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Download: Grouper "Heavy Water"

Label: Type

As noted by XLR8R scribe David Bevin in our recent Portland issue, "nearly every second of Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill feels like an exorcism of sounds." A rather dream-pop affair, the album finds Liz Harris, the lone member of Grouper, making a departure from the restrained style that characterized her previous efforts and unleashing the ambient melancholy in full-force–particularly in the vocal department. Harris was often found whispering on past albums. Here, her smooth voice soars over stripped-down acoustic guitars and the track does feel as though she's releasing some kind of inner ghost that needed to be let out. Jennifer Marston 


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Download: Evidence "The Layover"

Label: Decon

Now that he's not being mistaken for a notorious graffiti artist, Dilated People’s rapper and producer, Evidence, can get back to work and release his next solo venture. Next up is The Layover EP, which he’ll drop via Decon on November 25. Evidence originally intended it to be a side-project he'd unleash in the form of five free downloads, but enthusiasm took over and he decided to turn the whole deal into an official release. Away Team member Khrysis was a major contributor to the project, including this, the title cut, which features him on the mixing board and Evidence on the mic. Maverick Newberry. Photo by B+. 


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Download: Reefer "Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix)"

Label: Alpha Pup

As Brandon Ivers noted in a recent article on Flying Lotus, one gets the impression, when listening to the L.A. beatmaker's music, "that everything this guy does is m-e-l-l-o-w." The same goes for this remix of Reefer's track, off his upcoming self-titled release. Reefer (nee Nick Thorburn, of Islands fame), is set to release a mini-album on October 14, with producer/engineer Daddy Kev, which will include eight new tracks and a couple of remixes courtesy of DNTEL and the aforementioned FlyLo. The latter's track was unleashed to the blogosphere today, and his trademark sounds–hazy, off-kilter beats, laid-back tempos, and what could be ocean waves–are all over this cut. Reefer 01 The Simplest Way 02 May Baleen 03 Let It Go 04 Five Hundred An Ounce 05 Crony Island 06 Hit and Run 07 Blue Moon 08 Until We Meet Again 09 Hit and Run (DNTEL Remix) 10 Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix) 

Average: 7.9 (115 votes)

Download: Opio "Some Superfly Sh!t (Remix)"

Erstwhile member of the Hiro Imperium family, Opio, has been steadily dropping tracks off his sophomore album, Vulture's Wisdom, Volume 1, released earlier this year. Now it's time for the remixes. Besides throwing in some clips and blips from the 1972 blaxploitation film, Superfly, Opio also enlisted help from several friends on this remix. Fellow Hiero crew member Del the Funky Homosapien showed up to guest, as did Detroit veteran Guilty Simpson, and The Architect, who produced Vulture's Wisdom


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Download: Au Revoir Simone "Lark (Ruff and Jam Remix)"

Label: Our Secret Record Company

Synth-pop lovelies Au Revoir Simone will soon release Reverse Migration, a collection of their favorite remixes and covers fashioned from their critically-esteemed 2007 debut LP, The Bird of Music, on November 11 via the band's own imprint. The album boasts reinterpretations from a slew of indie all-stars, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, The Teenagers, Darkel of AIR, Montag, Best Fwends, and Pacific! being a few of them. Here, Belgium-based production duo Ruff and Jam’s remix of the floating, uplifting “Lark” keeps with the soft feel of the original, adding breadth to generate a sensual, electro nu-wave track with touching build-up, climactic release, and a beautiful sense of space. 

Average: 7.6 (43 votes)

Download: Kenny Galactic "Catz on Earth"

Label: Marriage Records

In “Catz on Earth,” off Destination: the Moon!, Kenny Galactic gives the impression of a child trapped in a room busying himself with toys and gadgets from past generations. Overwhelmed by an abundance of stimulation, he aimlessly jumps from one dated contraption to another to see what each is capable of. Galactic (a member of the always-referred-to-in-the-third person, so-strange-it’s-ordinary Portland-based collective, Rob Walmart) produces a sample-heavy young and playful track that’s chalk-full of wobbly bass, off-timed, crunchy analog beats, wavering synths, and murmuring loops that converge to have true purpose amidst the chaos.  

Average: 7.5 (45 votes)

Download: DZ & XI "Guns at Dawn"

Label: Lo Dubs

Portland-based dubstep imprint Lo Dubs has been releasing well-received 12"s stateside for over three years. They label dropped its first CD earlier this year, Analog Clash, a compilation mixed by 6Blocc, as well as an unmixed bonus disc containing every 12” Lo Dubs has released to date. The release features a substantial amount of exclusive tunes while facilitating a choice representation of the dubstep movement in the Americas. “Guns at Dawn,” off the compilation, comes courtesy of Toronto-based DZ and XI, and has a deeply melodic, downtempo-esque feel with a multi-faceted sound highlighted by stifling deep bass, lightly used, intentional brass and vocal samples, and a slight techy feel. 

Average: 7.6 (40 votes)

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