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Download: Gudrun Gut "Apples and Pears"

Monika Enterprise founder Gudrun Gut kicked off 2009 by releasing the digital-only Apples, Pears & Deer in Poland EP, a sampler of electronic compositions that includes two brand-new tracks and one remix by Thomas Fehlmann. Here's the moody, post-techno title track, of which we showcase a special edit here. If you ever wondered what winter in Berlin sounds like, take a listen. Apples, Pears & Deer in Poland is out now. Photo by Malte Ludwigs. 

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Download: Nosaj Thing "Coat of Arms"

Label: Alpha Pup

Nosaj Thing is a name often uttered in the same sentence as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, and Lazer Sword. The L.A.-based producer—who is a key member of his city's hip-hop-via-IDM-noise scene—will soon release his debut full-length, Drift, on Alpha Pup (who seems to release all those guys' work). Here he brings us the track "Coat of Arms," in all its distorted handclap glory. Drift is out June 9.


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Download: Tiga "Shoes"

Label: Last Gang

Saying you feel like Leonard Cohen if he owned a jet ski doesn't exactly describe the sound of your music, so when it comes to Ciao!, the latest album from Tiga (who said such a thing—perhaps in jest, perhaps not—in a recent press letter), we're left to guess at what the Montreal-based producer has in store for the follow-up to 2007's Sexor. Fortunately, the folks at Last Gang unleashed this track, and the witty, snare-heavy electro number should provide a decent clue. Or you could just dance to it. Ciao! is out May 19 in digital format and May 26 as a physical release.


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Download: E-Dancer "World Of Deep (Original Mix)"

Label: Fabric/KMS

Detroit techno godfather Kevin Saunderson is set for a big summer, with the release of his History Elevate, a gigantic retrospective package made up of two CDs and 20 years' worth of music by the man who operates under multiple musical guises, from his given name to Tronik House, The Reese Project, EssRay, and one of his more recent monikers, E-Dancer. Here's a track from the latter project, and the deep-house vibes here prove Saunderson doesn't always stick strictly to techno in his work. History Elevate will be released June 9. 

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Download: Mux Mool "MERLINFEST!"

Label: Moodgadget

We last herad from producer Brian Lindgren (a.k.a. Mux Mool) when he created a special radio edit of his track "End Guy" for the XLR8R crew earlier this year. His Just Saying is All EP recently saw the light of day, and here's the second track off that moody, brooding, synth-heavy release.



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Download: Ras G "Shinelight"

L.A. beatmaker Ras G's latest release, Brotha from Anotha Planet, is aptly titled, given that the 13 tracks on this album—his first for Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint—maintain a vaguely trance-like, otherworldly aura as they transition in and out of one another. It's as though he made the album while trapped inside a thick veil of smoke. Or maybe that's just what happens when one makes instrumental hip-hop beneath the smog-drenched L.A. skyline. Brotha from Anotha Planet is out now. Photo By Art Vibez. 

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Download: FlyLo & Blu "GNG BNG (MeMix)"

Off-kilter hip-hop beats deserve some off-kilter lyrics, so Flying Lotus commissioning fellow L.A. resident MC Blu to throw some words over his tracks seems like an appropriate move. Blu has some quirky (and sometimes racy) lyrical choices here, including everything from Scrooge McDuck to Bathing Ape hoodies and female body parts over FlyLo's dusty rhythms. More on those lyrics here. The original version of "GNG BNG" appears on Flying Lotus' Los Angeles, out now. Photo by Theo Jemison.



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