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Download: Crystal Stilts "Crystal Stilts"

One could apply many labels to the music of Crystal Stilts. A few that come to mind are '60s-era pysch, garage rock, surf rock, and avant-pop, but really, all of these contribute equally to the music on the Brooklyn-based band's debut full-length, Alight of Night. A collection of jangling guitars, bouncing basslines, horns, bells, and echoing vocals, the album is as much a nostalgic look at music's past as it is a nod towards what the future holds in store for these four artists. For the immediate future, the band is hitting the road with fellow Brooklynites the Vivian Girls. They'll tour North America before the release of the album on October 28. Photo by Maryanne Ventrice. 

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Download: The Dead Science "Monster Island Czars"

A Wu-Tang and comic book inspired album? Such is the case for Seattle, WA-based outfit The Dead Science, whose Villainaire release also marks the avant-pop band's debut for Montreal's Constellation Records. In much the vein of Xiu Xiu, songs on the album have a chaotic feel to them, with fractured guitar riffs, random bouts of frantic drumming, and vocals that truly sound pained as they discuss topics of fantasy, reality, drunken blackouts, and moral pragmatism. The contrabass on "Monster Island Czars" adds an extra layer of disorientation to the music. Listen closely for the aforementioned Wu-Tang and comic book elements. 


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Download: Common Market "Tobacco Road"

Tobacco Road begins in rural Kentucky, at a Southern Baptist sermon, and follows the struggles of a proverbial farmer who is, one learns along the way, one and the same person as Common Market's MC RA Scion. Beneath the introspective lyrical content, producer Sabzi has laid tightly composed beat compositions, melodic pianos, and string arrangements. Fans of Atmosphere's latest album will enjoy this track. 

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Download: Bugati Force "Shake & Pop Bitch"

Label: Exploited

Bugati Force–the Berlin-based trio of Cashmaster Diamond, Droopy Goldberg, and Spänk–knows its way around a dance party. This exclusive offering from Shir Khan's Exploited imprint finds the DJ/Production crew grabbing elements from two of the most fail-proof club jams in history, Green Velvet’s “Shake and Pop” and 2 Live Crew’s “Shake Dat Ass Bitch,” and seamlessly mashing them together into one ultimate peak-hour tune. Originally released as a now out-of-stock 7", "Shake & Pop Bitch" is already seeing play from heavyweights like Stereo MCs, Edu K, and Daniel Haaksman. 

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Download: Vivian Girls "Where Do You Run To"

Label: In The Red

On their way to becoming one of New York's favorite new Read more » 

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Download: Elzhi "Motown 25 feat. Royce Da 5'9""

Label: Fat Beats

Ah Detroit. Land of abandoned buildings, shitty weather, and a highly esteemed hip-hop scene full of colorful characters and compelling music. eLZhi's a longtime member of this pack, having risen to success in the late '90s with Slum Village and his work with the late Dilla, but The Preface, due out next month, marks his first solo full-length. A skilled MC who likes his rhymes perfect, he enlisted fellow Motor City veteran Black Milk to steer the production helm, then invited Royce Da 5'9", Guilty Simpson, T3 of Slum Village, Phat Kat, and more to guest on the album. "Motown 25," as its title suggests, features Motown flavors laid over heavy beats, and is warmer than a piping hot plate of soul food. Photo by Jeremy Deputat. 

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Download: Her Space Holiday "Just Another Day"

Label: Mush

Just another day, just another release for indietronic maestro Marc Bianchi (a.k.a. Her Space Holiday). The California-born producer has, over the last several years, unleashed a hefty number of full-lengths, EPs, and singles, and he just dropped another one, Sleepy Tigers, this past week over at Mush. The four-track EP's title track is the lead single off Bianchi's forthcoming new full-length, and is accompanied by three brand-new compositions, including this upbeat number full of bells, claps, and accordions. 


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