violin leads, layered synths, and harmonic vocals with such finesse will win over any club. 


Average: 7.3 (21 votes)

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