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Download: Thunderheist "Sweet 16 (Eli Escobar Remix)"

Label: Big Dada

The first track on Thunderheist's self-titled debut full-length gets a reworking here, just in time for the album's March 31 release. In the hands of electro producer/remixer Eli Escobar, "Sweet 16" becomes a synth-heavy (and slightly dirty) club banger.


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Download: Ezekiel Honig "Porchside Economics"

Label: Anticipate

Mellow, soothing, and minimal are terms that aptly describe the music of New York-based electronic music producer Ezekiel Honig. "Porchside Economics" is from his latest full-length, Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band, out now on his own imprint, Anticipate Recordings.


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Download: Jeremy Jay "In This Lonely Town"

Label: K

The lovable Jeremy Jay releases his sophomore album, Slow Dance, today. Like his debut from 2007, the new record combines post-punk guitar riffage—as heard on this track—with music that often sounds like it was plucked straight out of the 1950s.



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Download: Kid606 "Mr. Wobble's Nightmare"

Label: Tigerbeat6

Producer, DJ, and label owner Kid606 can cite just about anything as an influence on his music—from house to punk to jungle, hip-hop, and horror films. Find all of those elements and probably more on this track, off his forthcoming full-length, Shout at the Döner, which will drop April 28 on his own Tigerbeat6 imprint. Careful of that wobbly bassline, now.



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Download: Pontiak "Honey"

As with many Thrill Jockey artists, Virginia-based trio Pontiak doesn't make music that lends itself to easy classification. Indie rock this is, but warped, staggered, and made dissonant through what sounds like was a painstaking recording process for the Carney brothers. "Honey" is off Pontiak's sophomore album, Maker, out April 7.



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Download: Odd Nosdam and Jel "Tune in an Afternoon"

Amazing what a trip to the junk store can get these days. XLR8R armed anticon. co-conspirators Jel and Odd Nosdam with 40 bucks and challenged them to come up with a track in a single afternoon, made solely from records they found at a shop in West Berkeley, CA. The result, the aptly titled "Tune in an Afternoon" is a beat-heavy breeze—hazy, psychedelic, and perfect for a summer afternoon. Watch XLR8R TV Episode 102 to see Jel and Odd Nosdam shopping, sampling, and discussing the creative process behind the track. 

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Download: MachineDrum "Late Night Operation Feat. Theophilus London"

Label: Normrex

The ever-prolific Travis Stewart is back with yet-another album as MachineDrum, and if you're not familiar with that particular moniker, think pop-drenched hip-hop that's been run through the synthesizer a few dozen times and given a finishing touch by someone like Daft Punk. "Late Night Operation" appears on Stewart's forthcoming album, Want to 1 2, which will drop on Normrex in 2009. 


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