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Download: Howie B Vs. Casino Royale "Royale Sound (Ramadanman Refix)"

Label: Fabric

The release plans for

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Download: Black Milk "Give The Drummer Sum"

Label: Fat Beats

Having already announced the release of his third solo full-length, TRONIC, MC and producer Black Milk is now giving us a taste of what's actually on the album. The 25-year old Detroit artist has hinted at the fact that he eschewed his usual sample-heavy sound this time around, opting instead to explore live instrumentation via an army of vintage and modern synths. He's also added some live horns and drumming to this song, and the overall effect is rather something grander than your average hip-hop track. 


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Download: Boac & Dnae Beats "I Need Money"

S.F.-based imprint Machete Vox, who recently released its first compilation, Sneak Preview, is offering up another slice of Bay-centric rap for your heads to nod to. "I Need Money" features Boac on mic duty, voicing concerns over a topic that most Bay Area residents can likely relate to (needing money), backed by some funky boom-bap provided by the ever-prolific Dnae Beats. Dig up your best pair of pants, load this into the iPod, and bump nonstop on your way to your next job interview. 


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Download: The Sight Below "With Her Kiss (I'd Pass The Sky)"

The music of The Sight Below summons foggy dreams and dreary evenings, reminiscent of the Seattle-based artist's stomping grounds of the lush Pacific Northwest. In "With Her Kiss (I'd Pass The Sky)," distant foghorns sail over saturated ambiance and subdued electronic beats, delivering a sound that embraces the fanatical tone of shoegaze and a desolate, yet buoyant minimal techno momentum. The Sight Below will team up with labelmates Tycho, Deru, and Lusine as they take over The Baltic Room in Seattle for the Ghostly International Label Showcase at Decibel Festival on Saturday, September 27. In the live context, Sight Below runs E-bowed, slide, and lightly picked guitars through a series of loopers, 12-bit reverb boxes, and delay units creating sonicly deep, doleful techno quintessential for a wet winter's night. The Sight Below will be appearing live in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland in November - dates TBA. His No Place For Us EP is available for free download through Ghostly's website.  

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Download: Jimmy Edgar "Nothing is Better"

Label: Moodgadget

Jimmy Edgar is one of those artists you imagine doesn't like to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. Besides fashioning dark, driving electronic music under his own name, he also heads up house- and funk-influenced project Her Bad Habit, serves as executive producer for X District, and is rumored to be one-half of electro duo Plus Device. Add to that his work as a fashion photographer (and the fact that he looks hotter in eyeliner than most women), and, well, it all makes him the type of guy you'd like to sit down and have a coffee with. His latest project finds the Detroit native once again working with brooding beats and unsettling rhythms that hint at something sinister waiting just around the corner (or in the case of the track's video, something sensual). Fans of this one should also check the flipside, a remix by Hefty Records founder John Hughes. The single will be offered as a donation-only release this month, free to download, with 100% of the proceeds going back to the artist. A digital copy will be available via retailers in November. Photo by Timothy Saccenti & Mal Torrance


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Download: D-Sisive "Like This (Feat. Guilty Simpson and DJ Grouch)"


“Like This (feat. Guilty Simpson and DJ Grouch)” is laced with Grouch’s skillful scratching and some familiar cuts of whining Wurlitzer that hearkens back to the mid-'90s, when Derek Christoff (a.k.a. D-Sisive) was only 15 but already breaking into his hometown Toronto’s freestyle battle scene. D-Sisive and Detroit-based rapper Guilty Simpson take turns laying down witty observations of their dark scene, with laidback delivery to match the accompanying beat. Ready yourself for the Sept. 23 release of D-Sisive’s EP Like This (plus three) with this sneak preview of the album’s title track. Lulu McAllister 


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Download: Big Gipp "Hot (Treasure Fingers Remix)"

Label: Scion A/V

Parking itself in the center of the up-and-coming art scene, Scion continues to release diggable collaborative and remixed albums that you can pick up at any Scion-sponsored event. On Sept. 23, grab a copy of the Big Gipp record, which includes remixes by Klever, Rob Wonder, and Treasure Fingers. Big Gipp is an Atlanta-born rapper and member of the Goodie Mob. On this “hot” track off his Scion album, Treasure Fingers has placed the sassy crooning backup singers and Big Gipp’s grimy rhythmic vocal delivery against distant maniacal laughter, shrill synths, and a funky bassline. Lulu McAllister 


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