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Download: Jincallo "Squares n' Circles"

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Label: Alpha Pup

Set to release his upcoming Do You Mind LP via Alpha Pup on May 13, LA-based producer Jincallo has offered up breezy album cut "Squares n' Circles." Featuring the talents of LA "funk guitarist" Dreadfro, "Squares n' Circles" gracefully grooves across lush guitar textures, gentle synth melodies, and a rugged hip-hop beat. The track meshes together a broad range of subtle, yet uplifting sounds, encouraging an irrefutable sense of content as the piece moves along its tranquilizing course. 

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Download: Adolescent "K-TV"

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Opening with a playful chain of bright bleeps, Adolescent's (a.k.a. Alex Parish) "K-TV" goes across several movements, slowly emerging into a beautiful cascade of synth patterns and glassy piano breaks throughout its versatile course. Taken off of his upcoming Golden Halls EP—on which each track is said to "directly correlate to a specific photograph" the producer has taken—"K-TV" bears a distinctly picturesque quality, one which is carried out by its ever-changing, dynamic landscape of romantic tones. Adolescent's debut Golden Halls EP is set to drop on May 12 via KLDSCP. 

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Download: Sleepyhead "All Alone"

Having shared a download of the titular production off of his recently released Untitled EP for ASL Singles Club, Brooklyn-based resident of the monthly Broke City event series, Sleepyhead returns to XLR8R with the house jam, "All Alone." Said to have been first crafted over two years ago only to see a release now, the dark-toned "All Alone" is a worthy addition to Sleepyhead's repertoire of recent releases. Packing his track with ghostly vocal snippets and radiant blips, Sleepyhead's spectral production is as brisk and spirited as it is haunting.  

Average: 8.3 (53 votes)

Download: El Remolón "Nocturno"

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Label: ZZK

Bueno Aires producer El Remolón has long been associated with the experimental side of the digital cumbia scene. On Selva—his new LP on ZZK, out today—he pushes himself further, this time exploring a whole range of sounds with the help of a considerable roster of guests pulled from the emerging alt-latino scene. “Nocturno” is the album's teaser track, and it shows off a warmer side to El Remolón's work that blends an insistent triplet shake with tricky Fender Rhodes playing and a chunky synthesized bassline. Put together, its four minutes offer an excellent soundtrack to a sun-soaked day (or simply a reminder that such days are possible). 

Average: 8.4 (32 votes)

Download: C L N K "Fuck Hype"

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Opening with a wry synth pattern and a pulsing four-on-the-floor beat, C L N K's dire track "Fuck Hype"—taken off his forthcoming ANTI EP—is a suspenseful jaunt across low-growling static and shrill stabs of orchestral strings. C L N K forges a relentless assault of ominous sounds here, yet still finds space for miniscule traces of ambient sonics by way of extended synth pads which fill out the production's sweeping palette of tones. The rest of C L N K's "mutant dance music" tracks set to appear on ANTI can be heard when the EP drops on May 12 via Error Broadcast. 

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Download: Marley Carroll "First Thought, Best Thought (Little People Remix)"

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Pulled from his recent self-released Sings LP, Asheville, NC producer Marley Carroll's "First Thought, Best Thought" has recieved a remix treatment. Featured here, the rework from London producer Little People bears very minor differences to Carroll's original, with a methodically bouncing, but even-tempered, bass remaining at the core. From there, Little People introduces an array of sparkling beeps and bells which are used to encircle the track's hollow synth blares and whispered vocal snippets. In addition to offering this remix, Marley Carroll is set to embark on a series of North American tour dates lasting from April through to September, the details for which can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Rough Fields "High Time"

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Label: Bomb Shop

Armed with a diverse range of both organic and inorganic textures, Rough Fields (a.k.a. James Birchall), crafts a warm, voluminous sound on the title track for his forthcoming High Time EP. Here, shimmering guitar riffs emerge alongside a thumping bassline, with subdued vocal bits sparsely strewn throughout the soothing mix. Rough Fields' full set of smooth-flowing compositions for High Time can be heard when the EP drops on April 28, with cassette and MP3 formats available for pre-order here

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