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Download: Sirma "Trigger (Blue Hawaii Remix)"

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Earlier this month, Brooklyn-via-Istanbul artist Sirma (pictured above) issued her solo debut, the four-track Instincts EP, which the classical pianist/jazz vocalist-turned-adventurous pop singer offered for free download. In addition, Sirma has commissioned a number of remixes to accompany her EP, including this one from equally adventurous Canadian pair Blue Hawaii, who successfully wrangle in the larger-than-life sonics of Sirma's "Trigger," reworking the song into a much more intimate affair streaked with water-logged chords and kept moving by its sharp percussive pulses.  

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Download: Nuage "Wandering Waves"

Label: Translation

On his Prints of You LP, St. Petersburg-based producer Nuage is said to explore a range of electronic styles—from the cooler ends of 120-plus bpm house to fast-paced, drum & bass-indebted fare. Featured here, "Wandering Waves" falls in the former category, finding Nuage crafting a piece of moody, deep-reaching house that comes peppered with tinkling keys, washy flutes, ghostly vocal samples, and the occasional—by design—rhythmic stutter. A track kept steady by its precise bassline and heavy snares, "Wandering Waves" joins 14 other Nuage originals on the Russian beatmaker's Prints of You LP, out today via DC label Translation. 

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Download: Helel Arc "Kami"

Label: Permalnk

Though he recently decided to begin operating under the name Crescent Bae, the Stateside producer formerly known as Helel Arc is one of 13 beatmakers to contribute to Opaq Glitter, the inaugural compilation from freshly launched French imprint Permalnk. Appearing alongside a number of adventurous electronic hybrids on the collection is Helel Arc's "Kami," a slithering beat which manages to marry together a number of frantic rhythmic elements with stoney, side-chained chords and freeform synth lines—all of which sits atop a bubbling cauldron of analog beeps and miniature digital glitches. Out now as a name-your-price download (as well as a "USB Bag with pure DIY random content") via Bandcamp, Permalnk's full Opaq Glitter compilation can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Conrank "Gunspitter"

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Label: Saturate

A UK producer now based in Shanghai, China, Conrank will join the, well, ranks of the beat-focused Saturate label next week with his 7-track Exhale Therapy EP. Amongst the collection of new productions is "Gunspitter" a G-funk-laced effort which wraps bright chord stabs and gliding synth melodies around the track's titular vocal sample and an ever-evolving set of booming rhythms. Set to drop on September 30 via Saturate, Conrank's Exhale Therapy EP—which features a collaboration with turntable maven DJ Shadow on its title track—can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Kito Jempere "A Mirage Seen at Buffalo"

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Increasingly active Russian producer Kito Jempere has put together a collection of "unreleased demos and live takes" for Cassette Store Day, set to take place on Saturday, September 27. In anticipation, the burgeoning talent has passed along "A Mirage Seen at Buffalo," a synth-streaked cut from the forthcoming tape. Spanning over seven minutes, the "demo" (though it certainly doesn't sound unfinished) is a methodical expedition, one soaked in steely techno tones and led by a particularly entrancing motif which jumps octaves as the track steadily shuffles along. Officially out on Saturday, the rest of Jempere's forthcoming cassette can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Ssaliva "Tromeo"

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Label: Leaving

This Saturday, September 27, is Cassette Store Day, a day celebrating the tape format that has become increasingly popular with budding labels and established entities alike in recent years. Appropriately enough, Matthewdavid's Leaving imprint—a forerunner in the cassette renaissance—has prepared a special release for the occasion, tapping Belgian beatmaker Ssaliva for a full-length effort entitled Pantani. Pulled from the 11-track affair is "Tromoeo," a beat fueled by sparse, crooked rhythms and bathed in lush synth tones and crystallized textures. The tune can be grabbed below before Ssaliva's Pantani cassette hits stores on Saturday; the album will also be available in digital stores on September 30. 

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Download: Blastto "Windows"

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Label: Heka Trax

A longtime Spanish DJ who recently relocated to London, Blastto will close out Heka Trax's free summer EP series with his Windows/Point Aeri outing. Launched in July with an EP from Lee Carvallo, the series from the Nightwave-helmed label has aimed to introduce up-and-coming artists within the producer's circle by offering small helpings of their work. Though he's spent the better part of a decade behind the tables, Blastto is somewhat new to production, though one may not necessarily glean that from a listen to "Windows," his new EP's lead track. A weighted club affair, "Windows" focuses on its rhythmic content, splicing brief vocal samples and sharp synth stabs between its array of bulbous kicks, crunchy snares, and fast-paced hats. Out now, Blassto's Windows/Point Aeri EP can be streamed in full after the jump, and grabbed for free here.  Read more » 

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