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Download: Belleruche "Anything You Want (Not That)"

Label: Hippoflex

Belleruche members Kathrin deBoer, Ricky Fabulous, and DJ Modest describe their sound as “Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian and Cut Chemist stuck in a dusty, second-hand record store with rum and a sampler.” The band recently released a highly-anticipated sophomore album, The Express. On the first single, “Anything You Want (Not That),” buzzy bass cushions a catchy soul melody that percolates down through the Motown beat and funky piano line. This arrangement saunters alongside deBoer’s grainy, coquettish vocals and only a bluesy solo from Fabulous on his 40-year-old acoustic guitar cuts through DJ Modest’s turntabled groove. Lulu McAllister 


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Download: The Whip "Trash"

News of The Whip's album getting a U.S. release date a couple weeks ago thrilled those of us who've been playing tracks like "Divebomb" and "Trash" for the last couple years, hoping to see a full album eventually come Stateside. That day will arrive in early 2009, with X Marks Destination, and the aforementioned "Trash" is the lead track on the album. In this writer's opinion, the Mancunian quartet puts most of the rave-rockers currently crowding up the blogosphere to shame. Check out the spooky video too. 

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Download: Monareta "Me Voy Pa'l Mar"

Label: Nacional

Combining electro with more traditional cumbia and champeta sounds from their native Colombia, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Bogota duo Monareta is part of the growing wave of artists pushing the boundaries of exactly what constitutes "Latin" music. Taken from their latest album, Picotero, "Me Voy Pa'l Mar" features a pulsing beat, crunchy electronic flourishes, and a sultry female vocal (en Español, of course). What results is a song that could easily get hips swinging on both sides of the equator. 


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Download: Lykke Li "Little Bit (Aether Remix)"

Up-and-coming producer Aether's got a solo album in the works, Artifacts, due out November 25, but in the meantime, the San Diego beat-maker who doesn't sleep has remixed Swedish future-pop queen Lykke Li for fun. "Little Bit" saw an earlier reworking from DFA's Tim Goldsworthy, under his Loving Hand guise, which was a minimal and very electronic affair. Aether's chosen a somewhat different route here, opting for heavier drum sounds, airy synths, and lots of reverb added to Ms. Li's sugar-sweet vocals. Photo by Andy Eisberg. 

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Download: Mike Slott "Deux Three"

Label: All City

Just released last week is Heralds of Change/Lucky Me member Mike Slott's second solo 45 this year for Dublin's All City Records. As with his previous endeavor for the label, Slott rolls a whole bunch of soul up with the hip-hop beats on this release. "Flunky" is definitely the bouncier number of the two, while "Deux Three" features some smooth vocals and futuristic synths. Preview the latter here. 

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Download: The Presets "Kicking and Screaming (Bang Gang's E is for Edit)"

Label: Modular

If its preview, which we ran earlier this year, is anything to go by, the squad of electro hooligans that are the Bang Gang Deejays cover quite a bit of ground on their just-released remix album, D is for Disco, E is for Dancing. The double-disc set finds the crew reworking everything from A-Trak to Ghostface Killah, and here, they taken on Modular labelmates The Presets, reworking the opening track from this year's Apocalypso release. It certainly is a track for dancing–with or without the E involved. Maverick Newberry 

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Download: J-Zone Presents... Chief Chinchilla "Hillbilly Beer feat. Jethro The Rappin' Redneck"

Former rapper J-Zone’s focus is all about production these days, but his latest project is no regular album. Entitled Live @ The Liqua Sto, the project is, according to the DJ and producer, "a fun collection of one-minute booze ads," and this particular jingle also takes a gleeful stab at the good old American South. So the story goes, J-Zone and cohort Chief Chinchilla found a random redneck to throw down some crass-yet-entertaining rhymes about something vaguely referred to here as “hillbilly beer,” though whether this drink is moonshine or Bud is never specifically stated. Elsewhere on Liqua Sto, Prince Paul, RA the Rugged Man, E-Swift, and others contribute to tracks that discuss everything from White Castle to womanizing. 

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