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Download: Phylum Sinter "Beside You Through The Wires, Forever"

Label: Xynthetic

Though a release date has yet to be named for Unity and Segmentation, Christopher Todd's latest album under his Phylum Sinter guise, he is making sure fans have plenty to satiate their appetites in the meantime. The album's mini-site will feature news, progress, thoughts related to the release, pictures, and more. And of course, download this track for a preview of what's to come. 

Average: 7.7 (47 votes)

Download: Lab Waste "People Talk About Us"

Label: B.E.A.R.

L.A.-based Giovanni Marks and Thavius Beck join forces as Lab Waste once again, back with more of the unconventional hip-hip and electronic delirium we've come to expect from the duo. Taken from their forthcoming B.E.A.R. release, this track finds the underground veterans dabbling in Dirty South territory, complete with extended chopped-and-screwed uber-outro. Dangerous. 

Average: 7.4 (30 votes)

Download: Justus Koehncke "Feuerland"

Label: Kompakt

Safe and Sound marks Justus Koehncke's third long-player for Michael Mayer's esteemed Kompakt imprint. Here, the troubadour-turned-electronic music machine lets his trademark disco rip through each track at a wonderfully aggressive pace. Put this track on the turntable and watch the dancefloor smoke. 

Average: 7.3 (26 votes)

Download: Marbert Rocel "Tttictictac"

Label: Compost

Marbert Rocel is Compost’s latest signee, and the trio of Marcel Aue, Robert Krause, and Antje Seifarth pack their debut full-length, Speed Emotions with a frenzy of house, jazz, and electro. Emotionally intense, the tracks on this album are equally appropriate for the dancefloor or a quiet night at home.  


Average: 7.8 (67 votes)

Download: Hot Chip "Made in the Dark"

After the success of 2004's Coming on Strong and 2006's The Warming, the five members of Hot Chip gear up for the release of their third full-length, Made in the Dark. The album's title track finds the band–previously known for its jumpy, soul-infused electro-pop–pushing emotional lyrics and chilling harmonies over minor chords and mournful pianos. Gorgeous. 

Average: 7.6 (71 votes)

Download: Curses "Hungry For Love"

Label: Institubes

We all know Luca Venezia as bass heavyweight Drop the Lime, but with his Curses moniker, he explores entirely different territory–the early '90s. On "Hungry for Love," Venezia unfolds a strange mutation of house music that seems to defy rhythm itself, yet is entirely irresistible when it comes to dancing. Add a few shades of electro, dubstep, and grime, and you have... well, we're not really sure what it is, but it's catchy as hell and we love it. 


Average: 7.7 (38 votes)

Download: Panther "Violence, Diamonds"

Here's another track from those crazy guys in Panther. Charlie Salas-Humara and drummer Joe Kelly let the drums and vocals rip on this one, from their forthcoming and highly anticipated 14 KT God. Listen closely for a few political references as well, a new direction for Humara and his ever-evolving songwriting.  

Average: 7.5 (19 votes)

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