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  • 03/18/2013

Conrank "Live Die Fast Young (feat. Grace Cai)"

The fact that Shanghai-via-UK producer Conrank ended up on Berlin-based label Robox Neotech is no accident. Eschewing the strong-armed techno and house sounds that many associate with the German capital city, the imprint instead favors providing producers from across the globe with a home for their own take on UK-style bass and downtempo production. In that spirit, Conrank fits the label's roster like a glove, crafting warm, low-end-focused tunes that have more in common with the lush textures of acts like Ta-Ku or Flume than anything one is likely to hear at Berghain. "Live Die Fast Young" is a fine example of such—it's a chilled piece of digital funk, built on splashes of warm keyboards while guest vocalist Grace Cai's various moans and "yeah"s are used to great effect.

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