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Download: ellul "Esophagus"

Somewhere in between the darker side of late '90s indie rock and dissonant shoegaze comes the San Francisco duo Ellul. The band's self-titled debut was recorded along the California coast in places as diverse as churches, industrial warehouses, and living rooms–which isn't too surprising given the the guys' lust for indie guitarscapes.. Anyone old enough to remember Caulfield Recordings will have their second coming. 

Average: 4.1 (23 votes)

Download: Maximo Park "Our Velocity"

Label: Warp

Who cares if England-based Maximo Park's core audience is in their teens? The band's newest record Our Earthly Pleasures is far from immature. Featuring more of the driving guitars, danceable drums, and pop vocals the quintet is known for, this follow-up LP is heavy as a pocket full of rocks. "Our Velocity" is exemplary of a band who isn't afraid to branch out and make its own type of noise. 

Average: 5.5 (8 votes)

Download: Someone Else "Pooty Call"

Label: foundsound

Since the mid-nineties, Someone Else has been crafting electronic music for the masses in one way or another. Whether releasing single after single through his electro-pop outfit Flowchart, through labels like Morr Music and Darla, or DJing at legendary spots like Fabric and the Panorama Bar, this certain somebody has his foot wedged in the history of dance music. "Pooty Call" is an exciting display of click-house that'll make any fan of the Pokerflat sound shiver.  

Average: 7 (14 votes)

Download: Strategy "Can't Roll Back"

Label: Kranky

Paul Dickow (a.k.a. Strategy) has been making post-ambient tracks for nearly a decade, and none have been as realized as those found on Future Rock. The perfect mesh of dub, ambient, and synth-pop, Strategy's compositions are as spacey as they are totally accessible. "Can't Roll Back" is a the percussive equivalent of any great jazz-drummer scarfing some peyote with Battles on Magic Mountain. 

Average: 7.1 (20 votes)

Download: Phat Kat "Cold Steel feat. Elzhi"

Label: Look

Detroit is one amazing city when it comes to hip-hop and Phat Kat is proof. This Motor City veteran hit the scene early, collaborating with the late J Dilla on the First Down project–and has since blown up the hip-hop underground collaborating with Black Milk and Elzhi. "Cold Steel" is more gritty street music that's got the D and everyone else psyched. 

Average: 7.5 (27 votes)

Download: Matthew Dear "Pom Pom"

Label: Ghostly

Matthew Dear is the champion of potently poppy electro-house. Although Asa Breed is only his sophomore full-length, this Texas-bred producer has already released a mountain of singles under the several monikers (Audion, False, Jabberjaw). "Pom Pom" finds Ghostly's flagship artist at his most dynamic and accessibly banging. 


Average: 7.7 (35 votes)

Download: Alias "What You Gave Away (Remix for The One AM Radio)"

Label: anticon.

anticon.'s veteran producer Alias has already established

Average: 7.1 (19 votes)

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