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  • 06/10/2013

Ranacat "The Real Milton Flow"

There's a tight sense of control and restraint that hovers like a drone over London-via-Argentina DJ/producer and Sneaky Music co-founder Pablo Ranacat's Love is Superfood EP (out now via Mobilee). Like on "The Real Milton Flow," which clocks in at hefty eight minutes, the slow-to-ignite house tune begins to spark with muted piano chords and impeccably clean drums, eventually locking them into a controlled burn around the two-minute mark. Once the holding pattern is set, the majority of "Milton" then sees Ranacat playing around and improvising in the space he's made, fading stretched vocal samples and shifting string melodies in and out of the mix. This track feels especially loose and not too excited to repeat itself—once a sample is gone, its often gone for good—and that helps make it a consistently interesting listen.

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