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Download: Le Loup "we are gods! we are wolves!"

Label: Hardly Art

If narrative themes of impending disaster, individual struggle, death of the universe, and hopefulness in the face of all that is to your liking, take note of Sam Simkoff's first album under his Le Loop moniker. The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly takes its inspiration from Dante's Inferno and a pice of folk art by James Hampton, and juxtaposes its heavy subject matter with simple banjo plucks and steady keyboard melodies. 


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Download: The Beautiful Club "Scary Relationship"

Label: Unreleased

Back in 2006, brother/sister duo The Beautiful Club put some tracks on MySpace and suddenly found themselves on the radar of established artists like Seiji (of Bugz in the Attic), Ty, Eliot Lipp, and Black Spade. The sudden attention seems rightly deserved. The Detroit-based duo pulls from an array of genres, including house, techno, and hip-hop, to make tracks whose production is tightly-crafted, with just a hint of gloss that embellishes rather than overdoes the job. 

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Download: DatA "Aerius Light"

Is it laser house? Electro house? As long as DatA keeps making this kind of music, it doesn't really matter where the adoring public chooses to pigeonhole him. The white shirt-wearing, Sébastian Tellier-loving upstart from Paris is one of the new guns on Ekler'o'shock, and, in keeping with the majority of artists on that label, he is here to ensure the party rages until the wee hours and beyond. 

Average: 7.3 (32 votes)

Download: Magnum 38 "Pille Palle"

Weird, noir, hysterical, and gnarly are a few words that come to mind upon hearing Magnum 38's latest album, Old Europe Strikes Back, and the man behind the moniker–Oliver Greschke–wouldn't have things any other way. Here he tweaks and twists his musical inspirations found around the globe into a jarring, lively mash-up of sounds as danceable as they are worthy of thoughtful analysis. 


Average: 7.7 (20 votes)

Download: TTC "Travailler (Orgasmic Remix)"

Label: Big Dada

Let it be known that TTC doesn't give a shit. While the vast majority of hip-hop outfits take themselves way too seriously, this four-piece act from France revels in the innate silliness of spitting lyrics in French, and delivers an album of goofy, energetic, and sometimes profound proportions. 36 15 TTC is a non-stop party that features slick production work from the likes of DJ Orgasmic, Para One, and Modeselektor, and turns hip-hop into good old-fashioned fun for the ears. Photo by Bastien Lattanzio. 


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Average: 7.7 (41 votes)

Download: Pieces Of Peace "I Still Care"

From the ashes of the early 1970s comes Pieces of Peace. The band's original debut–a Chicago soul-style album that is now considered an important part of the city's musical history–was shelved for decades and, thanks to the likes of Dante Carfagna, Rob Sevier, and DJ Shadow, is being handed to the masses at last. 

Average: 7.5 (11 votes)

Download: Musab "Baaang!!!"

Formerly known as Beyond, Musab has risen from the Minneapolis hip-hop scene to work with groups like Atmosphere, Micronauts, and others, as well as release his own artist albums. A recent move from Rhymesayers to Hieroglyphics' imprint finds this rapper dropping an autobiographical full-length that has tight beats and a lot to say about pimping. Bag this. 

Average: 7.4 (7 votes)

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