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  • 10/21/2013

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Keenya "Behind Doors (Winter Son's Helpless Room Remix)"

Half of UK production outfit Ghosting Season, Thomas Ragsdale's solo alias Winter Son has remixed the "Behind Doors" single from Keenya's forthcoming EP for Hush Hush. This "Helpless Room" version of the track turns its brand of late-night R&B into a kind of destroyed techno, a notable shift away from Ghosting Season's more subdued sound. With toms, claps, and rimshots skittering about its steady tempo, "Behind Doors (Winter Son's Helpless Room Remix)" feels uneasy and quick-paced. Oscillating pads warble around like a sluggish acid lick, sloppily smearing from side to side as Ragsdale's rhythm gradually settles into a half-time trudge.

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