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Download: Apollo Brown "Hungry (feat. Rapper Big Pooh and Black Milk)"

Label: Mello

Long-time Detroit hip-hop producer Apollo Brown (pictured above) shared the latest single from his recently released sophomore album, The Reset. The record features loads of collaborations with a lengthy list of talented MCs, and here we have "Hungry" with wordsmiths Black Milk and Little Brother's Rapper Big Pooh taking the mic. Through Brown's bright and soulful beat work, the dual vocal attack assails the topic of—what else?—being awesome. Between each verse littered with organ stabs and snare cracks, Black Milk repeats ad infinitum, "I can't sleep, I'm on the grind, I'm hungry"—reminding us exactly what it takes to break through the ever-growing rap scene: ambition and persistence. 

Average: 6.5 (26 votes)

Download: HEALTH "Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)"

It seems like we've been inundated with material from the forthcoming second HEALTH remix album, DISCO2, and we can't say we're upset about it. There was the announcement of the whole thing, the digitally distorted take on "Eat Flesh" from Crystal Castles, the one original track on the release, "USA Boys," and now this bit from Black Moth Super Rainbow front-guy Tobacco (pictured above). The remix is precisely what you'd expect from the pairing: stripped-down hip-hop beats, spacey analog synth melodies, and HEALTH's ethereal vocal track lilting above everything. The sounds feel so naturally paired, maybe the two acts should consider forming a supergroup. 

Average: 7.9 (35 votes)

Download: Shlohmo "Spoons (Shigeto Remix)"

First Listen

Much like the cover for the record this track is taken from, Shlohmo's (pictured above) forthcoming Camping EP, Shigeto's remix is a colorful cut-and-paste affair. However, unlike the EP's artwork, its serrated edges are smoothed to a fine sheen and made to fit together like a seamless puzzle of intricate beat music. The fresh-faced Ghostly artist snagged the lo-fi bass-synth rumbles and warbled rhythmic noises from Shlomoshun Deluxe track "Spoons," and adorned those original sounds with his style of preciously crafted micro-sample beats and atmosphere. Aside from loving the song, it makes us even more excited to hear Shlohmo's latest originals alongside new remixes from LA beat kids Baths and Asura when the Camping EP is released on June 15. 

Average: 8.4 (64 votes)

Download: Tiefschwarz "Home feat. Daniel Wilde"

Label: Souvenir

The siblings and production team of Tiefschwarz recently unveiled Chocolate, another record full of the club-friendly, melodic house music the duo is known for. (Want proof? Check out the streaming preview we posted a couple weeks ago.) "Home" is a surprise, though, if only because its pop sensibilities are laid so bare: Daniel Wilde's croons are placed front-and-center, intoning over sleek, mid-tempo synthetic house that recalls recent efforts from fellow countrymen Booka Shade. Though little squigglings and samples come in here and there, the track moves along in this way for its entirety, perhaps suggesting that the Schwarz brothers are moving towards a more rounded, 'pop' sound? Maybe we'll find out on More Chocolate, a follow-up record to be released later this month. 

Average: 7.3 (55 votes)

Download: Soft Crest "Perfect Sound"

Yesterday, Northern California wavegaze (yeah, you heard it here first) quartet Soft Crest premiered its latest EP, a two-song single paired with six remixes called Perfect Sound, offering the release for free download to any and all interested parties. The remixes are far more electronic-leaning than the original, but "Perfect Sound" is a wonderful song on its own. Warmed guitar tones put down the initial layer of undulating melody, which is quickly paired with a muffled live drum beat and reverb-soaked falsetto croon from frontman Paul Harper. It all eventually explodes into a flourish of delicately layered, slow-moving psychedelic pop ripe to be paired with any number of indie music's favorite genre titles. Download Soft Crest's Perfect Sound EP here

Average: 7.5 (20 votes)

Download: Comfort Fit "Cable Vamp"

From German beat enthusiast Comfort Fit comes this track of intergalactic noise wizardry and rumbling bass timbres. "Cable Vamp" comes off a forthcoming single to be released by the cross-continental Error Broadcast label, which also features a remix from the much-talked-about Shlohmo on its limited vinyl release and one from Dibiase on the digital version. As far as the song itself, the track has a somewhat "old-school" vibe to it, like it could have soundtracked a chance scene in Pi—a style put forth by spacey sound effects and live drum sampling that both harken back to Warp's earlier days. 

Average: 8.3 (78 votes)

Download: The Death Set "Far Weathered Friends (Daedelus Cover)"

First Listen

The video for this track—a cover of Daedelus' "Fair Weather Friends" by young East Coast punk trio The Death Set—just premiered on our site, over here. The song is a buzzing, distorted mess of proto-punk sensibilities made to fit contemporary electronics and dance beats; it's noisy, it's fun, it's catchy, and above all, it's utterly sincere. You may be fighting the urge to cringe at the onset of the songs first half, but by the end of the two-minute-plus track, you'll be singing along to its "woooooahs" and "ooooohs" like you were back in high school at your first show ever. The Death Set is currently hard at work on its second album with producer XXXchange, to be released later this fall. 

Average: 7 (21 votes)

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