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Download: Howson's Groove "Shake Up (Arkist Remix)"

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Originally set to drop in late March, the new effort from London pair Howson's Groove will now see a release next week. Closing the duo's upcoming four-track Body & Soul EP is this remix from Bristol producer Arkist (pictured above), who scoops out the sleeker elements from the original track in order to shape his rework into a rawer bit of low-swung, jazzy house. In addition to Arkist's effort, "Shake Up" and the rest of Howson's Groove's forthcoming Body & Soul EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Know V.A. "Donkey Kong (Rabit Remix)"

Amsterdam duo Know V.A. (a.k.a. Marijn Brussaard & Feico De Muinck Keizer) recently released its O Horizon EP via Lowriders Collective, and has now passed along its acerbic-yet-alluring album closer. The Houston-based grime producer Rabit seems to care less how rhythms can work together on his version of "Donkey Kong," and focuses more on how individual trajectories can foster an uncanny and captivating sonic landscape. His production continues the original's minimalist approach, adding to the mix a shrill and quivering synth that quite nearly overpowers the simple beat bouncing underneath. The erratic tempo of "Donkey Kong (Rabit Remix)" is further complicated by disjointed clicks and taps that circulate until the track concludes unexpectedly with a continuous hum of white noise.  

Average: 8.1 (41 votes)

Download: Rambow "Shadows/Ice Melt Fiya"

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19-year-old New York-based producer Rambow has managed to cut through the clamor with his fresh "Shadows/Ice Melt Fiya" track. Featuring two very distinct segments, the production's first half maintains a lethargic energy, with an emphasis on throwback keys that circle around soulful arpeggios, R&B vocal snippets, and a relaxed-but-cavernous bassline. At nearly the exact halfway point (which is marked with a record scratch), the closing portion of Rambow's track rapidly switches into a jungle-infused tune with a metallic, hollowed-out synth clanging to the beat. The new sound palette is backed by the same groaning low end as before, albeit ramped up to an exceedingly accelerated pace and overlayed by rapid vocal samples that only grow in intensity.  

Average: 8.5 (40 votes)

Download: Perera Elsewhere "Drunk Man (Prefuse 73 AA Meditation Mix)"

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Berlin-based artist Perera Elsewhere (a.k.a. Sasha Perera) recently shared a free stream of "Light Bulb (Shlohmo Remix)," which will appear on the deluxe edition of her Everlast LP on May 6 via Friends of Friends. Now, she is offering up another forthcoming cut with "Drunk Man (Prefuse 73 AA Meditation Mix)," which sees longstanding beatmaker Prefuse 73 (pictured above) give Perera Elsewhere's tune a dreamy makeover. Conjuring a brilliant assortment of delicately soaring synth arpeggios, plucked strings, and a hypnotically fluid bassline, the astral tune is overlaid with Perera's fragile vocals that resonate flawlessly atop Prefuse 73's feathery production.  

Average: 8.3 (43 votes)

Download: Lorenzo Kurizu "Lauwerecht"

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Label: Neovinyl

Lorenzo Kurizu's "Lauwerecht" production makes for an inviting eight minutes, with its airy chords and light melodies balanced by a rounded bass and deep-reaching kicks. Though, what keeps Kurizu's extended work moving is the Dutch producer's methodical use of textured percussion, as he places grainy hats, dusty clicks, and fast-paced machine rumbles between the cut's otherwise simple four-on-the-floor. "Lauwerecht" is one of two new tracks from the budding Utrecht-based producer set to appear on his Cinta EP for the Neovinyl imprint. Dropping later this month, the rest of Kurizu's upcoming EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Jackie House & Dr. Sleep "Predatory Landscape"

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This collaboration from San Francisco artists Jackie House (a.k.a. Honey Soundsystem's Jacob Sperber) and Dr. Sleep features a sample of "Primordial Landscape," a particularly swampy composition from last year's excellent School Daze collection of Patrick Cowley rarities (issued by HNYTRX, a label Sperber helps run). Here, the slimey textures of Cowley's original serve as an intriguing bed from which the two producers launch their adventure into psychedelic dancefloor fare, methodically piecing together and then stripping back layers of subtle percussion which push and pull the track in and out of its primordial ooze. In addition to this free download from Jackie House and Dr. Sleep, Sperber and the rest of San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem crew have also let loose a new mix, which can be streamed and downloaded after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.2 (37 votes)

Download: Sage Caswell "Street Lite"

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Budding Los Angeles producer Sage Caswell—who we deemed, alongside his frequent production partner Cromie, an up-and-coming artist to watch earlier this year—released a new EP this week via French outpost Decabaret. Though it doesn't appear on Caswell's new Tribute 2 CC Archer EP, "Street Lite" nonetheless proves a fine showcase of the dense and rugged brand of house the SoCal producer is fond of crafting. Built around a tough shuffle, the seven-minute tune weaves an unhurried path through hiss-lined percussion and dusty chord stabs, digging deeper with each passing bar. After giving "Street Lite" a spin below, those interested in hearing clips of Sage Caswell's Tribute 2 CC Archer EP can do so after the jump.  Read more » 

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