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  • 03/01/2013

Kryptic Minds "Varia"

Coming from a handle like Kryptic Minds, one is likely to expect productions that are dark and maybe even a bit sinister. Fortunately, the pair of UK veterans operating under that namesake has been delivering just that for over a decade now, and is set to add another batch of such tunes to its run on the forthcoming—okay, bit of a curveball here—Namaste EP, out March 25 via the Osiris label. "Varia" is a non-EP track, but it nonetheless showcases Kryptic Minds' prowess within the realm of cavernous textures, which come here enhanced by understated percussion patterns and the type of swallowing low end that only those who were around during dubstep's original heyday seem to be able to conjure up anymore.

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