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Download: Wildildlife "Nervous Buzzing (Hours of Worship Remix)"

Brooklyn-by-way-of-San Francisco duo (who also happen to be former XLR8R scribes) Hours of Worship is known for mixes full of pretty, transforming hooks and shimmering subtleties rooted in straightforward techno rhythms. Their remix of “Nervous Buzzing,” a track by San Francisco trance rockers Wildildlife, throbs like a headache that feels good—so good. Restrained shifts in vibration with dark echoes radiate outwardly over a bright ambient synth and driving tempo. Five minutes just isn't enough of this aural voyage. Hours of Worship has an EP, Into the Grass, coming out this spring on Ekler'o'shock. Look for it. Lulu McAllister  

Average: 8.4 (123 votes)

Download: Theophilus London "Save"

Theophilus London is a soulful Brooklyn-based MC with a new mixtape album, Jam!, whose 20 tracks were produced by Machinedrum. The blaring horns introduce a glamorous beat and Londons’ serious reflections about the recent past and hopeful words for the future in this inauguration day special, “Save.” Female vocalists sing a straightforward chorus with with soulful sincerity: “The nation is fallen, looking for my hero./Can you be hero? Can somebody save me?/I’m just steady calling, looking for my hero./Can you be my hero? Can somebody save me?” President Obama, are you up to the task? Photo by TEXAS. Words by Lulu McAllister  

Average: 7 (40 votes)

Download: Tim Hecker "Sea of Pulses"

Label: kranky

Tim Hecker's work has, in the past, garnered the label "cathedral ambient," so it's no surprise that this track sounds a little like a pipe organ being played inside of a massive church. What is somewhat more unexpected is the bassline here, which provides a small bit of chord progression underneath the otherwise unchanging keyboard notes. "Sea of Pulses" is off Hecker's forthcoming full-length, An Imaginary Country, which will hit stores on March 9, courtesy of kranky. 


Average: 7.5 (27 votes)

Download: Kotchy & Shunda K "We Feelin' Each Other"

Label: Civil

Yo Majesty's Shunda K recently hit the studio with Brooklyn-based beatmaker Kotchy. The resulting Le Passion EP blows through an impressively large range of styles over the course of four tracks, covering smooth R&B, soul, slick hip-hop, and one cut from Kotchy that we'll file on the "experimental electronic" shelf. Love is, according to a recent post by Kotchy, the central theme on the release, tying the tracks together. A street date for the EP is still in the works. Since Kotchy is off to Europe to promote his debut album and Shunda is currently on the world's largest tour with Yo Majesty, it will be a bit of a wait before we see the pair performing Le Passion live. Get your dance on with this track in the meantime.  

Average: 7.8 (42 votes)

Download: An-ten-nae "Excursions in Acid"

Label: Universal

Adam Ohana (a.k.a An-ten-nae) is the man behind “Get Freaky,” a recurring club night in San Francisco. This song, off of his Acid Crunk EP 3, begins by gurgling from ear to ear, then a rounded beat booms in, followed by a more playful half-rhythm. Eventually plinks and bonks offset an edgy background synth tempered with quick hits of jungle. It's perfect for when you want to take a little trip. Lulu McAllister  


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Download: Vetiver "Everyday"

Label: Sub Pop

San Franciscan indie-folk outfit Vetiver has shared the stage with Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom and won crowds over with a warm, poignant acoustic sound. Now, the band is preparing to release its fourth full-length album, Tight Knit, on February 17. “Everyday,” off this new album, is a low-key song with a pretty, retro vibe smacking of heroin-era James Taylor. Lead man Andy Cabic’s sweet crooning follows honest guitar strokes and, with a few casual shakes of the tambourine and some buoyant counter-guitar, the song fills out nicely. Lulu McAllister  


Average: 6.5 (25 votes)

Download: Kid606 "Cause We Don't Want War No More"

Label: Tigerbass

We need only look at the artist lineup on Tigerbass Vol.1 to know what we're getting into on this 12". Along with Trouble & Bass residents Drop the Lime and Math Head, as well as the Party Crashers, Tigerbeat 6's head honcho, Kid606, released this single in 2007. Supposedly the stores shelve this one under electro, but from what we can tell, it's more like a chaotic funnel cloud of styles, in which B-more, techno, baile, and lots of heavy bass spin. Here's Kid606's track. Note that vaguely demonic voice in the background growling "What the fuck?" over and over.  

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