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Download: Ponytail "Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)"

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Average: 6.1 (16 votes)

Download: Steed Lord "Thirst to Burst"

Label: Steed Lord

The Icelandic power-quartet and blog darlings M.E.G.A., Kali, Demo, and A.C. Banana$, a.k.a. Steed Lord, just laced us with a sneak peek from their debut full-length, Truth Serum. "Thirst To Burst" is a straightforward electro-house banger, which, if we didn't know any better, could have easily been sent straight from Paris, but that's a good thing when the result sounds like this. In the vein of DatA or Kavinsky, with distorted, over-compressed basslines and epic synths aplenty, this track should keep everyone on their toes until Truth Serum drops this Fall. Photo by Magnus Unnar.  


Average: 7.3 (23 votes)

Download: Milosh "Remember The Good Things"

Written over the course of a year-long trip to the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui, the third long-player from Toronto-based Milosh carries a deep sense of isolation that the classically trained musician was experiencing during his time away from all things familiar. As with his previous two albums, iii is a very personal, intimate affair. His very own style of romantic downtempo and distinct falsetto voice often ride the fine line between joy and deep sadness, with the intention of being interpreted whichever way the listener chooses. The album won't hit stores until September 23, but starting today, it's available through iTunes, along with one exclusive, digital-only bonus track titled "Low Tide." iii 01 Awful Game 02 Another Day 03 Gentle Samui 04 Remember The Good Things 05 Warm Waters 06 Hold My Breath 07 Wrapped Round My Ways 08 Leaving Samui 
 09 The World  


Average: 7.8 (77 votes)

Download: I Heart Lung "Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)"

Guitarist Chris Schlarb and drummer Tom


I Heart Lung
Average: 7.6 (45 votes)

Download: Fujiya & Miyagi "Dishwasher"

Light Bulbs, the third long-player from Brighton, U.K.-based outfit Fujiya & Miyagi, is another installment of the classic pop sound that has propelled the four-man band (which originated as an electronic duo in 2000) to great heights. Although they have a style that’s all their own, the band's press release does compare their sound as "James Brown on Valium." We can’t exactly agree with this claim, but "Dishwasher" did put us in a pretty chilled-out mood, so pass those pharmaceuticals this-a-way. 


Average: 7.3 (21 votes)

Download: Malente & Dex "Hyperactive (Bobmo Remix)"

Label: Exploited

More exclusive heat from Shir Khan's trusty Exploited imprint! The Hyperactive EP, which marks the debut collaborative release from Malente & Dex, recalls those abandoned warehouse days of yesteryear, with a nod to the new fist-pumping electro generation. Already receiving support from a bulletproof list of DJs, including Surkin, A-Trak, and Erol Alkan, the EP comes complete with remixes from the likes of Bird Peterson, Riva Starr, and Bobmo, who all take the track in different directions, yet keep the focus on the dancefloor.  

Average: 7.6 (35 votes)

Download: Tokyo Police Club "Juno (Ra Ra Riot/Andrew Maury Remix)"

Tokyo Police Club dabbled in aggressive

Average: 7.3 (27 votes)

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