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  • 03/07/2013

Baconhead "Lords of Death"

Brighton-based duo Baconhead isn't an act that stays focused on one vibe for too long. The pair's work tends to swing between sludgy analog funk and deceptively by-the-numbers trip-hop, with a few mood swings along the way. (The latter was showcased impressively last month on Baconhead's remix of Donso.) Here, the duo is free of remix duty, but continues to experiment with trip-hop, letting loose on "Lords of Death." The track finds the producers showing off a playful sense of humor while glitched-out lullabies and clashing sub-bass tagging in and out of the mix. "Lords of Death" is taken from Baconhead's second release on Eat Concrete, entitled Hawaii (artwork above). The EP is due March 8, with pre-orders available here.

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