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Download: Odd Nosdam "Fly Mode"

Label: antion.

David P. Madson (a.k.a. Odd Nosdam) showcases both his love of skateboards and his fondness for multiple genres on his latest release, T.I.M.E. File this track under orchestral avant-hop. T.I.M.E. is out now. 


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Download: Buraka Som Sistema "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) (Hot Chip Remix)"

What happens when the boys from Hot Chip get their hands on a track from kuduro DJ/production team Buraka Som Sistema? This rowdy, bouncing remix that combines techno rhythms with Latin sensibilities and should please fans of both groups. The original version of "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) appears on BSS' debut full-length, Black Diamond, out April 7. 

Average: 7.7 (56 votes)

Download: RH+ "Perry Frankie Miller Gajardo"

Label: Nacional

Straight from Santiago, Chile comes this layered, dream-pop number by RH+. The group's latest album, Quintana Roo, marks its second full-length and the first to hit U.S. shores. For fans of The Postal Service, Stereolab, or even M83. Quintana Roo is out now. 


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Download: Broken Spindles "Beatdown Breakup (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)"

Label: blank.wav

What better track to get a remix than one entitled "Beatdown Breakup?" Jason Drake, otherwise known as one of Brooklyn's busiest remixers Cassettes Won't Listen, splices up Broken Spindles' no-wave original of this cut and turns it into an off-kilter hip-hop number here. 

Average: 7.6 (24 votes)

Download: The Whip "Dubsex"

The Whip's X Marks Destination will finally hit the U.S. in less than two weeks. To gear up for the occasion, check out the final track off the album, in which electro and rock 'n' roll go head-to-head. X Marks Destination is out March 3.  


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Download: Mi Ami "New Guitar"

As we've previously seen, S.F.-based trio Mi Ami likes its music loud, and the pileup of post-disco noise, screeching guitars, and ear-splitting vocals on this track, off the band's album Watersports, proves that point. Watersports is out now via Touch & Go.  


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Download: Blackfinger "UMF (Supra1 Remix)"

Nottingham, U.K.-based producer Blackfinger just put his Fearless EP into the hands of the Trouble & Bass crew, and needless to say, basslines rule supreme on this release. Here's Supra1's rave-worthy remix of the track "UMF."


Average: 7.7 (62 votes)

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