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  • 04/12/2013

Vin Sol "Edges of a Vortex"

Today, we have West Coast DJ/producer Vin Sol's new single for the unstoppable Unknown to the Unknown label, "Edges of a Vortex." The undeniably energetic tune takes no time launching into a blast of spastic bird chirps and a four-to-the-floor stomp. Perhaps inspired by those songbirds, Vin Sol introduces an incessant one-note melody into his dancefloor tune, allowing it to glide along with the track's wild percussion and zig-zagging bassline. It's been a big week for Vin Sol, as he not only released a new solo record, but also the digital package of a collaborative EP with XLR8R columnist Nick Hook and Matrixxman, the "straight-to-the-dancefloor ghetto house and techno" sounds of I Can Feel It, which can be streamed here.

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