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Download: Jasia 10 "Mindblowin"

Label: Old Tacoma

Working out of Tacoma, Washington, Jasia 10 caught the attention of producer Eliot Lipp and is now signed to his Old Tacoma Records imprint (which is actually brand new and based out of New York). "Mindblowin" comes off Way Payers Vol. 1, the first in a new compilation series from the label that's an all-out buffet of different producers' beat styles. Funk and soul inform the instrumental hip-hop rhythms here, with warm pianos and MPC melodies finishing things off. Suffice to say, the track calls to mind Lipp's trademark wobble-hop sound, so it looks like Jasia 10 has found an apt home at Old Tacoma. 

Average: 8.2 (206 votes)

Download: eLZhi "Talkin In My Sleep"

Label: Fat Beats

Next up off Slum Village member and Detroit veteran eLZhi's debut solo album, The Preface is this sleepy, reverb-drenched number that sees production work from Black Milk. The overall message of the track seems to be about living with dreams and nightmares, and it's easy to picture eLZhi suffering from a severe bout of insomnia here, wandering up some deserted Motor City street in the truly wee hours of the morning. It's a contrast to the colorfully robust production on this number, but then, anyone longtime player in the Detroit hip-hop pack is bound to be adept in many musical moods. Photo by Jeremy Deputat. 

Average: 7.6 (43 votes)

Download: Pattern is Movement "Sound Of Your Voice (CYNE Remix)"

Label: Hometapes

Cultivating Your New Experience, or CYNE


Average: 7.9 (33 votes)

Download: Wiley and Beenie Man "Rolex It Up (The Heatwave Remix)"

Any fan of grime, electro, and all genres Read more » 


Average: 7.7 (29 votes)

Download: Land of Talk "Corner Phone"

Don't be deceived by the pastoral, peaceful-looking press photo above. Land of Talk is dark, kind of angry, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It seems Saddle Creek and the band couldn't wait until October 7 for the physical release of Some Are Lakes, so they dropped the whole thing digitally on iTunes this week. They also leaked this track, off the new album, out to the blogosphere, so fans can get an early taste of the Montreal-based band's energetic, guitar heavy sound. 

Average: 7.7 (35 votes)

Download: The Juan MacLean "Find a Way"

Label: DFA

It's still a bit of a wait for The Juan MacLean's forthcoming full-length, The Future Will Come, which is due out in early 2009. Never fear though, there are still plenty of offerings from the band in the meantime. Besides a tour and a new single, "The Simple Life," set for release on September 16, Juan and Co have also leaked this track off the new album. As danceable as any of the band's other numbers, this one features echoing vocal choruses and hypnotic piano chords that sort of induce a trance-like state. 

Average: 7 (21 votes)

Download: Howie B vs. Casino Royale "Not in the Face"

As a long-standing figure of the U.K. electronic music world, Howie B, has worked with Bjork, Tricky, U2, Brian Eno, Sinead O’Connor and Goldie, among others. Now he’s teamed up with five-piece Italian favorite, Casino Royale. “Plastico Mistico” is off of Not in the Face, Howie B’s re-imagining of the band’s 2006 release, Reale. In the song’s intro, demented descending notes repeat, giving way to quirky glimpses of accented screech guitar on top of a simple bass line and a hollowed-out snare. A lonely sax breathes in unexpectedly over the stark percussion backbone of this rolling funky layered dub melody. Lulu McAllister 


Average: 7.6 (23 votes)

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