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Download: Zombie Nation "Filterjerks"

Label: UKW

German producer Zombie Nation (a.k.a Florian Senfter) is stepping away from his aggravated, riot-inspiring footie jam status (à la "Kernkraft 400") with this twisty, mod-funk techno offering. Fortunately, this one calls for more than just jumping up and down in a raucous group embrace while trying not to spill your lager. Off ZN's forthcoming album, Zombielicious, out in March on UKW. 


Average: 7.1 (31 votes)

Download: Malente&Dex "Heatwave"

Label: Exploited

If you didn't wake up this morning ready to rave, this synth-drenched track oozing with handclaps, from Exploited boys Malente&Dex, should ramp you up for some weekend mayhem. Stay tuned for the boys' upcoming mini-tour with Exploited boss Shir Khan. Check the Exploited Records MySpace page for details. 

Average: 6.4 (21 votes)

Download: Ghislain Poirier "Go Ballistic (WILDLIFE Re-Rub)"

Switzerland-based producer and remixer WILDLIFE got ahold of this track—which originally appeared on Ghislain Poirier's No Ground Under album—and the resulting remix is a cross between something fit for dark, dirty clubs and some strange video game. 

Average: 7.7 (51 votes)

Download: Boy in Static "Young San Francisco"

Label: Fake Four

Simultaneously light-hearted and despondent, the first single off Boy in Static's Candy Cigarette makes for a palate of strings, pianos, and electro synths served over a hefty dose of electronic bleeps. Candy Cigarette is out April 17 on Fake Four 


Average: 7 (49 votes)

Download: Lotus Plaza "Whiteout"

Label: kranky

If M83 and Bradford Cox taught a seminar on how to make shoegaze-influenced instrumental rock, then Deerhunter member Locklett Pundt's first full-length under his Lotus Plaza guise would be the resulting track. "Whiteout" is off The Floodlight Collective, due March 23. 

Average: 6.9 (18 votes)

Download: DJ Hell "The Angst Pt. 1"

Label: Gigolo

The word "teufelswerk"—which also happens to be the title of DJ Hell's forthcoming full-length—is German for "Devil's Work," so it's no surprise the lead single off the album is a rather ominous blend of brooding electronics and slow, steady guitar riffs. Tracks on the album take the theme of either night or day, and it’s not hard to tell which one this falls under. "The Angst" is out February 23.  

Average: 7.3 (67 votes)

Download: Abe Vigoda "Don't Lie"

Often heralded as makers of "tropical punk," Los Angeles-based four-piece Abe Vigoda moves into slightly darker territory on its latest release, the Reviver EP, into feedback-dominated post-punk territory. The Reviver EP is out February 17. Photo by Sarah Cass. 

Average: 5.8 (18 votes)

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