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  • 03/26/2013

Stormfield "Collapsing System (Nonima Remix)"

Combat label head Stormfield turns over the reigns to Scottish producer and fellow Combat Clan member Nonima on this remix of "Collapsing System." It's a dense, almost cinematic take that lands on the more menacing side of techno. Still, Nonima isn't one to show all of his hand at once, as the track intentionally holds back at the outset, letting a syncopated, mechanical groove ping-pong its way around the room before bringing the synths out to play one by one. It's a remix that just doesn't seem to stop building, even when Nonima wisely guts the beat in the second half, letting the riffs that anchored the tune early on slowly evaporate into sheets of electric noise. The Collapsing System EP is out today on Combat, with—strangely enough—the original take of "Collapsing System" available solely on the digital release.

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