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Download: crowdsource "Gone Up"

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Label: Hush Hush

Having formerly released under the name Baobab, North Carolina-based electronic musician (and author of philosophical texts) Phil Torres will release a new EP later this month under the name crowdsource. Pulled from his four-track Bit Rot Blues EP is "Gone Up," a lighthearted production which gleefully plays around with the house formula. Pulsing around 110 bpm, the tune folds skipping hats, a simple clap, and a restless bass sequence into its run, eventually landing on bits of syncopated MIDI piano and an ever-evolving series of somewhat unconventional vocal samples as the breezy track moves along. An intriguing first peek into crowdsource's artistic world, "Gone Up" will be joined by three other exuberant reinterpretations of house when the Bit Rot Blues EP sees its release on August 18 via Seattle's ever-expanding Hush Hush label. 

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Download: Mr. Flash "Midnight Blue (Jon Convex Remix)"

The pairing of Parisian future-funk specialist Mr. Flash and UK producer (and member of the innovative Instra:mental duo) Jon Convex is a somewhat unexpected one, but the latter's remix of "Midnight Blue" is certainly hard to argue with. On it, Convex (a former XLR8R podcast contributor) wraps the original track's vocals around a robust rhythmic base that melds together a heavy house bounce with a broad helping of space-age percussion. Furthermore, the rework finds ways to fit pieces of Mr. Flash's original in an airy space above the remix's chugging rhythmic programming, which maintains a propulsive pace across the track's five-plus-minute run. Convex's remix is part of the Midnight Blue EP package (the track having originally appeared on Mr. Flash's Sonic Crusader LP earlier this year), out now via Ed Banger/Because Music. 

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Download: Aerial "Strut"

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Along with fellow Los Angeles producers Dreams and Arkitect, Devin Ronneberg (a.k.a. Aerial) is a co-head of the fledgling Private Selection label, from which the trio of young talents push their brand of future-forward club music. "Strut" is the latest such offering from Ronneberg's Aerial alias; a precise production, "Strut" coalesces around punchy percussion and tough rhythmic patterns, from which sharp synths and muffled vocal chops rise to the surface throughout the course of the tune's four-plus-minute run. 

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Download: Ink Midget "Dip"

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Label: King Deluxe

Fast-growing Canadian outpost King Deluxe is set to issue the Blackouts EP from Slovakian producer Ink Midget later this month. Presenting five bass-focused electronic hybrids in its run, the dramatic "Dip" appears towards the end of the forthcoming effort. The track begins with a loose bounce before "Dip" quickly builds with a re-pitched vocal melody which combines forces with interwoven layers of ravey synths, resulting in a production that is dense with sonic elements while still keeping much of its focus on the dancefloor. Officially out on August 25, Ink Midget's Blackouts EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Kouben "Illustrious"

"Illustrious" is one of seven purple-fogged productions included as part of the On Another Planet mixtape from budding Birmingham beatmaker Kouben. Utilizing enough aimless, space-burnt synth lines to justify its album title and artwork, "Illustrious" is a brief snapshot into the sonic worlds Kouben aims to create—loose percussion holds the tempo steady as moody chords and bubbling synth gurgles seep in from every corner. Out now in digital and cassette form, the rest of the young UK producer's On Another Planet mixtape can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: G Jones & Mad Zach "Spontaneity"

Label: Saturate

Earlier this week West Coast beatmaker G Jones dropped Ring the Alarm, a nine-track digital collection of new productions for the Saturate label. Pulled from the record is "Spontaneity," a short but visceral piece of space-age beatwork crafted alongside Mad Zach. On it, the two producers lay into a series of booming kicks which—along with some precise hats and snapped snares—serve as the rhythmic base on top of which the pair unravels a number of laser-sharp, octave-shifting synth melodies. The rest of G Jones' Ring the Alarm album can be picked up as a name-your-price download here, ahead of the California talent's upcoming 7" vinyl release for the label. 

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Download: Lance Neptune "Pink Violet"

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On "Pink Violet," Maryland-based producer Lance Neptune invites listeners to take a dip in a sea of starry eyed textures and loose-shuffling percussion. A swirling mass from start to finish, the track is pleasantly aimless, the cool swing of its relaxed shakers and hand drums joined by orbits of delay-strewn synths and reverb-washed melodies. "Pink Violet" is set to joined by a number of other original productions fro the budding artist when Lance Neptune's Synthesis LP officially touches down on August 18. 

Average: 6.8 (96 votes)

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