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Download: Mestizo "Disclaimer"

Label: Galapagos4

Mestizo has earned himself a California pedigree. The Los Angeles-based, Bay Area-bred MC's new long-player Dream State (Galapagos4), is an interpretive ode to the Land of Milk and Honey. Produced by Julian Code (a.k.a. DJ Morse Code and Sean Julian), this jazzy, heartfelt record features guest spots from 2Mex, Qwel, and Murs, proving that Mestizo can bump with the best of them. 

Average: 7.7 (44 votes)

Download: White Williams "New Violence"

Label: Tigerbeat6

The newest member of the Tigerbeat6 roster is far from a bassy breakcore producer or an over-the-top art-rock outfit. White Williams (a.k.a. Joe Williams) is the 23-year old psych-pop phenomenon who's toured and worked with everyone from Girl Talk to Drop the Lime over the past few years. Williams' eclectic and colorful debut, Smoke, is characteristic of his growing potential. 


Average: 7.1 (16 votes)

Download: Turzi "Afghanistan"

Label: Kemado

"Afghanistan," from the recently released A (Kemado), is the eerie, Kraut-psychedelia that bridges the gap between the Jesus and Mary Chain and Satan. Not unlike Faust or CAN, Turzi and his band Reich IV, write tripped-out, live music that will make any machine envious. If there was ever a time for acid, it's now. 


Average: 6.9 (13 votes)

Download: Modeselektor "2000007 feat. TTC"

Berlin-based power duo Modeselektor have returned. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have taken their grimey techno blueprint and mapped out a landscape of bass-driven, world-tech that's by far their most varied work to date. Featuring guests like Radiohead's Thom Yorke, TTC, and Maximo Park, Happy Birthday! is this year's key to late night salvation. 


Average: 7.6 (43 votes)

Download: Ernest Gonzales "While On Saturn's Rings"

Taking cues from 8-bit games of yore, downtempo, and even  Read more » 


Average: 7.5 (27 votes)

Download: David Rubato "Circuit (Edit)"

Label: Institubes

Institubes newest addition to their roster, David Rubato, is a man who knows how to work the French touch magic. This Parisian uses the same blistering synths and Daft Punk melodies as his contemporaries, but with a subtle appreciation for cosmic disco's spaciest effects. Taken from his debut 12," "Circuit" is a sonic treat for any electro-afficianado. Photo by Bastien Lattanzio. 

Average: 7.3 (16 votes)

Download: Sam Sparro "Black & Gold"

Sam Sparro and Steve Spacek have a lot in common–at least when it comes to producing intergalactic soul. Sparro's deployment of gritty synths and Marc Ronson-esque vocal harmonies are the perfect compliment to his heavy, nu-electro-inspired percussion. Taken from the Black & Gold EP, the single of the same name will win over moms and partygoers alike. 


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