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Download: D. Gookin "Glad I Met You"

Label: Moodgadget

“Glad I Met You” is the first single off D. Gookin’s first EP, When You're Lonely Everybody's a Celebrity. This balmy neo-disco song rolls along seamlessly, with twinkles of chime and sweet flute, until some well-placed scratching reminds you that Mike Birnbaum (D. Gookin) is there making it all come together. A high-pitched electrified soloist fades in and out for the chorus, giving way to a shiny group chant on repeat. The retro synths and funky rhythms make this upbeat track one for the good times. The talented drummer, vocalist, and DJ will be heading out on tour with label mates Worst Friends and Mux Mool on Oct. 2, beginning in New York, then heading west. Lulu McAllister  


Average: 7.4 (79 votes)

Download: Vivian Girls "Blind Spot (Daisy Chain Cover)"

Label: In The Red

Vivian Girls, that three-part-harmony-singing, loft-pop-making trio of ladies from Brooklyn causing a stir on the blogwaves of late, recently dropped a new 7", the b-side of which is this, a cover of Daisy Chain's "Blind Spot." Supposedly. Debate has been brewing over the web since the track was leaked last week as to whether or not "Blind Spot" is in fact the name of the song, and apparently there was more than one band that went by the name Daisy Chain. Whatever. If lo-fi, shoegazey guitars and ghostly vocal harmonies suit your palate, this one's worth a listen. 

Average: 5.4 (17 votes)

Download: Nudge "War Song"

Label: Audraglint

Nudge appears to have a very submissive and peaceful agenda with “War Song,” as the three-piece band synthesizes live instrumentation and singing with computer-generated sounds in this eerie track from the Infinity Padlock EP. Member Brian Foote (who runs the Outward Music and Audraglint labels), Paul Dickow (a.k.a. Strategy), and Honey Owens (of Jackie-O Motherfucker) comprise the PDX-based spacey psych-rock collective and paint a vibrant- yet- illusory picture that has a noteworthy sense of optimistic melancholy.  

Average: 7.3 (28 votes)

Download: Say-Wut "Furious Remix (Say-Wut Rewind)"

Label: Unruly

Unruly Records just took home four Best of Baltimore Awards (an annual happening conducted by Baltimore City Paper), one of which was for Say-Wut, who snagged the Best Club Music producer title for 2008. To celebrate, we're throwing up this remix from the producer and erstwhile Horseman Entertainment boss. Those unfamiliar with the B-more sound need only check this track's rubbery synth horns, hammering drums, and aggressive bass for an education. 


Average: 7.1 (18 votes)

Download: Valet "Kehaar"

Label: kranky.

Naked Acid is the second full-length from Portland-based pysch-nymph Honey Owens, who makes music under the name Valet. The album was pieced together over a five-month period in 2006 and takes its inspiration from, among other things, “Haitian Voodoo drumming, various shamanic dreamtime musics, and the Velvet Underground," Owens said in a press release. It was recorded in mostly single, live takes, with only some sparse additional tracking. On “Kehaar,” the first single, a few reverberated guitar chords outline a stark musical landscape across which a voice fit for a choir meanders alongside. Owens’ drawn out notes are hauntingly beautiful– sometimes high-pitched and angelic, sometimes atonal and eerie. Find your inner shaman with this ethereal track. Lulu McAllister  


Average: 6.9 (15 votes)

Download: Pop Levi "Never Never Love"

Label: Counter

Given that he's ex-bassist of Ladytron, the electroclash dark horse of Europe, it's surprising that Pop Levi would come up with an effervescent album about falling in love. "Never Never Love," off of his second full-length of the same name, opens with a Missy Elliot-style beat that bumps right into Levi's electrified falsetto vocal staccatos. His light lyrics ("Never never love love love, never never love love love") bounce teasingly through a sweet melody peppered with hand-claps, bubbles, and edgy rock guitars. Flamboyant and fun—it's enough to make a Wham! album jealous. Lulu McAllister 

Average: 7.5 (24 votes)

Download: Dave P and Adam Sparkles "Hoovers Apprentice (Radio Edit)"

Dave P and Adam Sparkles are perhaps

Average: 7.7 (28 votes)

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