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Download: beGun "Mumbai"

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Hailing from the increasingly fertile city of Barcelona, budding producer beGun has spent the past 12 months sharing songs inspired, in one way or another, by specific locations around the globe. "Mumbai" is the latest such effort, a cascading electronic hybrid which sews together bowed strings, flowing pads, melodic vocal chops, and a bevy of real-world percussion. Stretched across some more traditional bits of skittering drum programming, "Mumbai" is rich with melody and movement, serving as another ambitious example of the kind of productions we can expect from beGun's debut LP, expected to drop in the closing months of 2014. 

Average: 8.7 (94 votes)

Download: Fran Seven "Son"

Label: Atomnation

"Son" comes to us from Fran Seven's recent Ripples in Time EP, a five-track effort which dropped via Applescal's Atomnation imprint last week. Serving as the record's second cut, "Son" is a dense, midtempo effort which employs sharp drum programming and thick layers of intertwining synth work. Spanning just over four minutes, the track finds the Dutch artist patiently revealing new dimensions to his production, as subtle melodic lines and textured percussion are allowed to gently rise to surface. Out now, Fran Seven's full Ripples in Time EP can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.2 (52 votes)

Download: Fina Fisken "Save the Day (Cherushii Remix)"

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San Francisco producer Cherushii (pictured above) has been enlisted to rework "Save the Day," the lead single from Fina Fisken's upcoming release for the freshly launched Strange Paradise label. Extending the track to a spacious eight-plus minutes, Cherushii—who issued her own Queen of Cups EP via 100% Silk late last year—runs Fisken's original through a lattice of hardware, opening up the track's glacial textures while digging deeper into its four-on-the-floor rhythms, adding layers of jacking hats and reverb-washed hits to the dreamy procession. 

Average: 8 (68 votes)

Download: We Cut Corners "Blue (Magical Mistakes Remix)"

First Listen

The pairing of Osaka, Japan transplant Magical Mistakes (pictured above) and Irish indie-rock duo We Cut Corners may seem an odd one, but nothing sounds out of order on the former's remix of "Blue," a cut taken from the group's recent Think Nothing LP for Delphi. On it, Magical Mistakes pushes the original track's squelching vocals beneath thick layers of hiss, which are constantly cut by the remix's intricately evolving percussion patterns. This rework comes not only the heels of We Cut Corners's new LP, but also Magical Mistakes' latest outing, the [Decompose / Reassemble] EP, which is out now via King Deluxe and can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.3 (50 votes)

Download: 2ndSun "You Don't Make Proper Sounds"

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Label: Black Butter

UK duo 2ndSun (who dropped off a free bonus cut from its latest EP last month) is one of 11 outfits set to contribute new productions to Spread Love Vol. 4, the forthcoming compilation from the Black Butter label. Appearing alongside cuts from GoldFFinch, Rain City Riot, BNRY, and others, 2ndSun's "You Don't Make Proper Sounds" is a floor-focused piece of synth-fueled house. Rhythmically sturdy, the track laces its run with chopped synth FX, a tweaked bassline, and rapid-fire vocal samples, which move around 2ndSun's syncopated snares and toms with a careful exactness. Black Butter's Spread Love Vol. 4 will see its official release in digital form on July 14; in the meantime, the upcoming compilation can be previewed here

Average: 7.6 (60 votes)

Download: Los Mekanikos "Tacha Tacha (Sanfuentes 110% Remix)"

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Label: Sanfuentes

Mexico City-based producers Max Jones and Eddie Mercury (a.k.a. Los Mekanikos) today release their Tacha Tacha EP via Sanfuentes, the eponymous imprint of LA-based Chilean producer and Cómeme label co-founder Vicente Sanfuentes. Here, we have the label head's own remix for the four-track effort, an unremitting rework which focuses on stripped-back rhythms and charging synths. Driving from its opening moments, Sanfuentes' six-plus-minute remix builds in steady steps, gradually adding doses of space-age percussion while teasing out resonant tweaks from its analog synth lines, all of which is eventually joined by the vocal chants which give the efficient track its name.  

Average: 7.8 (70 votes)

Download: Kid Astray "Taking You With Me (Alizzz Remix)"

First Listen

In its original form, Kid Astray's (pictured above) "Taking You With Me," is an easygoing slice of pop, one indebted to the likes of M83 and similar outfits whose efforts lean towards the more glowing ends of the electronic spectrum. On his remix of the track, Barcelona producer Alizzz turns the song (taken from Kid Astray's recent EP of the same title for Cosmos) into a more hyperactive affair, squeezing a number of skittering drum patterns and neon-striped synths between the Olso outfit's expansive guitars and thickly layered vocals. With hardly a lull to speak of, Alizzz's remix moves through ideas at a head-spinning pace, providing an energetic rework to accompany Kid Astray's summery original. 

Average: 8.6 (139 votes)

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