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Download: Dub Gabriel "Chasing the Paper feat. Jah Dan"

Dub Gabriel has returned, and he's brought a boatload of artists with him this time. The forthcoming Anarchy & Alchemy, due out September 11, sees everyone from Michael Stipe to Dr. Israel making a guest appearance. The result of all this collaboration is a dancehall-meets-breaks-meets-hip-hop fest, with all sounds held firmly in place by heavy, rumbling basslines. "Chasing the Paper" features Brooklyn-based MC Jah Dan. 


Average: 7.8 (103 votes)

Download: The Pharcyde "Passin' By Me (Hot Chip Remix)"

The last time we heard from The Pharcyde, they were being remixed by Echo Park's Philippians. Now, the hip-hop powerhouse gets a reworking by Hot Chip, for "Passin' Me By." The track is one of the many on Delicious Vinyl's recently released RMXXOLOGY compilation, which pairs contemporary dance artists with timeless hip-hop names. Here, the Britain-based five-piece outfit adds some dreamy synths, choruses, and organs to the original cut. 


Average: 6.2 (29 votes)

Download: Don Rimini "Nervous Breakdown"

Synths, snares, and computer-generated mayhem. Such is the music on Don Rimini's Kick'n Run EP. The Paris-based producer's work has been labeled everything from "an education in the ghetto clubs" to "gutter rave at its best," and drawn the attention of Aaron LaCrate and Delicious Vinyl founder Rick Ross. "Nervous Breakdown" features screaming synths and jittery drum programming, and could quite possibly induce the state its name suggests. Photo by Bastien Lattanzi. 


Average: 7.4 (15 votes)

Download: Opio "To The People"

"To the People" marks the latest track from Opio's sophomore solo album, Vulture's Wisdom Volume 1. And while many members of the esteemed Hiero Impreium crew have, admirably, played with and changed their signature sound over the years, Opio's music much of what he recorded 15 years ago–in the best possible way. The golden era of hip-hop still informs his work, and the entire new album is a tribute to the art form. Lyrics-wise, the MC covers a range of topics familiar to his body of music, from politics to Clear Channel to mediocre MCs. Props for the Brian Austin Green mention in this track. 


Average: 6.3 (12 votes)

Download: Planet F.L.O. "Dem Boyz Go"

Label: My M.O.

Pop-hop time. Rapper and Cali Agents member Planet Asia has teamed up with his longtime friend F.L.O. for this track, where the two spit rhymes back and forth while heavy rhythms and layered synths pound in the background. Planet Asia has often been associated with Golden Era hip-hop, and the old-school flavors show through here, darting between past and future the entire way.  

Average: 5.4 (34 votes)

Download: Truckasauras "Fak!!!"

Another one from the three-man machine known as Truckasauras. This Seattle, WA-based group is known for its vintage musical gear, influences that range from Aphex Twin to 2 Live Crew, and love of hacking Gameboys, and their album, Tea Parties, Guns, and Valor, is as quirky as the bandmembers themselves. The release features 9 original cuts, as well as remixes by the likes of Copy, DJ Collage, and Jerry Abstract, and if we must find a genre to wrestle this track into, we'd have to settle for loopy electro-hop with a hypnotic aura. 


Average: 7.8 (113 votes)

Download: Triclops! "Lovesong for the Botfly"

The SF Weekly calls these guys the best live act in the Bay Area, a statement we'll be able to put to the test this month, when Triclops! heads out on tour. In the meantime, enjoy the acid-drenched psych-noise from the band in the form of this track, off the S.F.-based band's debut album, Out of Africa. Let the thrashing begin. 

Average: 7.4 (19 votes)

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